22 Jul 2011

Formspring Question Time! (Now with love for Jennifer and Evie)

Hi Gals today i'm kind of ditzy and I don't have new material sorry (not yet for today "giggle") so I will update this with some formspring questions!
You may know by now if you follow my blog daily, by the weekend, monthly or whatever (because you should "giggle") that I said that my formspring account would be deleted by me and that you should sent me the questions to my wuffoo account!

So let's see "new" old questions ^-^

1. This one comes from Sasha (Tgcomix) and you can follow her adventures in here: 


How is the transgender scene in España?
Tricky question indeed as far as I know (maybe some people from Spain will know better than me) transgender people are normally accepted in our society if not for some conservatives dumbass that wants to rule over everything and every people's life.

2. Anonymous (who don't read comments "giggle")

who is the model the sexy candy caption?

This one was actually answered in the comments, but...  She is Alice Goodwin

She is regally gorgeous ^-^

3. This one comes from someone called Sibbo45 and it's another funny question ^-^

Mistress Alectra this slave kneels before You and begs to serve You

Uhmm okay ^-^ 

Yes you shall address me as your queen, your mistress, your goddess ^-^

5. Anonymous going to fetish parties ^-^

Do you or have you ever attended Fetish/BDSM events? if so which? If not why not?

No never heard of them in Spain

6. Ah here's the 1.000.000 € or $ question ^-^

How often do you skip questions because they were so stupid you can't even begin to think of a response?

Not to be a bad person, it just I won't answer question about sex or anything related thank you, I will only respond to something related to caps or some questions related to request for caps...

Whooopss did I said that out loud? "giggle"

    This is actually the very reason of shutting down formspring, just like some people out there are doing...

7. Evie's question (Yay an actual question ^-^)

       Given that Spanish women are sterotypically portrayed as a bit feisty and strong willed, do you
       Think that's what you would be like given the chance?

Uhmm if you think spanish women are like that, heh, heh, heh well some are like that, but some other not, I had my share between "bitcher" and energetic women / nice as a pie and laid back women ^^...Well I think I would be between the middle of that trait...
But yeah being bitchy can be cool, so I think I would be like that, just for the fun of it ^-^

Would you believe me if I told you that she is from Spain? ^-^

8. Evie's Question number 2º ^-^

9. From my lovely and adorable friend Jennifer ^-^

When I think of Jennifer's smile this comes to my head ^-^

10. Another sassy question from Evie ^-^

If your best friend came across a latex suit cat-suit that transformed the wearer into an incredible super bitch, but wanted to use it on his girlfriend... how would you convince him to let you have it instead?
Uhmm  so difficult yet so simple to answer "giggle"I would normally ask why he wants to use it on  this girl on the first place and then ask for a trial and see what happens, so first I would use it on him, see the changes and them If I'm satisfied use it on me ^-^How's that for your answer?Of course I will tweak it to make him a baddass bitch but with a tendency for a sub personality and me I will leave it at my free will so I can pretty much domme her all the way...In your case you would make a delightful blondie head! 

My perfect Blondie Head to cuddle her night and day ^-^

You just tasted the beast, be brave and unleash it...

Just making this post also to announce that I finally reached University and got my seat to do my selected career ^-^, for security reasons, not telling you where and which kind of career "giggle"

And if the mood strike me, a formspring old "new" request shall be done!


  1. But if you don't tell me where, how am I going to kidnap you as you head to class and put you in a cute school girl outfit with 5 inch heel's and.. Wait.. I mean.. I'm not going to do that! yeah.. Not going to make you my little pet so serve my every sexual desire.. >_>

  2. Heh! What sicko stuff you have in your mind "giggle" now that would be something to be worried about, what have you done with the lovely Jennifer? bring her back to me ^-^
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  3. I'm right here Sweetie. ^_^ Just showing my naughty side. *giggle*

    And super sweet you picture that smile! keep doing just that! :D and I see me in this post twice! yay!

  4. Latex stockings would be pretty sexy. And probably a great first piece of latex clothing to try out I bet. Would you go with gloves or stockings for your first latex item?

  5. I shall definitely have to send more questions your way soon. You need to be asked hot and sexy questions if we're to learn what makes you tick and serve our Mistress properly.

    Mmmh, I'd love to be your ditzy little blondie head and have you cuddle me... amongst other things.


  6. @ Jennifer

    Gloves would be probably the safest option for a first latex item

    @ Evie

    Remember that my wufoo is there, don't sent them to formspring ^-^
    "Thanka" girls
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  7. And you could rub your latex covered hands all over you body feeling your smooth shaven skin.. ohh, sounds like a good idea!


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