25 Oct 2010

Mariah's Clumsiness

Now the usual for today :3

Isobelle's Tribute

 Isobelle is really good at making caps and since i love her three blogs, it's time to make a tribute to her in mine, hope you like this and this is also for cheering you up :3

18 Oct 2010

Being a slave can be rewarding

I would like to update this place more, but life is really taking its place :3, but i'm sure when the holidays come i will be more active...

So would you like to live an easy life like Monique or the hard life taking care of your slaves everyday like this mistress? :3...

11 Oct 2010

The Ponygirl

Sorry for the lateness but it has been such a hard work week that i didn't have the time to post...

Enjoy it :3

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