14 Dec 2013

Days gone by (B-Day Cap inside)

Howdy gals, I know I would like to give an explanation of why this won't be the galore, but you know. RL stuff gets in the way, GETS really HARD in the way and one cannot deal with it in any other manner. I have yet to sort of the captions I've made for the Haven - some needs rewriting, now that we are at it - I had to do lots of captions promised more than a year ago. But then came depression, not when I said I would have an on hold situation here and in the Haven, later after in fact. And this happen when you are promised to have a job, you actually work for real - I won't say for which company, but it's a big one in my country - for a month no less, disguised as business practices. During that time you are expected to learn from the people there and not make a single thing for the company. On the contrary it happened. So while I was doing actual work, I expected to get the job. 10 out of 10 in every test, working faster than the entire block I was in, sure was getting my hopes up, but no. I worked for FREE. 

I felt like used and abused, unable to have a say, there the depression but also adding to having to study during the summer for uni and coping with it. Have to say too that it hindered my efforts with my studies and I failed two subjects and "a half" (had five exams and some more works to do) I know it happened and someone would think: Get over it!. I did, then not. I thought I did. but this depression washed me deep inside me. I have to say playing videogames (they are getting dull in my opinion), reading, trying to put your mind in other stuff or watching movies doesn't and didn't added to help me. But today I said: Screw it over.

Probably it won't be true, but I want it to be a start. So after that long explanation, here's two caps. One for my B-day, which was by now yesterday and one random cap to "dust the rust" - It makes sense to me, don't ask! - So here's me getting to the play. I must say I don't feel like the overall community wasn't affected without me. Some great captioneers are still kicking. And talking about captioners:

Check this one: http://dividence.blogspot.com.es/

I dunno if it serves for Dee's deal with new captioneers, but here's my effort of trying to show new stuff for people

I already saw that peeps want to read about quick caps and the process behind it. I know about it don't worry, but it won't be till next year. I'll get to it!

This one came as a funny quickie because of the absence of Alectra for months, Raffside plots for control .Enjoy the results..

And I hope you had the time to check from time to time on the miniblogs! Here's hoping for more awesome stuff coming to you soon.

Hugs and Kisses Alectra
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