5 Jan 2013

Happy New Year 2013! (Agenda and time is scarce)

Howdy gals, today I wanted to bring you something new alas, I prefer to talk about what I will do for the future of this blog.

I dunno if this week or the next I'll post the new banner and change the aspect of the blog. Also adding more captions of course. I have been ill for a few days and exams are near, really near so I can't spend time or the time I would want to create something for you :( 

I had to deal with American politics and spanish politics and european politics to talk about it for my exams, which swallows a lot of time (I mean it) Thanks the Huff po' which deals with everything! (We have it in Spain now)

Am I quitting? Of course not, I enjoy doing it for you gals and for the time being I plan to do so. Even so A bit of feedback or review or whatever here and there from you would be nice too

I'm sorry for not releasing the game in Christmas as I said, It's not really prepared for a beta test. Other tan the people that helped me out that's it!.

But there are good news, althought I had to appeal my scholarship for the university, my brother did get his one. So I can pay my stay for now. I'm not sure the next year, because you'll have to pass the 100% of credits - which is very difficult - I'm not sure about it yet...

Right now I'm working on an Idea for the new Haven Quaterly Ezine Issue V, at least I want to do that. I'm exploring a way to be less talkative with meaningless sentences in captions and try to create a better story and structure. The structure is really important for me. If not I tend to not make sense! 

I've been told that I'm a bit risque with my captions, I'm not sure about that, is that really true? I was actually wondering if I should be a bit more racy or not. I'm not a prude person you know!

And finally I hadn't done series in awhile, trying to deal with single captions which works better. But my style of writing is more fitting for series. Do you want to see series again, more often? Or Should I stick to single captions?

Caitlyn also pointed out that I tend to do everything in the TG Community. I want to do less magic captions, because they are easier for me. And try my hand in the following captions with real situations like trying to adapt, changed by surgery, willing scenarios. Without having to say POOFF! You changed because I said so. Maybe technology (sometimes mixed with magic) tends to play a great part on it.

Anyway have a great year!

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

P.S: I've been asked to do anthro caps, I dunno if that is going to be well received or not. I know the anatomy in spanish of some animals, but It could become a total disaster in english and I'm not sure if I can lend a good cap of that sort, because they need to be written with lots of details...
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