27 Aug 2013

A recurrent dream (Story)

Howdy people, while today I'm overjoyed because I have finalized my training course - part of it, now comes the business practices - I decided to write a little story I wanted to write for so long. I also decided to make a full story and not a caption story, because I think with the ouh so many details I wanted to include there would be no space there without making it long - and it's long - For easy understanding I also included images to see if its gonna be liked or not. Also if you think there needs to be some proofreading say so and whats more if you also include the proofreaded story I'll be more than grateful!

17 Aug 2013

The HERS Project - Caption Series -

Howdy people, at this late - in Spain - though vacation time, I finally finished a caption request that I started a year back. That's right. A year back. The problem here is that I was fiddling with a story that was previously created and I tried to be careful to let this be a spin-off or an alternate universe of that story but playing with the same elements. Well that and having no time, not knowing how to advance the story, or just plain laziness. That's me at work probably!

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2 Aug 2013

Haven Quarterly Second Cap (Peril at the Disco)

Howdy people here's the second cap I told you about in the last post. I noticed from other authors blogs that sometimes It could be hard for the reader to actually fully enjoy the cap, because the text becomes a bit hard to read. Also noticed that some other captioners post the transcription directly in the post. So I'm gonna try that, and you tell me if you would like that in subsequent post or not.  Obviously I tend to do series, so I don't know if thats gonna work..

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