24 Feb 2012

Lazy or Stop the world... I'm leaving!

So okay... I'm sorry if you were waiting for another update today, but I'm not in the mood...

If this doens't take you out of here, and you want to keep reading, then be my guest. Take in mind that if you are about to see my vision of politics and the world and other stuff, that may hurt your own vision or maybe not. You are advised.

18 Feb 2012

It worked right?

So I hi gals, today I bring you something special for my dearest friend Evie

After our initial panic of her being begone from the face of Internet! She's back, but now she is on tumblr and probably will update more on there than on blogger! So I had to do something for her today.


So you can start following also here: http://tgbackburner.tumblr.com/

Just in case things turn out to be disastrous

Hey there gals, I'm informing you all that I created a tumblr today... since everyone is packing they stuff. I'm not one to be left alone, under the possibility of having another "false alarm" by google

So for now, everything will be as usual, you shall see stuff here but you also will have the opportunity to see it... easier if I may see, in tumblr, and of course here!

Thanks for understanding it :)


Hugs and Kisses Alectra

P.S: If someone actually knows how to work well with tumblr and get some new interesting features to try it would be greatly appreciated :)

17 Feb 2012

A goddess is born (A story of feminity)

Hey there, I cooked something really good in my opinion today. So I hope you like poetry!


Nymphette's Acadamy (For Candy)

Hey there gals, today I felt a bit silly so I had to this! hehe

More than cap is just than me being ultimately silly, I'll post something else after this one!


Ouh and by the way you can check Candy's place in here: Candy's TG caps

14 Feb 2012

Rough Valentine

Hey gals! 

I hope you are having (or will have) a fantastic Valentine day. Today Inspiration came in the form of a great caption in my opinion.

(If you don't want to read, just scroll down to the cap!)

I even dare to take off the dust from my Paint Shop Pro and photoshop this:

Hey It's Bianca so we have a winner right from the start but...

Kudos to the one who created this, but for my taste it felt like half finished in terms of the clothes and the whole dark aura that I would wanted to transmit to the reader.

So this came from Paint Shop Pro:

But nothing changed? Well no, I changed the colour of the whole dress, making it a darker version out of it plus polishing it! and the lips ( in a kind of rendition to Caitlyn's work, because she draws the lips everytime in her posts about question with a pink tone! :P )

Then once gained that... an hour really spent in that hehe... I took a new turn and start to add elements.

Okay maybe that's not too much but, in the overall...

I hope you have enjoyed my little explanation and of course the cap :)

If one thing that I would like to experiment next time is with the background, but after some efforts... the image wasn't blending well... so I just left it at it is!

Ouh and If you want to see really good captions and a person from who I tend to draw inspiration too. Go to Caitlyn's place: Caitlyns masks

12 Feb 2012

The Dungeon (For Sabrina Violet)

Okay gals, just one more for today :)

I've been spending some time in +goggle (you can go and chat with me if you want... just no weird stuff, caps and the likes only hehe!) and met a wonderful person, so I need to repay the kindness in the best manner I know. To feature one of my caps! :)

Hope you like this one Sabrina Violet... I know I said superheroines, but you know me... I like supervillainess!


P.S: This is amazing, I didn't know I could find this one day:


That skyrocketed me big time! hehe

11 Feb 2012

Assassin's Creed Revelations or Animus 3.0

Hey there gals :)

I'll probably won't be making a ton out of this one, but it just for fun and to be back into the capping scene easily... I will be making more caps later, don't worry (and with hopefully less silly ideas!)


And yes! this means I'm lost to Assasin's Creed unlike others lost to Skyrim :P

I just started playing this, so blame Animus for being so much fun hehe

10 Feb 2012

Still on The Road!

Well, well, well...

I know it's kind of complicated to follow some orders, but you had to go and do it... didn't you my little nymphettes?... *Sigh*

I said before my left, that I would go back on February and so I'm here!, but no, no, you had to go and make a ruckus all over the internet!!!

*Sigh* The Internet has been quite a hell, since I left and in the meantime we even lost Evie's blog in the process, much as mine (but thanks I could recover it back) as well as Sp's too and some others that are back on the game, but we don't yet know for how long.

I know many of you think that this has been a personal strike to the TG community. Well no, apparently I even got my blog from university on the shooting line... and you can guess, is not about TG *giggle*

Google has spread a bad boy all over the place called a SPAM Robot, this "little fella!" went everywhere seeking and signaling blogs in a weird manner, calling them Spam blogs. Google has already said "mea culpa" to the bloggers.

But! this isn't the real threat, no... we got a bunch of idiots from differents countries, thinking that they can go and control something that we "control". The users, this place of Eden, where you can still say whatever you want (in a polite manner and not harmful way to others indefinitely)

But enough is enough, so I'll promise to post something later or tomorrow, as you can guess Exams can be quite tiring... specially if you take 4 in a row :$

The last thing I want to do now is, write and write you know. Hopes you all understand :D

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

P.S: I got some questions, things promised, the already delayed requests from formspring and of course a bit too late, but I would like that if any of you can afford it. Go to Rachel's Haven and order your Haven Quaterly #3 I made a cap dealing with symbiotes and I know you gals like 'em... So go and spend your savings to you, for your friends or wathever! :D

P.S2: To my fellow bloggers friends:  I didn't ignore you. I want to write comments and all the wonderful posts you have been doing! :)

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