28 Dec 2012


"It's time for a change, said the people" - actually me, but I have an entire town of people inside my head talking to me and adding suggestions, just like Frank Herbert said once - 

So howdy gals, I thought it would be nice to ask my followers if I should be making changes on the actual style of my blogs. My way of making posts, the colour, the prose, the fonts, the interaction between you an me, anything goes...

For now I'll give you a proper change:

Yeah the sofa is all mine!

Have a wonderful new year 2013 and thanks for this wonderful ride this year for the people I've met and the people I have to meet yet, for the people that has been here and now leaves and for the ones that are landing. Thank you so much for being still here with me. 

As I'll be away till the new year, I wanted to say that and more, but have fun anyway! 

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

25 Dec 2012

Christmas gift Exchange (For many wonderful friends)

Howdy gals, it's Christmas Day and since many people enjoyed the idea of Dee, I'm posting today a galore of blogs. So that way I can properly thank and sponsor for the ones that agreed to this treat. I'll post them in no particular order - but to me, anyway so I can make some sense - 

Now pay attention gals, this is important you know!

Anyway here it comes a great enticing and gorgeous feast to your eyes.

Deelusions of Grandeur: Dee-lusions of Grandeur

If you really are looking for witty humor, have some sense of taste and intelligent life inside your brain, you'll adore Dementia and her "deemeanor". See every lovely word comes with a D, from Dee... And if you happen to like it ditzy and love your intelligent life be out of the play then you'll love her funny side DeeDee, which doesn't come out much in her blog, or it woud a total disaster. Yes I'm talking BIMBO now!

Well that one was for me soooo, no wrong I'll comment another one. I'm not made of latex only... Yet.

By the way... Dee has sooooo many captions, that It takes a large amount of time to enjoy it fully. So make sure to pack on a vacation (like now for example)

*Whooopsies* Tis one is about DeeDee not Dementia!

So why did I choose this caption as a show and tell option?

I choose this caption, because I really enjoy a caption where you can have many readings and people will explore it with their imagination. The clueless type leaves a good portion to that. If you can capture that moment and have a good story, then you'll have a great caption. Usually this will leave to great conversations whenever she has questions or discussions see more "D". Great! 

As final words I can say that I learned a good chunk of english - like the word Zinger. which I never ever heard of before - and comprehension as well as Pop Culture, which she also do that to you. Lately she adds great music videos too!

Jennifer: Jennifer's TG caps of Defiance

So what can I say of Jennifer? Well I once said this to her: The bad end girl

In fact Jennifer is like a mix of sweetness and wickedness that I love of her sooo much. Often with a great sense of taste and with her ideal gal as Mila Kunis. That in the end, you'll see Mila Kunis and you'll think of Jennifer. She's great at doing hypno play and submission caps, she can totally rock a mistress cap, but she excels even more in being a good sub.

That would Jennifer for you... The one tied and asking her mistress for attention and spanking

Annabelle Raven-Hyde: Family Tradition: TG Stories and Caps

This one is kind of funny. I don't know how, but I ended up adopted by Annie, which was way, way before me or many of us. So once again pack some time because this will take you from 2009 or before up to date. She started to adopt the Hyde mark when Evie thought of her as her mom, and from the is all a great story, filling with a great bunch of captioners and I think is kind of funny to be related to so many of them in such a short time!

She's sultry and she know it

She's cute writing stories and I love it

She knows how to write a hot story too!

And finally she goes over the taboo with an exquisite taste to make you say: MOM what are you doing?!!!

You'll find that and much more in her blog, so make sure to check it out!

Anne or Leeanne know what she likes and if you somehow ends up in her blog, you'll know that you like it too! Her entire blog is an Ode to Cock and to the sissy. It's hard to find a caption, but I finally found one that would meet my tastes *giggle*

Like you didn't expect it... right?

She's in fact more of a writer than a captioner, and she knows her game pretty well in fictionmania where you find her too! With a very long not yet ended story that grows and grows whenever she feels like. Her blog is more like musings, rather than your regular TG blog, but like I said, if you like it go for it!

With an over complicated name for a blog, you'll find here yet more stories, and photomanips as well as news with anything related to fashion and latex.

With his own made up from scratch talent, you can find many stories like this one and others related from the sissy point of view to the mistress one. From Andy to Amanda, is really fun to read it all. Plus he/she has a great taste choosing the imagery and creating it.

Hailey Pixley: A tight spot

Lovers of the nylon world, you are in for a good treat today. She started a few days back, but she's on the good track to create a great blog. 

This is a good show of what you find it in here. So make sure to start following her!

And finally but not least important I give you:

Caitlyn: Caitlyn's Masks

What to say of Caitlyn that won't end up like a girlfan excuse to praise her... Not that impossible, because she knows her alley really too well. Plus with an over the top imagery and design and crafting of the story. Similar to Jennifer.

Really I'll put some examples that speaks for themselves, if you like this and you don't follow her yet. You are missing from the best content you can find over here.

 From Mistress and slave, to the technologist and Bimbos. From the slave perspective to the internal struggle inside the head. Or quickies as well as well planned long stories.

Caitlyn enjoy the show with great designs and also love to put caps with original imagery. 

Even the type of font or where the box will be placed is planned before making the cap. 

Every part of the cap is built from scratch everytime and with much care.

Any time a new idea, she got the style, the writing - despite what she says - her internal musings as well as enjoyable discussions. That and much more you'll find it in there

I hope you have enjoyed this "little" fun ride and I cannot think why you shouldn't be following already all of these blogs. C'mon!

Happy holidays everyone!

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

21 Dec 2012

It's Time for Christmas (Christmas Link Exchange)

Howdy gals in this happy days where you could be down due to the situation we are living in right now. I want you to escape from reality even for ten minutes and look at this. 

Today I bring you an interesting idea from Dementia on Deelusions of Grandeur. Apparently she wants to be nice - nicer as ever - this year and she thought about this could be a really good shot for those creators - friends TG captioneers - that need a shot out or just for being nice. Which is good in any case!

So here are the instructions to make this happen, and if you happen to have a blog dealing with TG Captions, you can either fill out here in the comments or her blog, or in any other participation that you agree to this terms and want to reciprocate links!  After the sexy lady of course, it's okay you can stop watching it now.

HEY STOP, the guidelines are here:


(1) You post below that you wish to be involved in the gift exchange, saying that you want to participate and reciprocate.

(2) I will go to your TG Captions Blog and pick a caption I like, posting a thumbnail copy in the post and a link to that caption below it. Depending on how much time I have and the number of people participating, I might give a sentence or two about why I like the caption or why they should head there to the individual blog.

(3) You do the same thing for me. You'll have a thumbnail and a link to a caption of mine in your post. It might help that if you have a "TG Pregnancy Blog" that you pick one of mine, but it isn't really necessary.

(4) This step isn't required, but I think it'd be great if you could post this on YOUR blog, looking for others to trade with. I think it'd be a nice gift for people who are just READERS of TG Captions to see how many blogs are out there, and give them exposure to some they might have missed.

(5) Make your post on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

(6) I will not link to sites that ONLY snag other people's work. This is for the actual creators only.

Have a Great Christmas Everyone!

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

15 Dec 2012

Crowning Desire

Hi gals! Today I got this great Idea and decided to turn into a poem. I think I nailed it, though that's up to you to tell me.

There is one thing I you should have noticed but I'm trying to stop using emoticons. I think it's a bit immature to use in a blog. I rather would try to use it in Facebook or any other place. I want to leave behind that kind of expression. Maybe it's because of my behaviour or because I want to change and make it more clear, I don't know 

What do you think? Should I? 

Ouh and one more thing I want to make some changes to the blog. Specially the header. I have some images I found that would fit great. Only thing that I dunno if I should use both Alectra/Raffside or just Alectra. Tell me about it if you have an opinion in that.

Thank you!

Next week I have an exam, so I'll have to wait till saturday to post again, sorry about that. Hope you like the cap and don't forget to visit MDQP blog which actually updated to a bug free version of his game The Tales of the Drunken Cowboy My Devious, Questionable Projects

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

13 Dec 2012

Admirer on Christmas (Birthday Cap)

Howdy gals, today as you may already know, It's my birthday! 24 years old and A whole year with lots of great and bad things, but an interesting year nevertheless. Since it's a happy day for me I'll spare the details and go to the good things that happened.

I made my first year of University. I made more friends both offline and online (I collect them!) Got more admirers, hence the title *giggle*. I got Kyra to help me out with some caps, which I think have helped me out with my english.

And I started to make a game on RAGS, but since I have some work ahead for uni, I got it delayed for much later.

Anyway that was for the interesting part, now the cap. Enjoy

P.S: Forgot to say that I have made a new page where you can see an explanation (and some pics) about the game. Enjoy that too!

1 Dec 2012

Please pinup me (For Andy)

Howdy gals, today is a winter cold day so I decided hot things up and write a caption. 

I hope you enjoy it, just enjoy the silly situation and sit thight for more coming captions this december! And if everything goes according to plan, I'll release the first alpha/beta stat of the game I'm working on!

Before I forget this caption was meant for Andy from: Smooth Slick n Shiny. The kinky dreams of Andy.latex.....

Hope you to enjoy it Andy ;)

P.S: I know the recent comments is broken, but I don't know what to do with it right now or what. I'll look into it later. Sorry for the inconveniences

6 Nov 2012

Latex Hipster (motivational poster)

Hi gals backs to the spirit of this blog once again, I'm trying to come up with some good ideas to launch more sexy captions to you! The last posts were a bit at how we are doing right now, but I don't pretend to make this into a political/economic flaw/Real life blog if you are concerned about. Just throwing out some tiny bits to make you less worried about me not posting anything Mmkay? :)

Okay now into the topic of today. I know Hipsters are a bit of weird, nerd, fashionable, geek, intelligent and silly people all made up into big monster just waiting to be muzzled to shut the F**k of *giggle* I have some friends like that, I know what I'm talking about, but it's just too mainstream to even really care about their mannerisms hehe. - I'm a bit of a hipster myself the way I dress but... Let's leave it at that lol -

Also I found a really, really good picture to caption later if the mood strikes back - Like the Empire with Di... Okay, okay I'll stop the jokes here *giggle*

Feel free to try your hand at it. It's just too good to leave to one single caption!

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

P.S: I saw this picture, and you probably see it. The lack of no Alectra remembrance is disturbing you lot *giggle*

Politics + Singing + Latex 
Connect the dots ;3

4 Oct 2012

More important news

Okay gals, got some new info on the previous related post. First I would like to say this:

Mr Romney,
So you think Spain is digging his own grave…? Well you certainly don’t know what Sarkozy said about Spain and how well he ended in the elections after that… You don’t know it at all. Ouh and tell the CBS to stop spreading lies about the situation of Spain, we are not yet in that situation, but not far either. Still NOT in total hunger and poverty
Sincerily yours,
A spaniard from Spain

If you watched that Debate in the American Television, that's a low jab from a high moron. I know I don't have a say in American politics, but I want to spread my opinion about that matter. Afterall he started saying that... So big moron for you in my opinion... You should never hinder the influence of allies, it could be turned against you.

Now, in other news.

Apparently my dad told me today that the payments for two subjects I got a fail will be paid in a reasonable three installments. So for now that part its covered and don’t and won’t jeopardize my situation in University…
Well at least me, because there are a good handful of people who are in that situation… Some sense must have been brought to the University and the governments and well the bankers who ask for the money :I
Now running to cover those two before the scholarship gets denied… RUNNING!

Those two are from Tumblr, but I'm posting it again here...

So yes, my scholarship is not that jeopardized thanks to some good people out there in University...

Another Issue that I wanted to show:

It's in spanish but don't worry I'll guide you... ( Don't mind the socialist image it doesn't have anything to do with communism or anything despite what you are being told by Republicans people. We love to laugh at it, everytime someone says that in America is using a socialist measure. its not even close )

There you can say up how much you had to pay for a credit. Given my career is the last from the list.

Now you can say well its not much... Well it's. My whole career cost 1290 € (In dollars 1.679 dollars) nowadays, but last year before the previous pass of government it costed 850 € (In dollars 1.158 dollars) but thats for the first time you try a subject, and if you fail it gets worse in prize.

Each subject cost 6 credits

Last year a second try was around: 16.97 € nowadays is 37.09 € each credit

So the scholarship don't cover those failed subjects, and thats something the government didn't tell to anyone.

On further tries is an invitation to don't even try. One subject can cost you in a fourth try like it used to cost the whole career. Again many, many people will be taken down because of this. The media is saying that around 80.000 to 150.000 persons will be forced to abandon university because of it. And thats only from the first batch. We still don't know what will happen next year, but it sounds worse...

And last We don't work in a GPA system, but apparently I was searching at this matter and you can actually convert your grades to a GPA one if you want to work/study in the states. So with with my notes I should be around the 3.00 but I'll worry about it once I achieve the last year of university :)

So yeah, I was depressed, but now I'm a bit more cheerful today because of the "good news".

Thanks for the support, I love you all!

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

28 Sep 2012

Important note

Howdy gals, I'm deeply sorry that I said I would bring new content. But I'm just way too much depressed and yes you read that well, I'm not in the mood, barely clinging to happiness when my favourite programs are on TV but nothing else. The mood is shared in all of Spain. Surely you have seen - specially those who live in America - NYtimes In Spain: Austerity and Hunger well it's "a bit biased from reality"

We are not yet in that situation, but its not far from happening. When you see that the police is acting against the people like they did the 25S day... Well its depressing. All and all, I have my own sare of problems...

I got two subjects that got down the river, so I have to pay for them, and that jeopardize my staying in University. Because the money needed for that increased with the new cuts in education... My average note is 7,8 which would be a B+ Grade. It's not half bad, but with two down and only the need to get your scholarship of failing one. Gets you in a difficult position. There is time to amend that, but there is not so much time to spend the "fine" for those two subjects...

Everywhere you go today in Spain is the same situation, but what is worse, you can see people calling to old formulas long buried and that's dangerous and frightful. So yes that article is a half way of the truth.

With that said, I'm not really in the mood to strike something in the form of a caption. Maybe that could change in a couple of days or weeks... but not today. And I have been trying, but nothing will come out... I don't want to throw a half assed story, nor I consider anything I have posted - with some first exceptions - bad stories. So I'm not gonna make you go through this "ordeal"

So yeah, that's me today, let's wait a bit more for me to get in the mood. The only thing that gets me desiring for something else is the arrival of the new chapter of Doctor Who. And thats not saying much of my pretty sorry situation... 

Then again, fear not my faithful companions, followers, acolytes or friends or whatever. I'm trying to get the mood back, but its not like the situation is helping a lot.

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

5 Sep 2012


Hi gals, so it seems today I felt a bit inspired and made a cap :P

Okay I had some spare time till I have my next exam which will be the next week, I felt a bit stressed so It has been a good way to relieve myself.

The thing with this cap is that after reading, I think that it turned out to be really emotional and that in many ways, holds something that I've been thinking for awhile. Seeing that sometimes I find myself at internal battle, holding interests and then finding problems along the way. I just had to take it out of me and say it to the rest. Probably it says something on how I feel when in Alectra mode and how I feel once I turn it off. Probably... When I first started this I had no problems with me or who I was. I learnt along the way, that there are two sides of us. Sometimes in harmony, sometimes clutching, struggling, battling. to rise and take control. That's the fun part of how Alectra turned out to be very much alive. There are two sides of us. Part masculine, part feminine. And that's how I feel. Some of us, see a game, a fantasy in all of this, some others wants to make it a reality. I just don't know if I would take it that far, but at least I would think about taking it to a trusted RP play or even try it in private to make Alectra come out more. Obviously I noticed there is a general improvement in how I feel, how I felt and how I will feel.

I know there are has been rough times for me or my relatives or friends... but in any case one always prevail. Now I know someone will think this is all made up for the sake of keeping the fantasy on. Well no, is not like that. I would never entrust other with false assumptions... I'm just not like that.

I know that I won't be able - not sute in the future - to express myself better, sometimes a mental struggle happens inside of me and drives me to screw everything and write in my own language. But I don't feel content, I just cannot throw away whatever I tried, and that I will keep trying. The point is not to be perfect but to be heard and make others understand how you feel when writing something...

*sigh* This turned out to be a semi depressive statement, but is my truth at the moment. 

Thanks for keeping with me so far!

Also this caption is an effort on my part, because I feel that I'm losing my "mojo" and really I don't want to feel that way...

Don't forget that I'm running a contest to find my new Avatar... More details in my previous post.

1 Sep 2012

The news of my absence were clearly ludicrous (Time for a contest. Pick my Avatar)

Hi gals, I'm back from the land of the sick - now I know you are following in Tumblr and already heard that joke, well you got it twice, I'm not for silly dilly - dally singing jokes *giggle* - So while I'm studying and getting into it, preparing for more captions ideas - after the study - and so on, and on...

I thought I would post another contest... Another one really *giggle* No there was one a year ago or so, go back and check!


Okay, so I know there are lots of people that are getting linked to a default model or special one... Like Dee or Evie, or Jennifer or Kyra who recently got one attached or so she said :P

So In the events of someone deciding that I should be using as an avatar this or that model, please make your suggestions and I'll choose the one I like the most and with a caption prize for the winning person. If and only if I have time I may choose a first prize, second prize and third prize. All of them with captions involved ;P

So I know is going kind of hard to beat this current avatar beauty goodness goddess of Epitome of feminity blah, blah, blah Hot gal, etc. but I never said it would be easy :) (You actually had to read this in crescendo for more fun *giggle*)

If by any means you go Anon at least put a short description of why I should be using your chosen model and preferred name for the caption to use :)

P.S: I think at some point some of you will think automatically of Bianca Beauchamp, but I don't really see a "me" in her, so while she is the most beautiful gal out there - in my opinion - it doesn't have "Alectraness" inside of her :P

P.S2: Thanks for all the get well wishes, you rock gals :)

Forgot to se a deadline, silly me :P  

The contest will be up till the end of September, until then no more stuff from me. After that, lots of new caps :)

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

19 Aug 2012

Calling in sick

Hi gals, today I don't bring you a caption sorry... It seems last night I suffered from a heatstroke and even had to go to the hospital to pass a medical check. Nothing wrong so far except for tachycardias. Yes apparently I'm suffering from them and this made me more vulnerable to heat.

For those that don't live in Spain we are now going through a heat wave in our weather and its a bit unbearable, so thats another reason from my recent illness. Today I felt a bit better so I decided to post this just to let others now that I wanted to make a caption. Sorry!

I'm a bit burnt right now... And also already got an appointment with my medic for further checks on those tachycardias episodes, don't worry.

This won't hurt you, now say ahhhh!

8 Aug 2012

The Collective

And the last post for now, this is a caption, an anime (hentai doujinshi) caption to be precise dealing with images of DinaRanger, in this case Zofa soldiers being transformed. So now that I know Danielle like this things I just had to invoke my frisky and lustful side and enjoy making this story :P

So Enjoy! Its a rare hehe

And I don't know if this weekend I will post something thats depends on how's the weather around here, we are about to suffer a nice rise of the temperature :$


Okay this one really struck to me, you know when you start writing at some point you are going to make at least one great story, this one for me today. Personally I just don't like "blank stories" and not many either, being a total new person is not a turn on because that would kill the character they are supposed to impersonate. But there is always room for a new start so I played with that in the story, saving me from the total kill of character!

Double Issues

Okay second one, a bit of back story in there to make sense. So you can either relate to the mistress or the one who will become one in the future :)

Not Starwars

Howdy people today I got a surge of inspiration and I bring you a bunch of captions. Enjoy :)

A bit silly I know, but I like silly so enjoy it really *giggle* ;)

More to come!

S/wordplay (For Kaity)

Ok howdy gals :) At this fine hour of the day, almost going to sleep but saw this image in Kait's - Not to be confused with Cait's, there is a C in there gals - and I couldn't resist to throw an insta story. So what's an insta story, thats a house secret *giggle*

Okay, part of it is to announce the new blog down the neighbourhood, the one with pink dots in the doorknobs and naked gals going on and out everynight. Yup! That K for you, part naughty part nice and sweet. Bitter sweet *giggle*


You can find her blog in the following place: Kaity's Fantabulous Captions

And while we are at it. I'll show you a great caption that seemed to have a good reception :P

Have naughty dreams gals, until next time :)

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

31 Jul 2012

Bad news, good news, new caption and a game in the works...

Hi gals, first yes you read it right. This young fella has started to swim in the wonderful world of coding... Not so, but yes coding *giggle*

But first things firsts, will get there don't worry.

Okay bad news:

- This terrible warm weather seems unending and here in Spain is paying a high price. I cannot connect my computer nor my laptop due to high temperatures of 38ºC with a relative humidity of 60% to 70% so yes, like a dried desert... This makes my computer and probably my CPU and mother board rise temperatures of 88ºC in the worst case (Just five mins and the temperature is around 60ºC already). I know I have to buy a new fan, but as today I cannot afford it, because I have to change others components when that happens. 

And why do I know of this: I have the program EVEREST ULTIMATE EDITION which apart of giving a great diagnosis of your computer and it components it also tell when the fan has an error and it checks for the temperature of the components. So yes both of this happened, fan error and high temperatures...

- Second bad news: As some of you may know, especially those living in Spain. Our scholarship could be jeopardized the next year if you fall for the next consequences:

. You don't have over an average score of 6,5 out of 10. Check I have over 7 to 8

. You have to pass the 90% of your credits... Not check I have three subjects with a fail and September is the last call. What is worse in the year 2014/2015 you will need to have 100% of your credits otherwise is a big fail... No matter what you score in the rest of them, so you will halved, yes halved your scholarship or no scholarship at all.

. Bad economy: Really all this deppresing news about bad economy pays a high toll and we cannot stay looking everyday at the bad news over and over and over again.

And more or less these are the reason of my absence.

Now good news:

. Captions are underway YAY!

. I won't fail those subjects as I've been studying whenever possible and hard!

. I'm making a game in RAGS... Those that don't know what RAGS is:


Now for the caption *giggle*

Okay now onto the game, because I know the moment you heard about it, you are all really interested. :)

First I like RAGS game, I love some of them, I find that some great authors nailed it while making a game, but I always had the feeling that something was really amiss.

Now there are three types of creators:

. Writers and coders (Those are a handful of experienced people which combines their abilities with a schedule and have drafts of what they want to do. Often have photoshop skills and add a different feel to a non comercial game. E.G. : "Bodywerks" and "Rough Landing 1 and 2" are at the top of my mind, also the previous "Drunken Cowboy", an also "Dartmoth Manor" or the acclaimed in TG/TF gamesites "Delacroix" and some others )

. Coders but not writers (there are lots of them, that start a game but leaves almost but a few writings here and there, and sometimes in my opinion don't let you explore the lore of the game)

. Writers but no coders. (I'm at that position right now)

Let's assume it, I'm a writer and I think thats the best I can do. I always see people complaining about how long it takes for someone to make an udpate in RAGS, well you go and fire the designer and see how hard is actually  to make an action in which you really wasted like five seconds. Until I learnt how to do a proper examine action it took me an hour as I was getting into it. I need to learn every aspect and you can only learn this by trial and error. I will not say that I despise coders but I hold the most respect for their works. Just started doing it so since Friday when silly me decided to see if I could stuff around. It seems I can, but even for making an action and then another but not nice attached can deliver a bug... LOTS OF THEM!

So reading from the introduction manuals, watching questions here and there about RAGS and with the great aid of my friend MDQP which by the way you can find it here and his great game:

Tales of the drunken cowboy (and its actually not about a drunk cowboy... preposterous!)


And with that I got someone with an experienced look to assist me in the first steps of my wacky adventure. And now I'm sure some of you are saying... Why not post it in TF/TG Gamesites or Hypnopics Collective?

Well I have my reasons:

1. I'm not a native speaker of english, is just my second language no matter how hard I try to express myself in a correct manner, there is someone out there bound to tell me I shouldn't speak in this language, so better avoid it...

2. I don't think my game project is somewhat complete to be called a DEMO or to be worthy of others to take a look. Right now is just me messing with the designer and trying to accomplish something... So perhaps it will take me in a good time estimate of 1 year or half year.

3. So why not wait for the surprise, well I should expect that I tell others that I'm doing it, someone is bound to help me both with proofreading (and I try to bring a lot of text so...) and coding, which I recognise is hard, even with my experience in basic HTML xD

4. Its a big project, is not ambitious because the writing is already done and you all have been reading it. More or less like Smitty did with his captions but taking it a step further. Basically I'll take some selected stories and mash up into a big adventure with many bad ends, good ends and that terrible end where the player stays the same... Meh!!! Obviously thats for the bones of the game which is all back to coding, what I do have to write is the conversations, actions and expansions into the stories, and still make it sense. :)

So no other than MDQP and Kyra has taken a look into it. If you are a coder from TG/TF gamesite or HC and don't mind the bad spelling here and here, or take a look at my attempt of coding, I'll be willing to share a copy of what I have been doing, just to gather more experience.

Update: Here's a little teaser for those of you that would be interested in seeing complete :P

And that's all folks! Probably my biggest post until now!

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

P.S: Forgot to say that there are no more captchas stuff, probably this will get more access for you to comment on my blog. but if I see too much spam I'll go back to captchas... We will see!

12 Jul 2012

Looks who's celebrating!

Howdy Gals! Here's a "little" post about me and my days at the Haven, that place you don't want to miss if you want to me, me, me, me , me ouh there others captioners, I heard they are good as well. But don't miss me! *giggle*

Nah just joking, they are fabulous and they are my second family as well since I decided to join them ;)

For those that are havenites:


So today I bring you a funny silly cap about how Alectra would have been created, of course, funny jokes are ahead and some dealing with not only my cherised captioners but also some of my dearest friends. 

Enjoy ;)

So long till I can cook some new captions ;) In two days there is my official two years anniversary, but I wanted to post it sooner :P

Thanks for following me so far!

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

24 Jun 2012

Wickedly Bonded

Hi again gals, seeing how I liked this format. I tried it once again for two very unrelated reasons, but that are good reasons *giggle*

1. Evie had done me dozens of caps and still I hadn't found one that would make her justice, so here's one showing my love to her ♥

2. I've been called many times Alektra instead of Alectra, so there is seems destiny wants to play a big part here, for you see:

She is called Alektra Blue and I forgive them, because there is no big difference between two sexy bitches afterall  just a tiny letter making the difference really, and no, no, no I didn't know anything about her when I chosen my name ;P

Okay onto the cap:

Btw the blondie minx is called Sophia Lynn, and these two are inseparable too, Coincidence? I don't believe so *giggle*

23 Jun 2012

Alternate Reality

Hi gals ;)

Let's keep posting while the inspiration is there, so you may or not see a bunch of "quick" captions - that's an understatement in me - for your own - mine - amusement *giggle*

This is a bit personal -this was the image I asked to be captioned long ago, alas no one to give it a try! - not to worry I just did it myself. So I hope you can still find some potential arousing of your own in there, also hearing Caitlyn's voice in my head: This isn't readable; I need something to read it better; not bad but you should picture the image here; etc. *giggle* I ended copying 
- stealing - her own style, no other reason hehe. No but really, I love to experiment and this was a fun one to do it so. I'm still looking for the perfect place to put the text, to not throw walls of text, to put tantalizing pictures for the story, and find better plots.

Feel free to throw your own opinions on these and feel free to ask for anything you want to see next. I'm curious at what people want to see me trying! :)

Here's the image in bigger quality if anyone of you wants to try though...

Motivational me!

Hel-lo gals! ;) 

University is done, so expect naughtiness coming your nearest informatic device soooooon! In the meantime - gosh I love that word - Here's some motivational posters for you to enjoy. Just need my proofie done and you shall enjoy some great stories, no more hype for you gals, but it shall be good *giggle*

Still if you are that desperate you can always wait a little for the new Haven Ezine where you can expect some juicy stories of mine, I created this time some sort of interactive story that if you are bad gals *giggle* I shall do in the future, but it takes time, to create that, so I don't expect to create thousands of them ;P

And yes, I'll do those sooooo long awaited requested stories, gosh I need more time you know! :)

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

12 Jun 2012

Do you want to know who's not back yet?

Hey gals, sorry the long absence studies and such, you know the drill by now...

First it has been a hectic month, I won't go into details, this is supposed to be sexy. So I'll refrain from speaking out loud that we have been rescued and that our economy sucks big time due to some of our banks, not paying attention and living in another plane of reality. Okay I'll stop there...

I wanted to come back as soon as possible, but I may need a day to recover or so, and then the ten days after I'll be doing my next exam. Certainly I didn't want to make you wait that longer and here we are, doing an introductory post to a possible caption much later. Just saying!

But like I'm saying I'm pretty much like this right now.

Ouh did you see not even a hint of latex, I'm not right now In a latex mind set so don't expect Alectra yet *giggle*

In other news I have the following to do list:

- Fulfill my to capback list (ever growing)
- Do some caps for the E-zine
- Read the lovely messages from wufoo
- Fulfill those requests so long delayed (This is starting to feel like booking a flight right?)
- Do more personal auto imposed requests, which will go first along this summer

And I could be doing something else, but I wanted to express this sentiment. Stay tight there could be some more news even later today!

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

10 May 2012

Opposite change (For Kyra)

Hi gals as you may know is way too late in Spain right now. If you don't know that well. Let's say is around 2:00 AM but I don't have a desire to sleep without releasing this, I'm sure, awaited cap.

So without further addo...

Enjoy it!

I'm also sure that by now, you noticed that I'm an university student. So with very much regret I have to tell you that this is going to be the last one for now (probably) Until late June. And I mean it this time. Finals are coming and they are coming hard, due to so much skipped classes because of strikes, festivities, and other stuff happening around my university :$

So I hope you have enjoyed everything so far, that you keep watching me if you are new or revisit whatever from here as I cannot go on for now. I hope you can understand this :)

Hugs and Kisses Alectra
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