7 May 2013

Hectic Months

Howdy people, I'm sorry for not being able to stay around here the way I wanted or tried to, but you know how the world is going on, Europe and Spain, my personal situation more or less and so on. It's time for those things that you want to fight it till the end and I was focused on not losing my scholarship, otherwise it could have been bye bye university. Also my father could have died this last month because of problems that happened in hospital and how the whole thing is affecting everything in this country. Please, I'm not making this up, I'm... I feel terrible for not have been able to be there when my father almost died, because of his heart problems and diabetes, and not being able to have his pills for four days - long story - ... *sigh*

Right now I'm about to enter the "final lap" of this year in university, so I won't be able to do proper updates till next month.

I'm sorry...

Just a sneak peek of what I want to write about, I hope this summarize and interesting story on how it could go, don't know yet!

Daenerys is my favourite character of both the books and TV series
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