27 Mar 2012

Not a good day

Hi gals,
I'm very, very sorry for keep throwing at you personal stuff and not captions yet, but I felt this was truly important for me and so I had to say it!
My father’s car has been stolen today. So it seems my world, our world suffer big time from that.
Okay, you will think, but you live in Madrid take the metro… well you certainly don’t go to work or do stuff by taking the metro :( and we are certainly at a bad spot. My Scholarship cannot hold the buying of a new car… if this situation doesn’t get resolved, we are going to be in a very tight spot!
Its like a bad joke, really, when you think: hey maybe everything is turning bright, hey maybe things are gonna turn all right... Well until further notice, I don't know what will it be of my father's car and it's really important for us to have a car. More than ever in these days...
So yeah, hugely depressed right now...

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

Update: Nevermind this post, since a few hours ago the police found the car. I'm a bit amazed by them now, less than four hours to find it! :D

23 Mar 2012

Decisions, decisions

Hi gals :)

So with the upcoming free time I'll have on Holy Week or Saint Week (Semana Santa) and especially today...

Do you think is worth making at least a caption due to free time?

Allow me to explain

I’m wondering if I should make a caption to relieve the stress, I have since I started this month. One because of my allergy and two because of an exam next week (Sociology by the way)…

The reason is I cannot concentrate, after all the hard work I’ve dealing all this month, and I think I need to find something to ocuppy my mind. Another reason I didn’t want to do this, is because I could probably make more mistakes than usual in English because I’m spanish, but today I feel relatively well…

I don't feel like doing for someone in general, because I may crumble something that should be special... just probably this post would  be to create a stand alone cap with some experiments on it.


Thanks :)

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

16 Mar 2012

Allergy month (Actually two months!)

Soooooo nurseeeeee! I mean Hi gals :)
Like the title read, I'm ill, yeah... Since I'm allergic to almost if not all, the kind of plants that exist......... >_> 

The spring is not my favourite season of the year. I'm a Chronic Allergic (this means I'm susceptible of having all the symptoms) to this kind of illness. I won't risk my health and I'll try to rest for these two months... just enough dealing with University...

Sorry to inform you that due to my allergy… probably this entire month and the next I won’t be able to do anything new whether they are captions or whatever :(
I’m deeply sorry! But I cannot get ideas straight with this illness…

Someone needs to take care of me :D

Maybe I'll be able to do something at the end of April but not sure, It all depends on how my allergy advances and the weather of course!

So by all means, I'm sure you hadn't seen all the content I've done. So do yourself a favour and take your time if you want to delight yourself in everything I have done so far!. I'll promise to bring something good when I come back.

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

P.S: Just saw that today was Simone's Birthday... and it pains me that I won't be able to produce something for her :(

10 Mar 2012

The Workshop

Hi gals, today I'm having the strangest ideas... and you know thats mean fun and me being funny! haha with caps of course.

This also a rendition, to those that have told me: Hey Alectra, I liked soooooo much your blog, that I had to start my own, whising you the best. I'll try to follow your path :)

*Blush* That's the best praise I can take *Blush*


9 Mar 2012

I'll be there my love (Special Women Day)

Hi gals, okay I know I didn't reach the time to post this, but this was planned for yesterday :)

So its applies, and besides I just wanted to do something cute for once!. I hope you all enjoy this one, and if you have a loved one, I think this would be the best way to express your love to her/him. :)


If the mood strike I'll do another one, I think I'm getting close to an improved style...

P.S: I have already said it, other times, but only two requests from requester, nothing more, otherwise I would just have this blog for only one person and not for me!

P.S2: Gawd! big typo in the title of this post... sorry :(

7 Mar 2012

Starfucked (just for laughs)

So hi gals :)

Today I got a really, really good news. Finally I got my college Scholarship and the world turned out to be brighter for now!

But on to the cap... if you will...

Just for fun I created this cap, choosing a recent favourite model of mine. Starfucked.


I know I won't win any prize for making this one... but it was fun and So I was in a really extreme good mood today :3

And ouh thanks soooooooooo much for liking that last one. Got that checked and who knows, there may be something for you in that. hehe

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

P.S: Changed the contrast on text... if no one says anything, I'll assume you can read it :3

4 Mar 2012

My Creation: Simone Ravencroft (Origins)

Hi gals :)

I'm starting a new project... well I'm sure you have seen tons of this kind, but not mine... So it's exclusive! *giggle* since I have some free time, and really nothing to do... apart from an exercise for the next week... thats mean: My dangerous mind started to work on its own :3

So I present you a new saga: Origins; From time to time, I'll do this kind of caps and tell Origins of great captioners out there and maybe some invented by me!.


I may also create odd & ends but for that, I have to see if this is well received :3

more next week!

P.S: Yes I know I have some questions, and some other stuff... but that will come onto the next month where I will have some vacations! :) 

P.S2: Yep! new label *giggle*

P.S3: Thank you soooooooo much for liking that last caption, I wasn't sure of that one, but I'm taking note of doing more of them next time :3

1 Mar 2012

Anyone want to become a pretty doll? (and guest cap)

Hi gals, just recovered from my "rant moment" from the other day... I know you come here to have fun and I do that also, but I just had to do it. Sorry :)

And thank to the ones that wanted to cheer me up, you rock!!!

Funny thing that the title works in all directions :P and I didn't have any mistress in mind but... you can guess who's the mistress of hypno :P

And ouh we have someone new in our neighbourhood which was good enough to do this for me and of course, you should try to follow her too :)

Tight and Shiny English

P.S: I already said this on my thumblr but if anyone want to try... I can accept it multiple times, just in case there is a high demand :)


A little secret… today I found this on +Google… and know what… some of you may think Alectra was born while looking at latex pics. Well no, hehe, not really. This was the first image that made me curious of the other gender, and made me wonder what would it be to be “at the other side of the fence”
I was a teenager, and this made a huge impact to my mind, because of the explicit naked body and the naked art put in there (plus there is somekind of “double gender” as I see it myself in there too) :)
If some of you great captioners, think of me as a latex minded gal, think of Alectra while looking at this photo… as a seeker of remarkable art! :)
Hugs and Kisses Alectra
P.S: If you think this is worth captioning… you don’t need to include me, but it would be something really, really great and touching :)

And remember a happy Alectra is a productive Alectra *giggle*
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