24 Jun 2012

Wickedly Bonded

Hi again gals, seeing how I liked this format. I tried it once again for two very unrelated reasons, but that are good reasons *giggle*

1. Evie had done me dozens of caps and still I hadn't found one that would make her justice, so here's one showing my love to her ♥

2. I've been called many times Alektra instead of Alectra, so there is seems destiny wants to play a big part here, for you see:

She is called Alektra Blue and I forgive them, because there is no big difference between two sexy bitches afterall  just a tiny letter making the difference really, and no, no, no I didn't know anything about her when I chosen my name ;P

Okay onto the cap:

Btw the blondie minx is called Sophia Lynn, and these two are inseparable too, Coincidence? I don't believe so *giggle*

23 Jun 2012

Alternate Reality

Hi gals ;)

Let's keep posting while the inspiration is there, so you may or not see a bunch of "quick" captions - that's an understatement in me - for your own - mine - amusement *giggle*

This is a bit personal -this was the image I asked to be captioned long ago, alas no one to give it a try! - not to worry I just did it myself. So I hope you can still find some potential arousing of your own in there, also hearing Caitlyn's voice in my head: This isn't readable; I need something to read it better; not bad but you should picture the image here; etc. *giggle* I ended copying 
- stealing - her own style, no other reason hehe. No but really, I love to experiment and this was a fun one to do it so. I'm still looking for the perfect place to put the text, to not throw walls of text, to put tantalizing pictures for the story, and find better plots.

Feel free to throw your own opinions on these and feel free to ask for anything you want to see next. I'm curious at what people want to see me trying! :)

Here's the image in bigger quality if anyone of you wants to try though...

Motivational me!

Hel-lo gals! ;) 

University is done, so expect naughtiness coming your nearest informatic device soooooon! In the meantime - gosh I love that word - Here's some motivational posters for you to enjoy. Just need my proofie done and you shall enjoy some great stories, no more hype for you gals, but it shall be good *giggle*

Still if you are that desperate you can always wait a little for the new Haven Ezine where you can expect some juicy stories of mine, I created this time some sort of interactive story that if you are bad gals *giggle* I shall do in the future, but it takes time, to create that, so I don't expect to create thousands of them ;P

And yes, I'll do those sooooo long awaited requested stories, gosh I need more time you know! :)

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

12 Jun 2012

Do you want to know who's not back yet?

Hey gals, sorry the long absence studies and such, you know the drill by now...

First it has been a hectic month, I won't go into details, this is supposed to be sexy. So I'll refrain from speaking out loud that we have been rescued and that our economy sucks big time due to some of our banks, not paying attention and living in another plane of reality. Okay I'll stop there...

I wanted to come back as soon as possible, but I may need a day to recover or so, and then the ten days after I'll be doing my next exam. Certainly I didn't want to make you wait that longer and here we are, doing an introductory post to a possible caption much later. Just saying!

But like I'm saying I'm pretty much like this right now.

Ouh did you see not even a hint of latex, I'm not right now In a latex mind set so don't expect Alectra yet *giggle*

In other news I have the following to do list:

- Fulfill my to capback list (ever growing)
- Do some caps for the E-zine
- Read the lovely messages from wufoo
- Fulfill those requests so long delayed (This is starting to feel like booking a flight right?)
- Do more personal auto imposed requests, which will go first along this summer

And I could be doing something else, but I wanted to express this sentiment. Stay tight there could be some more news even later today!

Hugs and Kisses Alectra
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