This a page dedicated to the headers I had previously or the ones that will venture in this fine blog!

The first header I had was this one:

I didn't care if it was nice or good. It made the function of being an introductory title to the blog. That soon would change as I grew up in this community. This header is from 2010. At the best of my abilities it was a nice attempt, after several hours in Paint Shop Pro with no real experience whatsoever. Now that I look at it,  it shows that its hard to read, the image is a bit crumbled with the text and the glowing effect don't really help.

The second header:

Now here there is a general improvement and the text is redeable more or less. We get an introduction to the two personas living inside me and there are two introductions too!. The glowing effects works better, and there is shadow effect for the words too. It was nice but not good as I see it now. First the oversized image makes for an enlargement of the bodies and its not in the correct size. The backgrounds doesn't really fit well together, but it worked for me. This was from 2011

The third header:

Now this start to show some craftmanship inside there. There is a good fit for the image. Actually two mixed together with a nice shadow effect and the actual images helping because the background looks really similar. Change the lightning and you'll think is just one image hehe. The text shows better and there is an actual logo - which thanks to Caitlyn it has become my mark for my works - If we look into it now, there are some typos here and there - as I would expect looking at it now - but the text is far more crafty than before and its also a mirror that will help the visitor to get an idea of what is expect to be found here. Two personas again but this time they have their own musings and voices. The text shows how they really are. One dominant and the other a complete Bimbo. This is from 2012

A sneak peek into the past:

I created it for 2013 and it will become without doubt the new header of my blog. Now this shows the work I've done in this year and how I generally improved in the Photoshop field. It has took me around 2 - 3 hours to complete it and I'm happy how it ended. Its has a bit of a cartoonish feel to it and real mixed together. That way I can show that Alectra is both real and a dream, also as suggested by Caitlyn it's best to show one persona as the other are part of her - which also help to the comprehension of the "poor" visitor who ends up here *giggle* I don't know what shall it be the next year - after 2013 of course - but I assure you it will better than this one!

And here we are in 2015, lots of tricks learned and with a Photoshop Degree to show. Coming to the Photomanipulation terrain, I spent several hours to get the job done. Completed with a nice text, which I can say the english generally improved, makes it better.

Now this one started as a practice project. I would add layer upon layer, and voila, here we have an envisioned Alectra looking back ato you, with whip and all. One thing to say is that in Photoshop is really difficult to fit the text - at least for me - So stretching images and stretching the text to fit can be a hard ordeal. Of course it shows that I went for a more sleek and clean style this time. I'm not too fond of how the face ended, because I made a mistake with the mask layers, and added it later, while it should be before starting to work on it. So the face of the woman is being affected by the manipulation of the clothes, hence the bright face. Still managed to clean it a bit, yet not so good. It was worse before of course. 

And here for a next title in 2016 maybe?

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

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