29 Jul 2013

Haven Quaterly Cap (Dangerous Tweets)

Howdy people, since I have to make posts till the 200th and have no desire on creating something new (I do have something new, but needs the finishing touches and they will be explained don't worry)

Here's a cap I've made for the Quaterly, and probably in a few days I'll release the other one. Because this time I did two of them.

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25 Jul 2013

Hidden sight

Howdy people, if you want to know where's the caption click on the image!

19 Jul 2013

Silked in Style

Howdy gals, today I bring you a new caption. It's a bit short compared to others I know just that, but I'm still working on that big story and well I'll just try to launch whatever story crosses in the middle. I'm just like that! I may or may not, depending on things you already know from last posts udpate more captions. But in the posts 200 we'll make a "tiny" stop. Its has to be a caption extravaganza, so It will take awhile.

Here's the caption. Enjoy!

I know, I  know it's a bit basic compared to other works, as I said. It was a quick job on my part. I'm also not saying it was a subpar attempt, but the story for me is a bit more deep than usual. I never really tap into the feelings of those people that think that are in the wrong body. I just fantasize with the idea, but never stopped to think about it. The regretfulness, the new sensations, anything is new, etc. Of course it's magic or technology as you may see fit in this story!

I couldn't stop at the end and I had to break the fourth wall, because I know that some people that visit this site, really feel like this, so it's kind of a gift. And a bit of interaction. Or just me playing too much deadpool and doing that. Because that would make Deadpool for you. And now that I think about it. I'm kind of a DP person... Just in a different way, I don't pretend to kill people, but to enslave... errr forget that part. Will you?

And now the recommendation of the day: Issue

It's probably the largest database with magazines that I have ever found, of course it has many magazines covering fetish and the likes. I liked it, and it's free to watch. So have fun! At first its a bit tricky to find something you may like, but once you are there, you can make favourites and add to your list types, to watch it later or find similar content.

13 Jul 2013

When stuff happens, it happens..

Okay gals, this an informing you type of post, so if you can hold on a while longer, you'll see new content. Probably tomorrow or sooner. I have some ideas already brewing in my head. If that's the hot for you, so anyway... To the important matter.

I apologize for not updating and not telling you why in awhile, but this has a serious response on my part. I feel terrible and I wanted to express it sooner but alas I couldn't. So here we go... *sigh*

My first cousin (which is my dad cousin, sort of a political cousin, I don't know how it goes the system in the rest of the world, can anyone enlight me on that matter?) Died from cancer (a metastatic disease which led to a huge multiorgan failure. REALLY terrible) some weeks ago, and I was really shocked. I mean he was 46 years old. DAMN It was a huge loss, I was really bonded to him and so was my father. So forgive me, I wasn't up "for playing the role" nor anything.. This also for those that are awaiting me in Rachel's Haven because I know I hasn't been active in awhile.

Another reason which is less important is the hot. There has been some really hot days and I wasn't able to put the computer enough time nor the laptop, not even so start up the program to do captions or even advance the game I have planned for RAGS, because it needs many resources and adds to the overall heat of the computer...

Also I wasn't called back for the training course, so it's kind of on hold. Don't know.

Anyway, I've seen people have liked the Raffside stunt, so I'll remember that in the future and play a bit more with this. You'll see.

Thank you for your understanding.

P.S: I know, I know I gave an ETA on when I would post again, but I'm working on something big to make up for all these days. A big story is coming!
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