28 Apr 2012

The Curse (Light and Dark Version)

Hi gals, today I bring you a cap with two stories. As undecided I turn out to be, I felt that I needed to do this in both ways. To the evil characters out there and to the loving ones too!

The Curse: Light Version

The Curse: Dark Version

Personally I like the first one and no, no I haven't been kidnap and taken to lovely land :)

So enjoy!

21 Apr 2012

Alectra's appreciation day

Hi gals, today I don't bring you a caption but hopefully stories to tell, criticism on myself and my ever changing mood. So if you don't feel like taking this travel with me, pass along, the next post surely will contain a gorgeous caption.

Let me start from the beginning...

First I've been meaning to say this. Lately I don't feel much appreciated at all around me. Probably it just depression reaching to me or an uneventful truth. I mean, I don't feel love, I don't feel someone reaching to me and saying: -"Its okay, I care for you, don't worry. Everything will turn out for the better."-

No, not at all. Instead I get bad news, jeopardizing my situation in the university. I don't know if I'm going to be able to pay a bigger sum of what already I have to pay. from 32€ to 100€ its a big deal to me right now. Not to say that if I don't get another scholarship I'll have to pay something around 1400€ ouh and my brother will enter university too, so depending on the case. Worst case scenario only one will enter university...

Yeah that's how things are turning out for my country. My government, is lead by a bunch of souless people making decrees each day!. Yeah you read it right, each day. To make more cuts, as the situation is getting worse and worse. But the culprits won't pay. Here's the funny from a decree of this government debtors won't pay anything back to the department of finance. Ouh well, yes only a 10% of what they have... guess what? These people are jeopardizing the situation of Spain. You got the big business players, from famous sportmens not a paying a single euro to the state. Very funny... Guess the sum? 60.000 millions of euros. Now the debt of Spain 80.000 millions of euros?! something is clearly wrong in here.

And what we got? People saying how bad the socialists did in the last elections, and how good the conservatives PP party would do... an even saying they are the same, while they are not.

These very same people, didn't vote and clearly derived their wrong ideas to the rest of the country... 

At this very moment I need a hug, but not only that, I want someone to smile for me, but not only that, I want someone to reach out to me and say: -"Hey, don't worry, everything is going to be alright"-

After this little rant I'll express what I'm passing through psychologically speaking:

Now, I don't know if I'm making Alectra coming out more or what. But I clearly expressed to my Anthropology professor that I need to know more about the differences of women and men. As a feminist, my professor is proud of the idea there is no such a convention. This is all made up to make inequalities grow more. And she's right, probably now that I'm more in Synch with my feminine side, I'm getting to know the differences that we in our society express. So for that, in June I'll get to know more about this subject thanks to my professor and hopefully I'll create better stories and grow up more as a person. Obviously that part is only for my online side, I'm not expressing that out loud, but I clearly see, my professor is making her own idea of my behaviour at all levels in class.

Another point I wanted to bring today is my growth for that very same matter expressed before.

Today I felt that a lovely angry lot was hitting on my doorstep. Comedy for you, but an idea for me:

-"So whatz upppp with yu and sup tis matter about gettin' depress or wutz? Gizzzz mooaaaar"-

- A lovely monster reach for his inadequately educated companion and begins to translate what he said -

-"Allow me to say, what he obviously couldn't: He want more captions, perhaps with sex involved"-

- A bunch of grown ups reach to him and crown him as the speaker while making a cute mass of his body... quite the mess -

- Tis need more captzzzzz, mooooooooooooooarrrrrrr, boooooooty, moooooooooar cocks... Cocks noooooo, moaaaaaaaaaaaaar cunts... -

- Needless to say they also make a lovely mass of bones from the "stupid" one -

So what's with the story? Nothing, just my head trying to cheer me up with nonsense...

A bit of critique to me:

This was my first caption:

So you have to start over somewhere and I can say its not bad at all for a starter, but it wasn't good enough for me so I have to advance. What this caption lacked: Style, proper writing, punctuation, better phrases, adecuate fonts. Really Comic Life just make life easier for you... a bit too much and you start to lack where you shouldn't. Language barrier also... 
This was my last caption without help:

After two an a half year, improvements are quite noticeable. Made with another program yes, but much more consistent in both style and writing. This is clearly what other notice as an Alectra cap. Good taste in choice of imagery, great backstory, imaginative and unique use of words and ultimately enticing and teasing. The language barrier is still there, but with holes on it. Even if tiny, but holes trying to make it crumble. 

And this was my last caption with proofreading:

 Not much to say from before, but with little improvements and having Kyra as a proofreader it does help to make it shine, more than ever. And for that I'm very grateful. The story is much more consistent and the plot don't fall over a huge pletorah of ramblings!

I even got a huge compliment from Caitlyn, so that's means a lot to me!.

Alectra's style:pointers on how to do a caption

If you want you can take a look at my pointers on how to do a cap.

Okay enough of praise, I said I wanted to critique myself, so I'll put points on which I'll try to work on, hopefully something will come out of this.

- I feel like I travelled a long way, and still has to go another long one in an unending road filled with stalemates and barriers, walls, earthquakes, gaps and holes to make my journey more difficult. but still even with the improvement made, I lack the writing, I lack the powerful nature of a well endowed word working alongside a good sentence and making feasible a paragraph that would make a grand story!. Not only in English but in Spanish too... for that, what I said.

- I need to be less wordy. Nuff said

- I should know whether to complicate the writing or simplify it. I'm usually too much fond of a grand use of aesthetical words.

- I need to imagine and create better backgrounds and choose the right selection of fonts, make myself an army of them if needed.

- I feel the need to come up with a basic of where to put the text over and if I need to put a gradient to make the writing more readable.

- I usually double check, triple check and more?! to be ever vigilant of typos, those pesky maniacs not wanting to behave and put sand over a shining prhase.

- I want to keep making myself better at it. I want to wrap you into my stories and demand more.

- I want to explore more fetishes, not only of latex lives the woman!.

- I want to create better plots, the whole bad mistress and frisky girl is amusing but I'm growing tired of doing dark storylines. I want to explore realism, so for that I need to know more of what my professor will gladly provide me.

- I want to express emotions that I can feel deep within me and reach to you better.

- I want to keep exploring fonts, styles, plots, subplots and such.

- I want to know better how a woman behaves, so that way I can express women behaviour with almost anything.

- Smut? Not sure on that, free sex, is free sex. I think I'm better at enticing people with suggestible images rather than a huge scene of a big cock getting emtrampled inside a pussy while you can pick a woman moaning from the ram she is enduring. Like I said better not!.

- I want to be more responsive to what others create for me, so that way I can depict better scenarios for them.

Once again, these wouldn't be possible if not for the help I've been obtaining along the way. So thank you for that. Probably in the future I'll try my hand at Photoshop, and the day I'm able to comprehend it, my caps will reach a new level.

After all this huge post. I feel the need to create or someone to create for me an Alectra's appreciation day. I want to feel cared and I want to know that I'm cared for. I want to know that I touched people's lives, that I changed somehow their behaviour, that I made their day. Whether through my stories or by having a good chat. I want to make a great impression and I want to feel needed. I want Alectra's strength coming back to me, because she is my way to express myself freely. 

I need a hug...

And I want to create a story out of this pic, because I feel it pretty much summarize what I feel right now...

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

P.S: Like many are doing now and to keep sanity at bay. I changed the reactions to like or love it. To know if you just like it or need more of it whit a love option.

17 Apr 2012

Enie, meanie girl

Hi gals, today I bring a cap with a story I promised long ago :)

I hope you enjoy what I've done for today. As I don't have much time to go into a blabbery frenzy, studies ahead you know. I'll only say that this introduces Calliope as a frisky girl, but we'll see! :)

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

P.S: Noticed a mistake on readibility, changed and edited :)

16 Apr 2012

The Feminator (Ad Caption campaign)

Hi gals, no, no, no this is not a campaign as the title suggest. This is a preview of a caption I'm working on :D

Recently I had a conversation on medical care with a friend of the university, and we talked about how medics from my country gives you Ibuprofen for about anything you have, and well almost any medicine have a component of Ibuprofen in its formula. The pill of the future, or so called it the brits! You got brits for everything these days *giggle*


Working on that Idea and since we talk stuff sometimes about feminity in our captions, I had the idea of changing Ibuprofen to Feminofren as it would be a pill that medics give you by going to the hospital. Like that would happen! heh heh heh

And another thing:

made, crafted, enveloped: I know it sounds redundant, but that's on porpuse. Made for making the idea, crafted for creating the pill and enveloped for putting it in a box. But maybe this wouldn't be understand at all, if not explained :P

Enjoy it!

A bit Caitlyniesque but, I like the format :P

Thanks to my lovely friend Kyra for proofreading my caps. I hope we can bounce something good from this collaboration and possible more ideas for both ends :)

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

9 Apr 2012

Pizzicato for Strings

Hey gals, how are you doing?

Today I bring you a cap, that I was experimenting with, so you tell me at the end which one you like :)

Recently I downloaded a pack of fonts, to make it more visually appealing the reading, and talking about that... I think I would love someone who would endure my writings, to proofread them... I know maybe it just much too ask, but anyway I try to make for a better reading with each one!.

Here I present you the original cap:

So well the usual from me in a non-creative day, apart from the new fonts. Which I'm still experimenting nothing new.

And then while listening to this kind of old music. I mean the pizzicato for strings, It's a thing you won't hear over modern music (unless you go for jazz or electronic music that's it!). Its a technique that consist of plucking the strings from a string instrument. Little by little making squeaking sounds or that depends of the tempo and it produces a timbre that is called inharmonicity because the sound doesn't belong to harmonic series and after the string is bowed it returns quickly to the harmonic ratio. Producing a marvelous sound. It's a cool technique that you won't hear it unless you are listening to Johann Strauss or Bach or the above said :)

To the topic. When I found that well, the woman is playing the instrument, she is also talking about using that instrument to enthrall someone... so maybe the violin should appear it behind. 

And I said... well why not the notes? Yes that's my head working. The only thing that I don't like about this, is that maybe would make a bit for a hard reading... nonetheless, it's perfect, because she could be talking about an ancient score an the paper does demonstrate it!.

Anyway this was my other choice.

And finally, the one I like the most, you have the musical score a bit more obscure to make for a better readibilty and the strings from the violin used to accompany the title.

Hope you have enjoyed an interesting journey to my head...

I think this is the first time that I encountered I could do a bit more of work behind the scenes for the cap. Have you ever encountered if you are a captioner, such a dilemma? Or if you are not a captioner... do you care about it, or just go for the story?

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

8 Apr 2012

Mirror, mirror...

...Who's the most bitchiest of all?

Okay as I never realized the hour, while making this cap. I can say, this is surely a cap zone for me... but it's pretty late hehe :)

I'm mostly surprised, that no one attempted a cap with the idea of that mirror from Snow White! After watching that poorly attempt at bringing the concept to a new level... and I have to say that I felt like Peter from Family Guy in the cinema... I have the idea stuck on my head to create a cap based on Snow White, but I felt it would be a bit cliche so I thought a bit more and come up with this.

What if the mirror was bored from listening to whether old hags to beautiful spoiled young princess the same question over and over and over?

Well you get the answer in my cap. 

And with that an hoping that the other Snow White in the summer will be good I bid you good night or good afternoon or good morning. Depending on which part of the world you are in!

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

P.S: The beauty of Julia Roberts and also the great Charlize Theron makes for a pretty bad joke on that question in the movie, especially looking at the two Snow White. Nuff Said :D

7 Apr 2012

The Perfume

Hi gals, today is a good day to post a cap ( as any really :) ) 

So I decided to not let myself being crumbled in misery... just go and read any news (especially if you live in Spain and has heard the economic minister... meh doesn't matter)

Anyway, I think I hadn't made too much clean or cute caps as I would like to. I do enjoy making them, and finally have found a pic I saw in Caitlyn's site that I wanted to try, This pic evoked me many stories, though I finally found that the one depicted is the indicated. So enjoy :)

- ¿Which kind of story evokes you this image? -

I think this would have gone perfect with my recently created persona Calliope, but I didn't see a reason to include her there yet. I want Calliope to make a bigger entrance, into my stories...

Also I know I'm not consistent with themes, but next time I'll post something more attune with the spirit of this blog. YEP! Latex a go go *giggle*

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

P.S: Just for those at Rachel's Haven I updated my profile with a new Biography, maybe some of you will find it interesting :)

3 Apr 2012

Sissy in Training 2

And with that gals, I think  I have enough to set a momentum in the finale of my cap in the next Ezine. Stay tuned :)

Sissy in Training

No, no don't worry I'm not gonna go over there :) 

Hi gals, this is for those sissies that I'm sure wanted to have their own personalized cap, but didn't know how to ask... well after some improvement on my own with english and design alike. I decided to keep capping till I get the mood on! Like Caitlyn, who was a lil' (big time) depressed over her exam... No I'm not asking for attention on that matter, don't worry :)

Today was a great day, so allergies were kind enough to shut the trap! and let me rest, so in that, I decided to be lazy with Uni and cap a little to also keep the stress off too!

As for my last post, I'm sorry for breaking the mood I'm trying to construct here. I cannot go into much detail, but it turned out to be it wasn't a simple car theft... if not for hours my father's car would have become nice, not really but nice spare parts... just because someone wanted it too. I know it sounds confusing but if you think a little you can mix that in your head as the police is taking an investigation in that. 

Okay... where was I? Ah yes, well as you can see the mood of the cap is a little dark, but with a hint of rejoice and bad news for those that do not buy the Ezine. Shameless me! As you can see it says transformation day 1. Well there is gonna be a bit more on that, perhaps a bit too much from the tone used there, but I'm trying to get a way to encourage people that like my works, to support the Haven, the lovely place that took me as for what I'm and not for anything else. With my odd manner, my no less than perfect manners too, my own place to share a laugh with friends who enjoy what I enjoy and Home for Alectra of course. :)

Anyway I hope you enjoy this one, I put lot of care into each one as It would be a great prize. Thanks a lot for the words of encouragement from last post too :)

Reccomendations for you: MDPQGAMES

I'm sure that many of you already knows what a RAGS game is, if not you better start to search on Tf games site and in the Hypnopics Collective and get a hand of it. Anyway that blog is from a friend of mine going by the same name who was a game on the making. Its pretty good and I assure you that a visit is paid for on your behalf!.

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

P.S: Maybe you noticed a little bit more of consistency, well thats thanks to my professor who told me that I needed to make less paragraphs between ideas and that would make my writing less chaotic... meh! don't mind that, thats just for my writing style :)

P.S2: For those that I owe a cap in the Haven, sorry again. I went on a self imposed semi-retirement to not let crumble your fantasies with my ouh so bad mood, art, writing all mixed in a nice box... Results from a bad Idea or rush. Just let me improve what I can offer, through this once again shameless place of wacky ideas results of my rusty workbench. :)
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