13 Dec 2016

Growing up - It's my birthday!

Howdy gals, 

Today I don't have much time - if any - so I'll write a nice story over here, instead of the usual go captions because reasons.

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6 Nov 2016

The gynarchy - Recruitment Drive -

Howdy gals, 

This is the caption I was talking about in this "post" If you have the time or care, read it, if not well here's some funny entertainment for you.

Let's end with a high note this too... If you would like to join the Gynarchy, sort of love latex, corruption, mind control, and stuff.. - I know why you are here! - Check this place out:

I also got a request to translate a caption I've done in the past to english. Working on that...

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

Not a good week (serious post)

Howdy gals,

It's not that usual that I go and talk about real life problems over here...

The thing Is I have something planned for the following months, but I'm stuck with what happened this week... My father went to hospital to get his arm checked, because of a problem that happened this past summer, and what we couldn't think of, happened . I don't know how to explain it because it seems very unreal...

He had a tumor growing, over the years, without being noticed by anyone. Last summer he got hit by a car, and his arm "started to grow" because the muscle got out of his place. We... We thought it was because of this hit that his arm was growing, like a balloon, but in fact it was the tumor showing up. Fortunately there weren't any complications during the operation so it's all good. But, just thinking what would have had happened it we didn't find about it in time *shivers*

Anyway, I don't want to end with a bad note, so I'll post a caption I've done a few weeks ago for a group I'm currently following with a couple of friends. More information in a following post...

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

16 Sep 2016

Summer Interruptus - Problems and stuff


Anyone there? :P

I'm so sorry. I wanted to re-restart the blog. Alas I couldn't. Never plan ahead I guess *sigh* So summer came and it happened to be the worst summer ever. I couldn't do much with my comp and I couldn't do much about anything. I also happened to attend a training course and it filled my spare time quite nicely too...

There is no excuse for this failure as my personal droid would be saying... Wait that's from SWTOR forget about that :P

What to do?, what to do?. Really I should start making a list or something. I'm attending once again University. Yay me!. Also business practices, once again, but this time I hope this render a job!. Less spare time, but not as before. I have much free time ahead, and I'll try. TRY. DO IT! Making stuff over here again.  

Well of course, no excuse would happen to be enough. You guys and gal from Rachel Haven surely miss me. I tried to do stuff over there last year, but. Don't plan ahead *sigh* There is no way I could have known I would be so stuffed with RL. I hope this time I can restart this place.

There's much to do!

Hugs and Kisses Alectra
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