29 Oct 2011

Chant of the Wicked Witch

Hi gals today there is no TG cap but, as we keep with the Halloween theme... I thought of this nice poem or chant if you prefer it. Surely you know a bit about witches and their covens in the forest. Well this one was a bit inspired on it. 

Hope you like it ^-^

P.S: In order to make the rhyme better Asera (Isthar) is changed in the cap for Sera ^-^
Also Mara is the god of drestruction in budism but used as female persona in here. Merva is Minerva, doesn't matter how you call it both forms are accepted. Lazy greeks! Beth refers to the calendar of the celtics. Which also refers to the White goddess(therefore you can identify the girl from the cap as said one if you want, a kind of Avatar), but as the wickans believed in the act of sex as a pure act... Well I think I gave you enough lessons about gods and goddesses... *giggle*

28 Oct 2011

Industrias Dom S.A (Spanish Cap) (Now with translation)

Hola Chic@s ¿como estáis? Espero que bien ^-^

Bueno después de un largo tiempo sin poner nada en español creo que ha llegado la hora de hacerlo jejeje

He aprovechado para poner en práctica algunos trucos y dado que tengo en los próximos días algo de tiempo libre por la fiesta de todos los santos, etc. Me he puesto manos a la obra y creado este cap. 

Advertencia dado que el español suena así de bien XD puede que haya algo que pueda sonar demasiado fuerte, al contrario que en el ingles donde pierde fuerza y está un poco vacio de contenido para el lector si lo comparamos con el lenguaje de Cervantes claro!.(sin decir que el ingles sea malo o algo, no me vayan a malinterpretar)

Bueno sin mas dilaciones les dejo el cap

-"Welcome to Dom Industries Inc. We hope your visit will be pleasant and to come back soon."-
Edward never considered the possibility of winning a prize and that the prize would result in going to a place so weird. He sat in front of a screen while waiting for the attendant to show him the place when suddenly a kind of advertisement appeared on the screen. It seemed to glimpse it but at first glance ... it was the body of a naked woman, although he was unable to say who, of course.

Slowly the picture becomes clearer for Edward and words that at first are tenuous but that they becomes more vibrant, appear across the screen. At the same time the woman seems to take a more active pose while showing her indiscreet viewer a piece of her body and then a little more and a little more and so that Edward cannot take his eyes off the screen. Now the words start to appear in a colourful pink and the screen becomes even clearer...

Quédate means: Stay
Relájate means: Relax
Sigue mirando means: Keep looking
Ponte cómodo means: Get yourself comfortable
Disfrútame means: Enjoy me

Unable to resist the temptation ... Edward begins to masturbate and the woman as if she could be able to saw him shows her naked body in full with a slight smile of malice drawn on his lips. More and more new words begin to form again in replacing the previous screen. These words seem to express the desire of Edward to penetrate the woman; certainly he has been lost in a sea of ​​confused feelings. Once the woman seems to whisper his name while uttering moans and puts his hands down, savouring his lips like she would having real sex with Edward.

¿Te gusta? means: Do you like it?
¿Quiere mas?: means Want  more?
Quédate conmigo means: Stay with me
Deséame means: Desire me
Siéntelo en ti means: Feel it in yourself

Unable to resist it anymore Edward has an erection and all the words disappear ... All but one which has just been formed. The display is now completely clear and the message is clear. This time the woman no longer whispers his name but she says it openly as if she could see him ... and finally the word “obey me” is palpable. Edward, however, is unable to see the end of the video and falls to the ground ... The world goes dark while he hears voices urging him to follow a kind of trance.

From the left:

- "Lady you have done it again ... this time she has outdone herself. We did not think that would be so easy. "- -" Enough of praise prepares him for the surgeon.... I have some plans in mind for this vicious one. Ah no one can resist my charms, too bad for you puny man "-

From the right:

- "Do not talk like that of the Lady Idiot! She is superior to you and me in every way. Give thanks to breathe the same air as her or even to be in her presence. "- -" Enough of praise I said! What part do you not understand? Maybe you would like to have his luck? ... ummm I'll think about..."-

Obedéceme means: Obey me

After regaining consciousness Edward wakes with his arms tied and unable to move or speak. - "Have you come to your senses? Oh how beautiful you ended my lovely slave. Umm ... I think I'll call you Elena. Yes Elena, I like it! Sorry for making you wait and I promise you it will not hurt ... well maybe a little ... Elena discovers for the first time that the woman who was watching just now on the screen is the one that has captured her ... or so she thinks, given her situation. Slowly and surely this woman approaches a table and then picks a needle ... - "I hope you do not mind, my little Elena, but I think you need something ... I don’t know ... Well I’ll find out. With this serum you will become more feminine (looking at her nipples protruding) and these new friends of yours will also thank me mmm ... Ah perfect. Oh what a shame you can not talk ... but ... You can moan right? Moan a little for me, my Elena. Elena feels invaded by the effects of the serum in her body and begins to feel an inner warmth pushing through her body. This woman has done something to her ... She has been drugged by her. Unable to prevent grinding her teeth on the gag in her mouth she fires a small gas that makes her feel hotter. - "Oh didn’t I tell you Elena? That little ball in your mouth will let out a stream of gas every time you squeeze it ... so if you want to keep your sanity ... don’t do it okay? "- Her captor goes back to the table where more tools are expecting her to try in the poor Elena. This time she decides to take an unusual little toy. It is a vibrator with two penises ... But Elena is not clear of its purpose. Not so for her captor. - "Oh don’t put that face to me Elena. You've never seen one of these? Well this "little one" enjoys a tremendous reputation among females and I am sure you will learn to use it for yourself in no time. Making it clear that if you do not decant yourself to spend the day before by doing say ... "Oral exercises". Yes, you have a lot to learn in this institution and lucky for you, I'm here to teach you! "-

More or less is the perfect translation *giggle*

Bueno espero que les haya gustado! ^-^

If someone believes that this should have a translation, you don't need to tell me so. I was planning on it but due with the high level of spanish used on there... I need sometime to put it in an acceptable english form ^-^

P.S: I've been talking with one of the admins of Hypnopics Collective and she told me that she was sorry for the harsh comment lent onto me... and that In the future she won't care if I post this kind of caps as well (in spanish of course!) giving a translation of course... ^-^

P.D: He dicho constitución pero es la de todos los santos jejeje... me confundí con el calendario esa es el mes que viene... osea Diciembre

P.S2: Ouh and if you are interested on making caps as some have told me to do *The show me how process*... check this post of Simone in the meantime and wait for her to make an explanation on the creation of making a good visual cap


I will try my best on showing the whole process through Quark and comic Life to create a cap ^-^

26 Oct 2011

Spanish or English???!

So Hi gals today I've received good personal news and some bad online news...

Lets see the good news are that my grades are going on the right direction ^-^

And the online well that the important to you who follow my blog...

After creating this one for a friend in the Haven called Kayla and posting it in another place to see the results...

and I quote the comment from Kayla...

This cap does a great job of covering the darker elements of what I'd like to do with some of my pets.  To be able to let their inner girl out to play...to have that complete control over her.  Mine to play with as I like...to be my servant girl, or my bedside companion.

You did a great job of hitting this particular aspect of me Alectra.

(and after talking with her about it there's really some minor grammar errors!)

I received two completely opposite comments the one really important for me was from Kayla who told me that the cap was good and really got her interest. The other one is kind of a troll comment... (Hypnopics Collective gallery btw)

Good, Nice storyline, but there are NUMEROUS grammatical errors that make the story hard to understand. Plus, by putting the word "Smirk" In quotation marks, You give the illusion that she is saying the word smirk. Its also difficult to tell when she is acting or moving.

Saying that Is like saying is impossible to read or understand?! (I'm really considering not to post any more stuff onto that place is I'm going to get negative feedback everytime!)

And I use this "" instead of this ** because it doesn't blend well in the kind of font I use in Quark... (DejaVu Sans Condensed) which by the way is my favourite!

So I know the internet is full of different kind of people and that I shouldn't take it that much onto me but today I feel a bit down for other reasons and encountering that kind of comment got me wondering.

So I'm spanish... why should I keep striving to make caps in english? Easy short answer is to get it to more public. I know my mother tongue reach to about 43% of the overall population... but in English you still reach a lot more. Not to say on people's interest on this... who will be willing to comment and be nice or give a constructive criticism... okay enough with it... Judge by yourselves ^_^

And of course this is a bit of a rant because after having so many positive feedback from my 100th post...

I thought I was really going and positively advancing in my writing skills...

So for today I decided to post a spanish cap as well! (Afterall I don't think someone will come and tell me you don't know how to write in spanish! "giggle") and also I don't need an excuse to write in my mother tongue!

P.S: Bujour is an invented surname don't come from France to tell me is Bonjour "giggle"

As an added bonus here's another story that I've made for Jord...

Speaking of which... this one serves as a good example for a question I asked Caitlyn about changing styles...


So uhmmm yeah... I need a hug at this moment :/
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