30 Sep 2011

Suckubbus Renaissance (Gift Cap)

So hi gals today I bring you a great story done for the always Wicked Victoria Hyde "giggle"

I made sure to include Mistress Simone Dark persona: Sasha and of course the whole Hyde family for it at the end ^-^

There is a bit of everything inside of the story so read it carefully and most importantly... 

Enjoy It!

On future releases Formspring Request for an Emo cap should be done somewhere around October and more or less every weekend I should be able to at least make a post ^-^

28 Sep 2011

Me and my big... (Starring Caitlyn work Reshaped)

Hi gals today there is nothing new but since I've accomplished something over another something that Caitlyn did for me I wanted to share that with everyone!

So I know I'm not a big expert on Photoshop whatsoever but, I won't turn down over stuff I don't comprehend just like that... So I searched and searched and searched a bit more and finally I found the solution (sort of)

To understand it better:

Caitlyn's Masks

Logo work for alectra


So okay now you will understand it better I guess "giggle"

Well I do have made my own improvements and finally got this:

Cool right? Well I'm still working around the colours adding because its seems everytime you add the "shiney" part you'll get a cropped line over the bright parts and if you try to make it work with a black colour around the stockings well... It will get stuck due to taking all the brightness away.

Now here it comes my favourite part:

How did you do it?

Well I got from Caitlyn the PDS file... I don't have Photoshop and yet Paint Shop Pro managed to open it... So after several hours of trial and error (I prefer to call it mess and play) I managed to convert a "workable" file into a PSP file.

Yay! Finally I Can actually work with it...

Now here it comes the part when stuff gets hard (for me of course!) Apparently if you play with the brightness and the colour of a real photo it will be enough to create the shiny part.

ERROR 404 not found "giggle"

That will work on special ocassions and only if the photo has latex (lets say you have a latex clothing on it )

To explain it better: DO you notice the parts where the catsuit is bright and has some white lines (WET effect) all over it?

that said if will work with that but, In a drawing it will not...

See it there was a foolhardy attempt at it playing with the lightning and choosing other colours and retouching the sides a bit and finally quitting the background (It won't be used)

So what to do again?

Easy enough the net has a wide variety of blogs, pages, exercises and such for Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro

For anyone that uses Photoshop on a regular basis it must sounds stupid but I've to say this was a great achievement for me!

First you gotta learn how to create what you want (In this case a latex texture)

Now go over the net and search for an image which has a latex background in half the image or the entire image!

Got it right? 

Then select that image in Photoshop or Paint shop pro and then select Save as: a BMP archive

And then you want to know how to apply it!

All said you are ready to go and make it.... hey wait! there is more don't go so fast!

Lets return to the first picture

See the white lines all over it?

To create that effect you must use the lasso over the preferred area and once you got it select right click on it. Now you will see a dotted line over the area.

Then we will click on Effects>Texture Effects>Texture 

And you will select from the place you had it saved your texture (following the previous explanations) then an window will pop up with the next balances:

Below the selected texture you will see an option for selecting size: 44% was chosen for this one

Now we have more options:

Image> Smoothness - Depth - Ambience - Bright

Light> Colour (select a colour for the texture) White shall be your selected one if you want to achieve the one from the above.

Angle: 90º

Intensity - Elevation

So got them right? Now get accostumed to them playing around with the stats...

To achieve the one from above otherwise you have to make sure the following options are done like this:

Smoothness (100)

Depth (88)

Ambience (23)

Bright (31)

Intensity (56)

Elevation (20)

That for all the selected parts with the lasso...

To get the general colour from above  play with another values on brightness only

Hopes that helped anyone who wanted to get a latex feel to an object or a drawing! ^-^

This weekend I'll make sure to keep playing around with the new logo and then try to post something new!

And once again... 


P.S: And thanks everyone for the greats comments on my 100th post ^-^. Really touched me deep inside you are all the best!

23 Sep 2011

100th! Post (Cap Galore)

Howdy gals! I know I took sooooooo much long to post something over here but, life comes first and I have a little surprise for you all. Yes you can guess from the title of the post but beware a long reading awaits you ahead.

Now that I reached my 100th post I decided to make it worthy of being the 100 duh! And congratulate every friend I made over the year since I started captioning. At first I was but a joke of a captioneer (Can say it over to me because I consider that to be true "giggle") and I think that is thanks to those people who will get mentioned in here (at least most of them) that I improved over the next few things:

1- English: Of course that was the main purpose of writing everything in English, just for improving it or knowing more stuff about grammar and such. ^-^

2- Cap making: It was at first an alien concept to me since the last year, sure I've seen many caps but not that many and of course not as good as I've seen over at the Haven.

3- Making friends worldwide: The Haven is the greatest community of all to make a friendship and of course the Internet is so populated with trolls, noobzs, flamers’, bad people overall, etc. That encountering such a friendly community was a great over the top finding for me.

4- For the fun: Just for the fun of it I created and indulged in myself creating Alectra which is the reason this very blog exist... So thanks again for that ^-^

5- Improving my literature skills: Pretty much like cap making but there is so much of the process of creating an impressive or at least a decent story from time to time that you wouldn't believe how much of the real life this take from you sometimes.

With that said I think I clearly made the point that I owe a lot to Rachel for creating that community and making it grow over the years. So I think I'll create some other time a special cap for here over here. Hey after the Mistress of the Haven deserves some space "giggle".

Another reason is to create single caps and try to come up with the right words without crumpling the story or making excessively long or adding borings parts to flow the story. Of course that doesn't mean I won't create more long stories but It have turned out in a hell of a long post and I don't think a post support that many images "giggle"

But first here is one for me of course "giggle"

For easy tracking they are posted in an alphabetical order


Without further ado here it comes the galore...

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