15 Aug 2011

You cannot stop the darkness within you...

As promised here's the cap for today and as the title reads you can certainly do that "giggle". So just fed on it and you shall see the result... errr just be good girls okay. Not so much, but don't do anything bad "giggle".

Uhmmm Still think, it could have gone better. Ouh well suckers cannot be beggars today "giggle". Not with this unending hot ^-^

Guest cap: Betty (Deeper into Darkness)

Hi gals, something will spark surely today, just bear it with me that the hot prevents me... yeah... blame on the sun "giggle". Damn you! (Raise a fist to the sky) Ok... Nevermind.

Today I bring you a cap from the lovely and thoughtful Betty.

Her stories are not something you normally see out there. For that she is special in her own way. Hope you enjoy this cap as much I enjoyed it ^-^

Really girls, given the name of the other guest cap, and now this one. I think we will end in a pretty obscure, dark and evil place. Wait. You are already on it "giggle"

Ouh and I forgot to plug you to Betty's site: Betty's Captions

Enjoy your stay in there as much you enjoy to come here, I guarantee your fun in there... Latex, Big Boobs, Blondies, Brunettes, Sandies, Ravens and with poetry filled caps for your viewing pleasure. Just beware big is not enough for Betty. You are advised on that.
P.S If anyone of you feel the need to please! heh heh heh or spoil me! or want to get their caps appearing here, let me know through by mail ^-^ (Strictly based to caps, TG and Fun, nothing else mmkay?) As always they to keep the spirit of the blog, but, know that you will get full credit of it.. ^-^

12 Aug 2011

A drink you'll never forget

As promised I bring you another cap for today, not songs but Poetry! ^-^

I do enjoy to make some poems once in a while. The thing is that while I "totally rock" writing poems in Spanish... In english becomes a stalemate in the way.

Therefore thats make me more eager to learn much more about poetry in this language. Completely unaware of it, there are some delightful words that will make you cook with passion some enthralling caps. ^-^

Such is the power of Poetry. A good poetry is a relieve for both the mind and the soul.

And without further ado, here's the cap enjoy ^-^

So This will make two new labels! ^-^

Poetry! and Temptress! Yay! "giggle"

P.S: I was thinking on someone very special to me when doing this cap. And she may know who she is, if she read this cap ^-^

P.S2: Hard to think that I created this while my mind is suffering from the hotness "giggle"

11 Aug 2011

Summertime! (For Realfield)

Hi gals today I bring you more music into your lives ^-^

This one is for Realfield as I wanted to do something for him now that he reached 50 followers. And just because his blog is good enough to have much more followers than that already. So go pay a visit....

Wait! Read the cap first "giggle"

And now for the blog: Keeping it Real in the Field

Go make yourself a follower if you aren't yet; Worth your visit. Nuff said

For an added bonus:

And her blog: The Codex of Corruption

Today is quite hot given that at 23:42 PM it should be windy by now! ^-^

But I'll try to struggle a bit more. I promise!

More sexiness coming later "giggle"

9 Aug 2011

Time Paradox Trap (Request)

Hi gals today I bring you a long cap series dealing with time travel, this was a request someone asked me to do it, and I hope that person likes it at least... ^-^

Just before some jumps to conclusions on the theme and some of the themes of this cap...

It's highly inspired in how the Stein Gate machine works mixed with H.G. Wells time machine, there is a bit of reminescence to Dr. Who too, although there is not really a purpose to believe is solely based on those as I filled this one with lots of new ideas coming from my head, both Scientifically talking and Invented along the way...

Read it closely it took me four days to create and also sorry for the old style coming back, the images where not fit for the new one due to the size of them, but I tried to include some tricks to make it good visually speaking ^-^ 

So as you can see the end is open...

Just like in a divergency point you can take two paths:

A) Daria lose to Darkia's powers in the end
B) Daria absorbed the powers of the soul's gems and therefore Darkia shall prove not worthy of her newfounds powers.

Take the option you want ^-^

5 Aug 2011

Lilith's Seed or Norea's Freedom (For Victoria Hyde)

Hi gals, today we go in a bit of religious stuff...the other kind of religious...yeah...demons heh heh heh

As a lover of the Shin Megami Tensei series, I've been struggling to make one day such a cap inspired on it ^-^


Mainly I hope you like this one my dark twisted sis ^-^

P.S: A much better cap have been uploaded for bigger quality ^-^

4 Aug 2011

Guest cap: Emily Hyde (Mistress of Dark Pleasure)

Hi again gals, just when you think the unexpected cannot happen, it happens... I think I'm getting pretty famous around so I can be able to get guest caps...Which makes me happy!

Ciao! Emily mia perversa e adorabile amica ^-^

Gracie mille per la sua dono ^-^ (I think I got it right, my Italian is not so good yet "giggle")

And don't worry in your typos or whatever, you can do it better next time! ^-^

I haven't read it yet, so I think I wil have to comment on it ^-^

P.S: If anyone of you feel the need to please me! heh heh heh or spoil me! or want to get their caps appearing here, let me know through by mail ^-^
As always they have to keep the spirit of the blog, but, know that you will get full credit of it ^-^

Formspring Request Time: The Strapon Witch

Hi gals, how are you today? the summer is getting worse over here, and I think I need a rest (yeah another one!)
Ideas are not flowing well and I don't want everyone to read something stupid just because of me writing silly things...Well being silly is a part of me ^-^ 

Not that kind of silly though, I want everyone that come over here, to read, something worth of their time.

But anyway I had this story finished a couple of days ago and today I only retouched it for a better read.



Could you make a caption or series that involves a girlfriend surprising her boyfriend with a strap-on that turns him into her bimbo-slave when she uses it on him and makes her feel more dominant? Thanks, I love your captions.

First of all apologize for not being able to do your request in a timely manner, but lifes come first... ^-^ And thank you for loving my captions.
Also If you are still around here, you will see that the improvements came in all levels "giggle".

P.S: I know this could go a bit different from what the anonymous requester asked, but, I didn't find anything worth of a strapon scene without being completely dirty and unworthy...
So the Strap on works here as an imaginary catalyst in the scene :P

P.S2: Ughhhh just noticed there are some run-on sentences in the second one just because of me forgetting to put the commas...Ouh well that's "fixable". Tomorrow I will put a fix to it, sorry for the inconveniences

Another Formspring request before closing it. some more to go and we are done with it ^-^

You can keep sending me your request to my wufoo account, but have in mind that any weird or that will break the spirit of this blog will not reach anywhere... You are advised! ^-^

I will accept any suggestions to make new caps, only condition is that you cannot change the spirit of this blog, as long as is related to leather, dom, sub, a little of bondage, strapon play, transformation, latex, rubber, pvc, lingerie, gloves, bimbo, naked bodies, emo girls, high heels, maids, possessions, strippers endings, sci-fi, anime, cute and funny caps(not everything have to be about sex :3) and not extreme (scat, any weird sceneplay, smoking, humilliaton, forced rape, petting (strapon girl doing a boy), cum-shotta(bukkake) lets hold this place nice and clean ok :3 etc) no shemales either ^-^  i will make caps for anyone accepting this...
No more than two caps request from requester thanks.  : 3

1 Aug 2011

Whats make me different from the rest Or Lets get the music play

Hi gals, after my long rambling from yesterday I came to the conclusion that I can offer something different that other may find impossible or hard to do...

Music Caps!

In real life I'm an "accomplished" Opera Singer...Yeah even being such a baby I can nail opera songs "giggle"

In the tenor range ^-^ (Weeeeeeell still in practice till I reach 30 years old!)

Now if you are looking for my other persona, she would fall into the mezzosoprano voice


Most of the time the voice of Alectra tends to be seductive and low, but, she can rise as nice to the sensual and beautifully crafted high pitched voice

Now this has an actual explanation...

Due to the kind of personality she has she would nicely fall into that category.

For a few examples looking into the psychological ground of the voice (This doesn't have to fall into you, this is just an example as psychiatrists measures the "coloratura" of the voice accompanied with a mental background)

High pitched voices says that you are childish. naive, with a huge ego (know tenors "giggle" it would be impossible for them to reach the higher notes if not for their bravado will hitting that scale...Indecisive peeps won't reach the key note no matter how high pitched is their voice); Dark voices says that you are serious, rational, decisive, thoughtful. And a mix between the two says that you are mysterious, playful, hard to grasp. ^-^

So I'm introducing you to a new world that I hope you'll fancy just like me ^-^

You can either enjoy the cap as it's or maybe read what I'm about to write for a better understanding and therefore a better enjoyment of it ^-^

Apologize for not including direct links to the songs, because blogger don't allow to direct to music related stuff >-> So Just Including the name of it for a quick search *.*

1. Dee : In The Hall of the Mountain Queen

Now this one comes from the inmortal sonata of Edvard Grieg Peer Gynt Suite Nº1 and this one as the name suggest is In The Hall of The Mountain King.

Maybe you don't know the name nor the composition, but, I'm sure you had heard of it ^-^

What makes this one so special and magical is the incredible work that put Edvard Grieg while making it, you can grow a love for the wind department in here (either metal or wood).  Oboes along with trombones make a fantastic duet and So the Violins makes a terrific ending to it. While the first announce your entry as if you were slowly walking into the hall growing an increasing need to careful watch around the intricate and beautifully crafted sounds inside the hall.  The second announces a terrific ending and ocasionally the strings that make you take little steps before running into a perfect rush to the end make it a delight to your ears;

What you will notice in here is that as being a classic composition there's no lyrics, thats where I enter ^-^

I know music and I can totally fit words, breaking sentences and make it almost perfectly to sing along with the composition...

I tried this many times but until recently got the idea to use that knowlegde to fit into a cap ^-^

2. Alleria: Sexy song by Alleria

What so special about this one?, well the title alone don't suggest anything because the first part is just a mix of sentences from other songs not needed to tell you about those one...

What's important in here is the second part, I came with a mischievous idea, so while my friend Alleria is another singer this came rightfully appreciated...

She is practising and his boyfriend wants to peek a little, so she discover that he is actually peeping tom her and so she start to sing this song.

The song itself is a classic, Scarborough Fair


Made famous in the entire world by Simon and Garfunkel in a classic pop song style but, the classical one offers a lot more ^-^

As twisted as the other one, this one needs a little of preparation because there's already a lyric done for it. Changed to fit the times as you know it because there is an old version of it when the people of England would go with a brilliant and shiny armour "giggle"

The purpose of the song as is what originally intended was about a woman who offered his lover an impossible task to complete but in the end love is stronger than ever and his lover get to accomplish the impossible task. Note that if you hear the song, those tasks comes into the myths terrain, so it would be actually impossible to do it for real "giggle"

So with that in mind, the next part turns out to be tricky. Note that I'm not British but I do have some knowlegde of old poetry so that part was somewhat covered in the song. Again to make it flow right this time you need to find words that are somewhat stylish and good to hear and sing, so this one took me like three hours or so to create the lyrics and make sense of top of that heh heh heh.

I may revisit this kind of post as soon as I get another song to twist around, whether classical, pop or a composition... It doesn't matter I know how to stretch the sounds to blend right and make it actually doable ^-^

P.S: They do not come into the new style because they are "old" work ^-^
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