31 Dec 2011

Love me like a doll

Hey there gals I wish you a Feliz Año Nuevo 2012 for everyone out there, I have something more prepared, but that will have to wait for the new year until then enjoy this little funny song I twisted ^^

Also I want to thanks all my friends for being so supportive of me and dealing with me everyday... well not exactly everyday but you get the idea *giggle*
It's also a good moment to express my thanks for everyone watching me since the start, for those new visitors, the regulars and the occasional too!

You made me come to reach: According to Google and my personal visit count... The magnificent sum of +1.000.000 visitors. I'll leave it at that cuz google don't count the visit very well and there are different sums from both sides *giggle*

Thank you again!

For those that know me already, know that I'm a singer... not sure if an accomplished one but I try in my opera's and chorus business *giggle* So if anyone wants me to try and twist a song, I'm here to try... I try to bring good results, so don't worry!

From the Fighting Temptations: Love me like a Rock 

I present you "Love me like a doll"

To better get the tone of this, imagine that, is sung by a low tone contralto, in a jazz mood. Now singing a soul song... how cool is that? *giggle* The second would be a normal one, responding like a second voice of chorus. It's supposed to be the male changing while singing, but you get the idea *giggle*


I know... I'm such a ditzy gal sometimes *giggle*

29 Dec 2011

The Treatment (For Steffimarie)

Hi gals, while I wait for some confirmations to make the next story I have in mind... Yeah is a bit of a secret project, don't peek!!! Here's something that I cooked up today for my new follower Steffi.

She has been so good to leave me some good comments, that I felt it would be nice to make her a story. It's the first time I'm making one for her, so I hope I didn't screw up anything *giggle*

Besides having maids is always a win-win situation all the time *giggle*

Hey afterall she asked for it, for posting sooooo much these days *giggle*

Also dealing with a try on "what happened before"... I don't see many of those as other's try to step on "what happened after"


P.S: Now there is no such thing as magic in here, so the treatment, can either refer to a surgery or just hypnosis or both!

27 Dec 2011

Family Overnight (For Annabelle Raven)

Hi there gals ^^

From time to time my mood will strike me in just any direction... and since stopping by (and I don't know yet how!) Annabelle's Raven blog I ended being a daughter of her... pretty much adopted. *giggle*


Don't lose the opportunity to visit it!

Yeah, I'm that adorable! ^^

I decided to make this little gift to her and I hope she loves it as much love, I put onto making it!

This is also a demonstration that I can do cute stuff... it doesn't have to be naughty from time to time... well most of the time *giggle*

26 Dec 2011

The list of 2011 to me (Guest cap: Evie)

Really one of this days Evie will make such a fine gal out of me *giggle*

Enjoy her little gift!

No new content from today, but if you are want you can go and read my special page to Rachel's Haven. Is my little tribute for a place that had gave me so much... one of the reasons that I'm posting on this blog right now! You know!

Motivational Posters Alectra's Style

Hey there gals! Someone wants to get motivated? Then make sure to read this little gems that I brought you today *giggle*

I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did creating them have a happy new year, more content will be waiting for you later this week... or today, tomorrow... one never knows what may happen in the next blink. So don't blink too much, you may miss some content... ouh there we go with a Dr Who reference. *giggle*

25 Dec 2011

The Black Library

Hi gals I hope you are having a great Christmas day ^-^

Some days before, Evie in her blog mentioned something about having a black library of some sorts were she would have all her naughty content awaiting approval... well I devised a bit of a funny Idea with that premise.


There is only one catch... and is that, I left it opened. I think Evie would like to get it completed *giggle* but no, once I opened her black library I think she has to open mine! 

Nevertheless I think is a good one to open a discussion on how to make a backstory, I'm proud of being good at making them and I'm also guilty of doing them so large! *giggle*

In Steffi's blog (which is awesome and you should do go to visit it) I had a conversation with Rauk about that matter, and while I think he does great sensual and erotic scenes he told me that I excel at doing a backstory.

Well for me is not really that difficult to create them, normally I think of an story and then look for visuals to support that story... as you can see there is nothing that connects the women and the ship behind, but the imagery and the imagination put into the caption, makes it real!

What I want to do for next year is to get better at depicting the "funny part". We call it SEX *giggle* No but seriously I enjoy making an erotic story as much as others and in some way this one is a very erotic!

24 Dec 2011

Messing with the blog!

Hey there, I'm sure you have been noticing some stuff, dissapearing, some going with new colours and the "famous pages" around blogger. I've doing some trial and errors so tell me if you like the new style best or that maybe I should go back to the old style ^-^

I hope I didn't mess up anything in the process!

Also following Steffi example, I'll make sure to add some more pages with lot of new content, about me, Alectra and Raffside,an explanation to my own caption style and what I will not and what I will do whenever doing caps! That and much more soon ^-^

Thanks for your patience! *giggle*

Fancy a naughty gift?

Hey there gals ^-^

Feliz navidad and happy holidays to all you out there following me! I hope you will come to like the new design I'm envisioning for my blog, but for now I just wanted to slip a present!


I know its look simple, but is not! *giggle* and in it simplicity look, lies its own goodness ^-^

Thanks to everyone that's follow me and I wish the next year I'll get to more and more caps for you to enjoy as well as me getting better at this ^-^

Difficult choices?

Hey there gals, here's another cap to delight your eyes on it! ^-^

Take it that if this doesn't leave you hot and bothered... ummmm then I don't know what it will do *giggle*
By so far this is the most wicked story I could imagine for... and with some added tricks as well as improvements in the flow of the story... or so I think!

Enjoy it!

P.S: For anyone wondering: "infortune" is "disgrace" in english! You should read it with a french accent on that part, it enhances the word around its own meaning.

23 Dec 2011

How to be me? (Wufoo Question!)

Hi gals just don't mind this post if you are not for a reading, I'll make sure to put something nice for today, much later on ^-^

This question comes from Danny:

I've been a long time lurker in TG Captions, but I'm thinking of starting making my own.My female side is pretty much latex bad girl(a lot like you), so i'm wondering if you have any tips in making my girl happy(and in making captions)

Well to begin with the question, I want to state that, you cannot be me! I prefer to be the only and unique Alectra thank you *giggle*

No but aside from the joke, I'll tell you how to be a badass like me... If the world can withstand more of me, out there, that's it!

If I would be much more evil, then the world wouldn't be able to hold me for long!

Let's start from the basics:

- Lesson 1: Bad girls go everywhere, latexed bad girls get what they want, anytime, anywhere!

You know you want to be like that, so you are a bad girl now, but you lack the style. Go grab your shiniest clothes and be the top head of the ground!

- Lesson 2: Know your kinks

Seriously there is nothing wrong with being a catwoman, but get to know that you are there for your own fun. Not to be controlled by a bystander, let them know you are the one in charge. So they call you a slut for wearing shiny things? Let your whip speak for you and tell them who's the slut in here!. Wearing corsets and high boots will enhance your authority in the path to become a badass latex mistress like me.

- Lesson 3: Who will be the one doing the chores?

See her? She's been a bad girl, which will get a nice reward later. She will be waiting with her naked ass, waiting and waiting till the mistress decides if she is to get a reward or a punishment. Why? you say. A maid never asks that question! If possible she will be one in charge of an army of maids doing all the chores... the life of a mistress is hard, the life of their servants is a living hell!

- Lesson 4: Are you evil enough?

So what? just being evil, doesn't acknowledge to be evil. You are in for the fun of being a bad girl, you are in for the fun of being a spoiled mistress, you are in for your own pleasure, you are in to get lots of people at your whim and call. Besides looking like a demoness does help to that "chore".

But you are not to be extremely evil... like me I'm more accostumed to be an evil sweetheart! there is room for evil yes, but there is also room for being nice with those that seek you out!. Show them some love

- Lesson 5: Do you have fans?

If possible let them be blondie heads that will follow wathever you do because they are in for your wickedness and naughtiness... You'll be doing stuff around to please your fans... like caps *giggle*. The more hot and sexy they'll be with you, the better.

If they follow you enough, reward them with gifts!

- Lesson 6: Do you have an alter persona within you?

This was is not really needed but... I'll think I'll take from here thank you tee hee.

So wooooot, you'll be for the sex and the raunchier things, often filled with creamy and spicy situations, if you are for that, then join me around *giggle*. There is no need to be a latexed bitch, just show some cleavage and you'll be good to go with both girls and boys tee hee... specially make yourself friend of that blondie head... you'll get more fun that way!

- Lesson 7: Follow other's example

Really you won't get far, if you don't follow, what others can teach you or what you can get from them. Is like going back to school... only that in a more exciting manner *giggle*
Remember that you must dress properly in front of your teachers and always behave like a good student whenever asked a question.

I hope you had fun reading this as well as helping you with your question... I've been planning for quite some time the: caps advices matter and I think I'll wait for that one, to be more precise and exact inside my head. I don't want to make a butched work when explaining how to make a cap Alectra's Style!

For any other following this, make yourself granted of answering this the way you want! *giggle*

P.S: I've been thinking of revamping the blog... so maybe before the end of the year or by january. I'll start to change some stuff. Don't mind some possible updates on that matter till the new year ^-^

22 Dec 2011

Have yourself a merry naughty christmas! (with a special guest cap)

Hey there gals! 

With all the uni events ended (for now) I thought it would be nice to post something over here... and fresh but, I caught a cold... so I will post something yes, not new as said. Sorry ^-^

This was done for the awesome Terri's Thread 25 days of Christmas


If I'm feeling better today or tomorrow, I'll post something else! 

Ouh and thanks for the birthday's wishes everyone ^-^

Ummmm, *whooops* forgot to say that the incredible Emily gave me an awesome gift, so enjoy it everyone too ^-^


13 Dec 2011

Today is my birthday!

Hello gals I'm back with more sweetness as well naughtiness to you once again! ^-^

As the title says is my birthday... YAY! 23 years full of great wishes, looking now back, I achieved one of my prior objectives. 
Which is getting to University so this year hasn't be half bad *giggle*. On top of that, my situation will get stable sooner than later... no job yet but the future looks bright for me! Lots of new jobs offer everyday... and yet not one that I can sustain with Uni time at the same time lol >_>

I think I'm growing up with all of you as well as my friends so thanks for following me each day, weekly, monthly, etc *giggle*

Well nevermind... I hope you have a great day and now for today cap ^-^

Ouh and before I forget you should check out this site ^^

Tasha's Tale: http://www.tashastale.com/

As having permission from the author here's two slides from this awesome comic to get you enticed ^^

 I picked them out randomly from this comic... to make out this you have to go and read it!

And if you happen to like it... Go and donate to the author's page to get this story going further ^-^

Once I start a job again, I'm planning on doing so!

P.S: I have one question from wufoo as well as a request... I hadn't forget about you gals. I will get to you soon. Expect that question to be resolved soon (if possible in a funny way too!) ^-^

7 Dec 2011

Ritual (Guest cap: Babblingfaces)

Howdy everyone ^_^

I know I said I wouldn't post something till next week... but that doesn't mean I cannot post something that someone did for me *giggle*

So enjoy this cap from babblingfaces. I know I did!

Hope you liked it... as my friend is waiting for your replies and possibly any kind of feedback. This was his first caption afterall! ^-^

In other news Steffiemarie came back with her blog! so you should go and pay a visit. You won't regret it ^-^

I'll come back next week in the day of my birthday or after that. Stay tuned... more hotness is coming down your place very soon *giggle*

2 Dec 2011

Back again... somehow (For Evie)

I just couldn't hold myself from doing something for my dear Evie after hearing that she was in hospital... so I came up with this bit of naughty and quirky story *giggle*

Argus' Backburner

You can go there if you hadn't yet and delight yourself with all the naughty material she can bring to you in minutes!

P.S: I dunno if I will making something else for today... but if the mood strikes me I'll do another one to compensate the long absence. Till now enjoy these three caps of today ^-^

One melt! (For Samantha De Savory)

If there is one gal out there that knows how to keep the economy of words and on top of that with a beautiful crafted story... even if is just for a moment in time or a full story that's Samantha for you ^-^

Samantha deSavory's TG Captions

You can go and check her site in there ^-^

And now onto the cap... following that same proccess I thought of making a story with the same style. Few words (hopefully the correct words), stunning shot and a good idea!

P.S: There are still some more ideas that I want to try but this one is already covered for sure ^-^


Hi gals how have you been? Sorry for the long absence...

And before someones asks... no I haven't been lost in Skyrim *giggle*. I've been busy with studies and today I'm making an exception because the next week there are a lots of free days because of the constitution day of my country!.

Well onto the cap of today ^-^

Watching an episode of Dr Who yesterday (the one from where the doctor has to hide that he is a time lord and becomes human for a short period of time) I've come to the realization that even if you create a fictional character... this one has a life on its own. No matter how fictional and impossible it would be. It has needs and cares, and fears as well as hopes...

Now there you go this cap for you avid reader as my consideration becomes tangible today ^-^

P.S: Ouh have I told you that the clock is tickling? No? And what the hell does that mean... *giggle* Well my birthday is coming and since an important exam will be held the same day... I'll come back with more stuff after that day. If possible in the same day ^-^

8 Nov 2011

Formspring Request Time! - Not Your Everyday Emo GIRL

Hi gals today its time for a sooooooooo long awaited by someone Formspring request time. Tomorrow I have some free time. So guess that today I'll post something more (or so I hope *giggle*)

This is what It was asked:

From an annonymous:

could you do some more emo girl captions or maybe some shemale hentai?

Ok so maybe I'm not the best to be asked that. I'm a cheerful person by nature and never felt what an emo feels. Then again this got me curious and even if I've made a total disaster I wanted to experiment a bit. ^-^

For the other part... Nope I don't do Shemale hentai... sorry ask Candy from: Candys World of TG & Transformation for example *giggle*

So This is what I had planned for this one. I left it pretty much open and with a growing curse so you can expand your mind from there. Pretty canonical in my opinion *giggle*

The usual Emo guy into an emo girl buuuuuuuuuuuut with a twist (You know I'm twisted if not why you keep coming back? ;D ) So in the end...well lets it get your own conclusion *giggle*


Also I would like to take a moment and give a big hug to everyone that takes her/his time to comment. Comments make me happy because they make know that, this work I'm putting is for something, rather than only for me ^-^

So Uber Hugs and Kisses for Everyone ^-^ (and a super special hug for my fantastic "sis in caps" Evie ^-^)

P.S: 2 more requests caps to go and Formspring is down for good. Use the other. I don't know when I'm going to be able to do the request. You know by now, Uni, Chores, mood strikes me, projects...


P.S2: Possibly a spanish cap will be along the way... so for those, that don't speak spanish sorry! *giggle*

P.S3: I'm thinking of quitting the option to rate my works in such a simple way... They don't give me much directions if I'm doing something likeable for everyone or not.
What do you think?

1 Nov 2011

Freezing Darkness! (For Evie)

Hi gals if there is someone who is dying to get my caps everytime that should be Evie. Always supportive of my works and making go a bit farther at every moment. ^-^

In the last cap I've done for this blog she wanted to chant something and well uhmmmm here's your wish Evie *giggle* May this cap serves you as a special for Halloween!

And of course soon I'll be doing something special for Rauk but for now go and enjoy his caps in the meantime...

Rauk22 Captions

29 Oct 2011

Chant of the Wicked Witch

Hi gals today there is no TG cap but, as we keep with the Halloween theme... I thought of this nice poem or chant if you prefer it. Surely you know a bit about witches and their covens in the forest. Well this one was a bit inspired on it. 

Hope you like it ^-^

P.S: In order to make the rhyme better Asera (Isthar) is changed in the cap for Sera ^-^
Also Mara is the god of drestruction in budism but used as female persona in here. Merva is Minerva, doesn't matter how you call it both forms are accepted. Lazy greeks! Beth refers to the calendar of the celtics. Which also refers to the White goddess(therefore you can identify the girl from the cap as said one if you want, a kind of Avatar), but as the wickans believed in the act of sex as a pure act... Well I think I gave you enough lessons about gods and goddesses... *giggle*

28 Oct 2011

Industrias Dom S.A (Spanish Cap) (Now with translation)

Hola Chic@s ¿como estáis? Espero que bien ^-^

Bueno después de un largo tiempo sin poner nada en español creo que ha llegado la hora de hacerlo jejeje

He aprovechado para poner en práctica algunos trucos y dado que tengo en los próximos días algo de tiempo libre por la fiesta de todos los santos, etc. Me he puesto manos a la obra y creado este cap. 

Advertencia dado que el español suena así de bien XD puede que haya algo que pueda sonar demasiado fuerte, al contrario que en el ingles donde pierde fuerza y está un poco vacio de contenido para el lector si lo comparamos con el lenguaje de Cervantes claro!.(sin decir que el ingles sea malo o algo, no me vayan a malinterpretar)

Bueno sin mas dilaciones les dejo el cap

-"Welcome to Dom Industries Inc. We hope your visit will be pleasant and to come back soon."-
Edward never considered the possibility of winning a prize and that the prize would result in going to a place so weird. He sat in front of a screen while waiting for the attendant to show him the place when suddenly a kind of advertisement appeared on the screen. It seemed to glimpse it but at first glance ... it was the body of a naked woman, although he was unable to say who, of course.

Slowly the picture becomes clearer for Edward and words that at first are tenuous but that they becomes more vibrant, appear across the screen. At the same time the woman seems to take a more active pose while showing her indiscreet viewer a piece of her body and then a little more and a little more and so that Edward cannot take his eyes off the screen. Now the words start to appear in a colourful pink and the screen becomes even clearer...

Quédate means: Stay
Relájate means: Relax
Sigue mirando means: Keep looking
Ponte cómodo means: Get yourself comfortable
Disfrútame means: Enjoy me

Unable to resist the temptation ... Edward begins to masturbate and the woman as if she could be able to saw him shows her naked body in full with a slight smile of malice drawn on his lips. More and more new words begin to form again in replacing the previous screen. These words seem to express the desire of Edward to penetrate the woman; certainly he has been lost in a sea of ​​confused feelings. Once the woman seems to whisper his name while uttering moans and puts his hands down, savouring his lips like she would having real sex with Edward.

¿Te gusta? means: Do you like it?
¿Quiere mas?: means Want  more?
Quédate conmigo means: Stay with me
Deséame means: Desire me
Siéntelo en ti means: Feel it in yourself

Unable to resist it anymore Edward has an erection and all the words disappear ... All but one which has just been formed. The display is now completely clear and the message is clear. This time the woman no longer whispers his name but she says it openly as if she could see him ... and finally the word “obey me” is palpable. Edward, however, is unable to see the end of the video and falls to the ground ... The world goes dark while he hears voices urging him to follow a kind of trance.

From the left:

- "Lady you have done it again ... this time she has outdone herself. We did not think that would be so easy. "- -" Enough of praise prepares him for the surgeon.... I have some plans in mind for this vicious one. Ah no one can resist my charms, too bad for you puny man "-

From the right:

- "Do not talk like that of the Lady Idiot! She is superior to you and me in every way. Give thanks to breathe the same air as her or even to be in her presence. "- -" Enough of praise I said! What part do you not understand? Maybe you would like to have his luck? ... ummm I'll think about..."-

Obedéceme means: Obey me

After regaining consciousness Edward wakes with his arms tied and unable to move or speak. - "Have you come to your senses? Oh how beautiful you ended my lovely slave. Umm ... I think I'll call you Elena. Yes Elena, I like it! Sorry for making you wait and I promise you it will not hurt ... well maybe a little ... Elena discovers for the first time that the woman who was watching just now on the screen is the one that has captured her ... or so she thinks, given her situation. Slowly and surely this woman approaches a table and then picks a needle ... - "I hope you do not mind, my little Elena, but I think you need something ... I don’t know ... Well I’ll find out. With this serum you will become more feminine (looking at her nipples protruding) and these new friends of yours will also thank me mmm ... Ah perfect. Oh what a shame you can not talk ... but ... You can moan right? Moan a little for me, my Elena. Elena feels invaded by the effects of the serum in her body and begins to feel an inner warmth pushing through her body. This woman has done something to her ... She has been drugged by her. Unable to prevent grinding her teeth on the gag in her mouth she fires a small gas that makes her feel hotter. - "Oh didn’t I tell you Elena? That little ball in your mouth will let out a stream of gas every time you squeeze it ... so if you want to keep your sanity ... don’t do it okay? "- Her captor goes back to the table where more tools are expecting her to try in the poor Elena. This time she decides to take an unusual little toy. It is a vibrator with two penises ... But Elena is not clear of its purpose. Not so for her captor. - "Oh don’t put that face to me Elena. You've never seen one of these? Well this "little one" enjoys a tremendous reputation among females and I am sure you will learn to use it for yourself in no time. Making it clear that if you do not decant yourself to spend the day before by doing say ... "Oral exercises". Yes, you have a lot to learn in this institution and lucky for you, I'm here to teach you! "-

More or less is the perfect translation *giggle*

Bueno espero que les haya gustado! ^-^

If someone believes that this should have a translation, you don't need to tell me so. I was planning on it but due with the high level of spanish used on there... I need sometime to put it in an acceptable english form ^-^

P.S: I've been talking with one of the admins of Hypnopics Collective and she told me that she was sorry for the harsh comment lent onto me... and that In the future she won't care if I post this kind of caps as well (in spanish of course!) giving a translation of course... ^-^

P.D: He dicho constitución pero es la de todos los santos jejeje... me confundí con el calendario esa es el mes que viene... osea Diciembre

P.S2: Ouh and if you are interested on making caps as some have told me to do *The show me how process*... check this post of Simone in the meantime and wait for her to make an explanation on the creation of making a good visual cap


I will try my best on showing the whole process through Quark and comic Life to create a cap ^-^
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