31 Jul 2012

Bad news, good news, new caption and a game in the works...

Hi gals, first yes you read it right. This young fella has started to swim in the wonderful world of coding... Not so, but yes coding *giggle*

But first things firsts, will get there don't worry.

Okay bad news:

- This terrible warm weather seems unending and here in Spain is paying a high price. I cannot connect my computer nor my laptop due to high temperatures of 38ºC with a relative humidity of 60% to 70% so yes, like a dried desert... This makes my computer and probably my CPU and mother board rise temperatures of 88ºC in the worst case (Just five mins and the temperature is around 60ºC already). I know I have to buy a new fan, but as today I cannot afford it, because I have to change others components when that happens. 

And why do I know of this: I have the program EVEREST ULTIMATE EDITION which apart of giving a great diagnosis of your computer and it components it also tell when the fan has an error and it checks for the temperature of the components. So yes both of this happened, fan error and high temperatures...

- Second bad news: As some of you may know, especially those living in Spain. Our scholarship could be jeopardized the next year if you fall for the next consequences:

. You don't have over an average score of 6,5 out of 10. Check I have over 7 to 8

. You have to pass the 90% of your credits... Not check I have three subjects with a fail and September is the last call. What is worse in the year 2014/2015 you will need to have 100% of your credits otherwise is a big fail... No matter what you score in the rest of them, so you will halved, yes halved your scholarship or no scholarship at all.

. Bad economy: Really all this deppresing news about bad economy pays a high toll and we cannot stay looking everyday at the bad news over and over and over again.

And more or less these are the reason of my absence.

Now good news:

. Captions are underway YAY!

. I won't fail those subjects as I've been studying whenever possible and hard!

. I'm making a game in RAGS... Those that don't know what RAGS is:


Now for the caption *giggle*

Okay now onto the game, because I know the moment you heard about it, you are all really interested. :)

First I like RAGS game, I love some of them, I find that some great authors nailed it while making a game, but I always had the feeling that something was really amiss.

Now there are three types of creators:

. Writers and coders (Those are a handful of experienced people which combines their abilities with a schedule and have drafts of what they want to do. Often have photoshop skills and add a different feel to a non comercial game. E.G. : "Bodywerks" and "Rough Landing 1 and 2" are at the top of my mind, also the previous "Drunken Cowboy", an also "Dartmoth Manor" or the acclaimed in TG/TF gamesites "Delacroix" and some others )

. Coders but not writers (there are lots of them, that start a game but leaves almost but a few writings here and there, and sometimes in my opinion don't let you explore the lore of the game)

. Writers but no coders. (I'm at that position right now)

Let's assume it, I'm a writer and I think thats the best I can do. I always see people complaining about how long it takes for someone to make an udpate in RAGS, well you go and fire the designer and see how hard is actually  to make an action in which you really wasted like five seconds. Until I learnt how to do a proper examine action it took me an hour as I was getting into it. I need to learn every aspect and you can only learn this by trial and error. I will not say that I despise coders but I hold the most respect for their works. Just started doing it so since Friday when silly me decided to see if I could stuff around. It seems I can, but even for making an action and then another but not nice attached can deliver a bug... LOTS OF THEM!

So reading from the introduction manuals, watching questions here and there about RAGS and with the great aid of my friend MDQP which by the way you can find it here and his great game:

Tales of the drunken cowboy (and its actually not about a drunk cowboy... preposterous!)


And with that I got someone with an experienced look to assist me in the first steps of my wacky adventure. And now I'm sure some of you are saying... Why not post it in TF/TG Gamesites or Hypnopics Collective?

Well I have my reasons:

1. I'm not a native speaker of english, is just my second language no matter how hard I try to express myself in a correct manner, there is someone out there bound to tell me I shouldn't speak in this language, so better avoid it...

2. I don't think my game project is somewhat complete to be called a DEMO or to be worthy of others to take a look. Right now is just me messing with the designer and trying to accomplish something... So perhaps it will take me in a good time estimate of 1 year or half year.

3. So why not wait for the surprise, well I should expect that I tell others that I'm doing it, someone is bound to help me both with proofreading (and I try to bring a lot of text so...) and coding, which I recognise is hard, even with my experience in basic HTML xD

4. Its a big project, is not ambitious because the writing is already done and you all have been reading it. More or less like Smitty did with his captions but taking it a step further. Basically I'll take some selected stories and mash up into a big adventure with many bad ends, good ends and that terrible end where the player stays the same... Meh!!! Obviously thats for the bones of the game which is all back to coding, what I do have to write is the conversations, actions and expansions into the stories, and still make it sense. :)

So no other than MDQP and Kyra has taken a look into it. If you are a coder from TG/TF gamesite or HC and don't mind the bad spelling here and here, or take a look at my attempt of coding, I'll be willing to share a copy of what I have been doing, just to gather more experience.

Update: Here's a little teaser for those of you that would be interested in seeing complete :P

And that's all folks! Probably my biggest post until now!

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

P.S: Forgot to say that there are no more captchas stuff, probably this will get more access for you to comment on my blog. but if I see too much spam I'll go back to captchas... We will see!

12 Jul 2012

Looks who's celebrating!

Howdy Gals! Here's a "little" post about me and my days at the Haven, that place you don't want to miss if you want to me, me, me, me , me ouh there others captioners, I heard they are good as well. But don't miss me! *giggle*

Nah just joking, they are fabulous and they are my second family as well since I decided to join them ;)

For those that are havenites:


So today I bring you a funny silly cap about how Alectra would have been created, of course, funny jokes are ahead and some dealing with not only my cherised captioners but also some of my dearest friends. 

Enjoy ;)

So long till I can cook some new captions ;) In two days there is my official two years anniversary, but I wanted to post it sooner :P

Thanks for following me so far!

Hugs and Kisses Alectra
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