7 Jan 2012

On Hold (For now)

Hi gals today I won't bring you new content, as University demands my attention, so I won't post anything else till February... don't whine, don't ask, don't plead, don't put yourself on your knees, don't beg, don't call, don't shout (you know that's rude), don't request, don't whistle to me, don't curse me for it....

There is lot to see if you are new and if you are a regular well I'm sorry, I wouldn't do this if my time wasn't required... :)

Sexy pic for you. I promise to make a cap of this in... you know when *giggle*

Not until FEBRUARY, hopes everyone understand, busy student you know! :)

Until then, you are advised to visit Danielle's (pretty pet) blog in here:

Trials of a Lust Apprentice

Enjoy it!

P.S: It just a month... can't you all wait, just a month? :P

4 Jan 2012

My Initation (For SteffiMarie)

Hi there gals, lovely (not really) day today *giggle*

I'm freezing really, wish this winter would strike some Christmas spirit with some snow, but no, the weather brings me frozen ice! hehe

Ok, nevermind...

Today I bring you more gifts from the Three Wise Men... more like I have them tied till the special comes *giggle* but, don't worry they'll go to you...

I know I'm deviating a bit from my usual stuff, but I wanted to try new horizons... and see whats happen!

Enjoy ^-^

More to come later!

P.S: For anyone that don't know what a premise is: A premise is a argument that cannot be invalidated, whichs mean whether if it's true or not. That's up for the one who follow the premise and the one who wrote it in the first place! hehe

Changed by lust! (For Nadine)

or by sheer luck! *giggle*

Hi there gals, hope you are having a stupendous time break for those living in Spain and a great day for those living outside! ^^

This is another "jewel" that I'll release from a ton to be released, I would release all of them, but then again I think your "little" brains wouldn't hold with the naughtiness... except for Evie of course!


Be nice or the Three Wise Men won't left something for you on thursday to friday morning! ^^

2 Jan 2012

Shifting Sands (Guest Caption from Annabelle aka Mom Annie)

Hi gals fruitful day today for me ^^

It's seems the Three Wise Men got my gift sooner than expected and all by the hand of my online RL mommy Annabelle Raven Hyde!

She has a blog where you can peruse in here:

Annabelle's Family Tradition

Inside there you'll find, most of the time, fantasies about lovely moms and "deviated daughters", no that's a joke more like deviated moms *giggle* 

In two words : Sweetness ahead!


Enjoy it everyone as much as ME! ^-^

1 Jan 2012

Una noche diferente/A different night (Spanish/English Cap)

Hi gals ^^

Happy new year 2012, since it's a new year I've come with a solution that I've been thinking for a long time. Why post stuff in spanish and then only english and so on?. I know that today is sunday but screw that rule from so long ago, I'll post whenever I can ^^

Well This is a bit of a experiment on my part, "I'll try" to create spanish caps from time to time with an english translation following the same rule that I've bringing you today. Due to the amount of work this bring and that probably it will only affect to a roughly number of 800 millions of spanish users *giggle* plus if we cut down to the actual users of said language that will peruse over this sites... around 4000 from Spain monthly, and 50.000 from the other side of the globe from spanish americans people too, sooooooooooooooo... ^^

I decided that this will only affect to one panel caps, otherwise it would be a huge amount of work and for those spanish users, you will notice the difference, I'm sure, between my weird brew of english and my shiny and golden spanish!

Without further addo, Enjoy! ^^

Well I hope the effort is granted ^^

Overall it was a good practice to my english skills!


I know Its kind of ditzy to post the same over, but I wanted to do it this way so... for those that granted me a happy new year... Go do it again *giggle* No but seriously, I'll try to be a bit active in the upcoming day as we in Spain we'll be celebrating the Three Wise Men festivities until the 6th of January... Although I'll be able to post something until 9th   and then until February or so I won't post anything sorry :)

You know Exams and such for university, I want to get good grades and this year is presenting as good as ever, not for the situation in the overall but, in a personal way, it's doing it ^^

(I got content ready in the workbench so don't worry about that!) Some gifts, some requests (First something for my friend Tempest, then Rauk and then those over delayed requests from formspring as well as one pending in wufoo)

For now I urge you to "revisit" my old works if you want to get to know my style better whether if you feel bored, are a new visitor or just for fun or even if you missed something along the way; possibly rate them, comment them or like them, I like to hear what you want to say even if it's old content (Just notice that the english as well as the style has been improved with time ^^) I want to make useful my star system too, so that way I know where I'm doing good stuff for you or where I should go a bit more careful next time! In one word: "IMPROVE TO PERFECTION" is my motto. I want to make you squeal with delight, I need to make you come over and over like you are possibly doing right now!

Also I know It's kind of blah, blah, blah to say that I'll try to get better at captioning, deliver great stories, improve my english ("you know I have a good english already" *giggle*) post more and comment more often, try new things, expand my horizons, go crazy and wherever my imagination will sent me ^^

Of course I'll try to post something in spanish, my little audience from Spain needs it, and it would be terrible if, I wouldn't, being spanish myself ^-^

I'm also going to stay true to myself and deliver you more and more giggles and emoticons, my cheery status needs to be noticed all around the world ^-^

So once again: 


The pretty latexed ladies are going to appear soon, in a computer, Ipad, mobile, Station or whatever strange other form to connect to the internet near you!
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