Rachel's Haven

I think there is not such an important blog, forum, page and community all mixed up in all the internet dealing with TG caps and much more than this one:

For me it has been a great and important turn around in my whole life, because I didn't know that, I would like so much the TG scene until finding it!.

From there I met some of the most awesome friends that also happens to have their own blogs. As memory recalls onto their names I give you and in not a particular order: Dementia, Simone, Evie, Caitlyn, Jennifer, Nadine, Terri, Steffi, Kelly (aka Sp), Kara, Kayla, Kaitlyn, Petra, Steffie, Smitty, Victoria, Sammie, Erin, Candy (aka one eyed pirate), Recently Danielle too (aka Ajvar)... and not to forget Rachel!

Across the blogs I met Silvia, Candi Came, Rauk, Emily, Betty, Isobelle and Sedra too and even invited to the first two to this place, because I know is an awesome place that don't discriminate anyone, by their beliefs or costums...

I find it quite nearly impossible how the internet had turned out to be, looking now from the start... We were supposed to be a loving community and now you have trolls, flammers, spammers, people that annoy you, bad people in general and haters everywhere.


You won't find that in Rachel's Haven, ouh no!, you will only find care and love and for that I'm very grateful to be a part of this community.

I deliberately left Alexia as my final friend because she deserves a special place in my heart. Reading through her blog I learnt of this place and the wonders that holds it. I started to feel attached to it and even feel the need to go and check.

Her blog was the plug into this fantastic world and I'll be eternally grateful to her for it!

I don't begin to understand why so many people needs to hate each other, being cared and loved is what we really need to become more human, that autodestructive path some are seeking is not to be believed or found, nor you will find the answer in here!

Once again I'm grateful to have found this place and I'll tell you that there is room for people that want to change for real yes, but there is also a place, for people that, like me enjoy the TG fantasy, Some would like it to happen forever in a magical way, some explore her/his sissy side, some others wants a temporal change, some others would like a back and forth experience and some others just enjoy the views and comment on it. 

We are not of the weird crowd, we are not crazy (well maybe a little) We are indeed not normal, but that's is good because being normal is so boring these days.

You'll find there Roleplays, Captions, Good conversations when you get in cahoots with someone, interesting topics, a loving family if you indulge into it.

I don't know of a better tribute to this place that letting a whole page of praise and comments to Rachel's Haven.

Afterall Alectra was born in there... Okay Raffside too *giggle*

To end this whole pletorah of praises I would like to specially say thanks to Rachel the owner and plotter to a new bright world *giggle*

Thank you for letting me be a part of such a lovely and fantastic community!

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

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  1. I know what you feel about the Haven as I have similar feeling for this awesome site.

    Rachel has created an charming and outstanding community which is welcoming everyone with open hands.

    Just like you I have made some friends there with whom I'm sharing my fantasies. I believe that it also had helped me to open up and talk with other people more than I have imagined before.

    Thanks Rachel for making your vision about this community come true.



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