19 Aug 2012

Calling in sick

Hi gals, today I don't bring you a caption sorry... It seems last night I suffered from a heatstroke and even had to go to the hospital to pass a medical check. Nothing wrong so far except for tachycardias. Yes apparently I'm suffering from them and this made me more vulnerable to heat.

For those that don't live in Spain we are now going through a heat wave in our weather and its a bit unbearable, so thats another reason from my recent illness. Today I felt a bit better so I decided to post this just to let others now that I wanted to make a caption. Sorry!

I'm a bit burnt right now... And also already got an appointment with my medic for further checks on those tachycardias episodes, don't worry.

This won't hurt you, now say ahhhh!

8 Aug 2012

The Collective

And the last post for now, this is a caption, an anime (hentai doujinshi) caption to be precise dealing with images of DinaRanger, in this case Zofa soldiers being transformed. So now that I know Danielle like this things I just had to invoke my frisky and lustful side and enjoy making this story :P

So Enjoy! Its a rare hehe

And I don't know if this weekend I will post something thats depends on how's the weather around here, we are about to suffer a nice rise of the temperature :$


Okay this one really struck to me, you know when you start writing at some point you are going to make at least one great story, this one for me today. Personally I just don't like "blank stories" and not many either, being a total new person is not a turn on because that would kill the character they are supposed to impersonate. But there is always room for a new start so I played with that in the story, saving me from the total kill of character!

Double Issues

Okay second one, a bit of back story in there to make sense. So you can either relate to the mistress or the one who will become one in the future :)

Not Starwars

Howdy people today I got a surge of inspiration and I bring you a bunch of captions. Enjoy :)

A bit silly I know, but I like silly so enjoy it really *giggle* ;)

More to come!

S/wordplay (For Kaity)

Ok howdy gals :) At this fine hour of the day, almost going to sleep but saw this image in Kait's - Not to be confused with Cait's, there is a C in there gals - and I couldn't resist to throw an insta story. So what's an insta story, thats a house secret *giggle*

Okay, part of it is to announce the new blog down the neighbourhood, the one with pink dots in the doorknobs and naked gals going on and out everynight. Yup! That K for you, part naughty part nice and sweet. Bitter sweet *giggle*


You can find her blog in the following place: Kaity's Fantabulous Captions

And while we are at it. I'll show you a great caption that seemed to have a good reception :P

Have naughty dreams gals, until next time :)

Hugs and Kisses Alectra
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