14 Dec 2013

Days gone by (B-Day Cap inside)

Howdy gals, I know I would like to give an explanation of why this won't be the galore, but you know. RL stuff gets in the way, GETS really HARD in the way and one cannot deal with it in any other manner. I have yet to sort of the captions I've made for the Haven - some needs rewriting, now that we are at it - I had to do lots of captions promised more than a year ago. But then came depression, not when I said I would have an on hold situation here and in the Haven, later after in fact. And this happen when you are promised to have a job, you actually work for real - I won't say for which company, but it's a big one in my country - for a month no less, disguised as business practices. During that time you are expected to learn from the people there and not make a single thing for the company. On the contrary it happened. So while I was doing actual work, I expected to get the job. 10 out of 10 in every test, working faster than the entire block I was in, sure was getting my hopes up, but no. I worked for FREE. 

I felt like used and abused, unable to have a say, there the depression but also adding to having to study during the summer for uni and coping with it. Have to say too that it hindered my efforts with my studies and I failed two subjects and "a half" (had five exams and some more works to do) I know it happened and someone would think: Get over it!. I did, then not. I thought I did. but this depression washed me deep inside me. I have to say playing videogames (they are getting dull in my opinion), reading, trying to put your mind in other stuff or watching movies doesn't and didn't added to help me. But today I said: Screw it over.

Probably it won't be true, but I want it to be a start. So after that long explanation, here's two caps. One for my B-day, which was by now yesterday and one random cap to "dust the rust" - It makes sense to me, don't ask! - So here's me getting to the play. I must say I don't feel like the overall community wasn't affected without me. Some great captioneers are still kicking. And talking about captioners:

Check this one: http://dividence.blogspot.com.es/

I dunno if it serves for Dee's deal with new captioneers, but here's my effort of trying to show new stuff for people

I already saw that peeps want to read about quick caps and the process behind it. I know about it don't worry, but it won't be till next year. I'll get to it!

This one came as a funny quickie because of the absence of Alectra for months, Raffside plots for control .Enjoy the results..

And I hope you had the time to check from time to time on the miniblogs! Here's hoping for more awesome stuff coming to you soon.

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

27 Aug 2013

A recurrent dream (Story)

Howdy people, while today I'm overjoyed because I have finalized my training course - part of it, now comes the business practices - I decided to write a little story I wanted to write for so long. I also decided to make a full story and not a caption story, because I think with the ouh so many details I wanted to include there would be no space there without making it long - and it's long - For easy understanding I also included images to see if its gonna be liked or not. Also if you think there needs to be some proofreading say so and whats more if you also include the proofreaded story I'll be more than grateful!

17 Aug 2013

The HERS Project - Caption Series -

Howdy people, at this late - in Spain - though vacation time, I finally finished a caption request that I started a year back. That's right. A year back. The problem here is that I was fiddling with a story that was previously created and I tried to be careful to let this be a spin-off or an alternate universe of that story but playing with the same elements. Well that and having no time, not knowing how to advance the story, or just plain laziness. That's me at work probably!

More after the jump

2 Aug 2013

Haven Quarterly Second Cap (Peril at the Disco)

Howdy people here's the second cap I told you about in the last post. I noticed from other authors blogs that sometimes It could be hard for the reader to actually fully enjoy the cap, because the text becomes a bit hard to read. Also noticed that some other captioners post the transcription directly in the post. So I'm gonna try that, and you tell me if you would like that in subsequent post or not.  Obviously I tend to do series, so I don't know if thats gonna work..

29 Jul 2013

Haven Quaterly Cap (Dangerous Tweets)

Howdy people, since I have to make posts till the 200th and have no desire on creating something new (I do have something new, but needs the finishing touches and they will be explained don't worry)

Here's a cap I've made for the Quaterly, and probably in a few days I'll release the other one. Because this time I did two of them.

More after the Jump...

25 Jul 2013

Hidden sight

Howdy people, if you want to know where's the caption click on the image!

19 Jul 2013

Silked in Style

Howdy gals, today I bring you a new caption. It's a bit short compared to others I know just that, but I'm still working on that big story and well I'll just try to launch whatever story crosses in the middle. I'm just like that! I may or may not, depending on things you already know from last posts udpate more captions. But in the posts 200 we'll make a "tiny" stop. Its has to be a caption extravaganza, so It will take awhile.

Here's the caption. Enjoy!

I know, I  know it's a bit basic compared to other works, as I said. It was a quick job on my part. I'm also not saying it was a subpar attempt, but the story for me is a bit more deep than usual. I never really tap into the feelings of those people that think that are in the wrong body. I just fantasize with the idea, but never stopped to think about it. The regretfulness, the new sensations, anything is new, etc. Of course it's magic or technology as you may see fit in this story!

I couldn't stop at the end and I had to break the fourth wall, because I know that some people that visit this site, really feel like this, so it's kind of a gift. And a bit of interaction. Or just me playing too much deadpool and doing that. Because that would make Deadpool for you. And now that I think about it. I'm kind of a DP person... Just in a different way, I don't pretend to kill people, but to enslave... errr forget that part. Will you?

And now the recommendation of the day: Issue

It's probably the largest database with magazines that I have ever found, of course it has many magazines covering fetish and the likes. I liked it, and it's free to watch. So have fun! At first its a bit tricky to find something you may like, but once you are there, you can make favourites and add to your list types, to watch it later or find similar content.

13 Jul 2013

When stuff happens, it happens..

Okay gals, this an informing you type of post, so if you can hold on a while longer, you'll see new content. Probably tomorrow or sooner. I have some ideas already brewing in my head. If that's the hot for you, so anyway... To the important matter.

I apologize for not updating and not telling you why in awhile, but this has a serious response on my part. I feel terrible and I wanted to express it sooner but alas I couldn't. So here we go... *sigh*

My first cousin (which is my dad cousin, sort of a political cousin, I don't know how it goes the system in the rest of the world, can anyone enlight me on that matter?) Died from cancer (a metastatic disease which led to a huge multiorgan failure. REALLY terrible) some weeks ago, and I was really shocked. I mean he was 46 years old. DAMN It was a huge loss, I was really bonded to him and so was my father. So forgive me, I wasn't up "for playing the role" nor anything.. This also for those that are awaiting me in Rachel's Haven because I know I hasn't been active in awhile.

Another reason which is less important is the hot. There has been some really hot days and I wasn't able to put the computer enough time nor the laptop, not even so start up the program to do captions or even advance the game I have planned for RAGS, because it needs many resources and adds to the overall heat of the computer...

Also I wasn't called back for the training course, so it's kind of on hold. Don't know.

Anyway, I've seen people have liked the Raffside stunt, so I'll remember that in the future and play a bit more with this. You'll see.

Thank you for your understanding.

P.S: I know, I know I gave an ETA on when I would post again, but I'm working on something big to make up for all these days. A big story is coming!

22 Jun 2013

This is not a Democracy (Makeception. Introducing Raffside to the blog)

Hey ho! Guys and gals, and in between *tee hee* this is me Raffside taking over. I've been plotting, adding plans and then plotting a bit more till I got a bit of control over. You see from time to time I may decide - you don't! - as we speak Alectra is getting infuri... errrr infuri.... MAD right, MAD with jealous.. jeaulos... Hmmmm nevermind, getting mad that's right! And I love it *tee hee*

Well, where was I? Ouh yes. I'll be adding some nasty and naughty caps which Alectra don't like at all. Just to make sure we start this nice and clean. Here introducing you to a torment an Alectra for a day *giggle*


I know I had to do it. I mean c'mon she went all bossy getting herself in the logo and taking me out! You didn't see this coming uh? Neither me!

13 Jun 2013

From Dark to Bright (short stories too)

Howdy people, just keeping you inform that next week possibly I'll start to update the blog again. But mostly to inform you that the universe has a way to keep you entertained, well the last post turned out to be a pain to write while this one will be a sweet one.

First I gained back my scholarship, due to an error on my university and the administration I've demonstrated to them that I was right they were wrong! (Insert FF fanfare song)

Second my father is out of danger and kicking, in a few weeks (or months) he will hospitalized for a surgical intervetion. Nothing too dangerous, just replacing a "spring" in the heart (I don't know the technical name for that sorry!) and checking on it. Just a non invasive intervention really.

Third, while I may - they could have - screwed up my studies and have to do exams in september, I have obtained the opportunity to start doing by then, business practices for a graphic designer work. So yes that's means this summer will be filled starting next week with a training course in Photoshop, In - Design and Illustrator. Let's keep finger crossed.

So thank you for the people that left me messages of good will the last post. It's funny how the last month was a ride to the dark and now I'm starting to see the bright light of day.

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

And to make this post more meaningful (Well its really meaningful already, but you know what I mean) 

Here are some short stories, which may or may not become full stories. I'm a bit rusty right now!

7 May 2013

Hectic Months

Howdy people, I'm sorry for not being able to stay around here the way I wanted or tried to, but you know how the world is going on, Europe and Spain, my personal situation more or less and so on. It's time for those things that you want to fight it till the end and I was focused on not losing my scholarship, otherwise it could have been bye bye university. Also my father could have died this last month because of problems that happened in hospital and how the whole thing is affecting everything in this country. Please, I'm not making this up, I'm... I feel terrible for not have been able to be there when my father almost died, because of his heart problems and diabetes, and not being able to have his pills for four days - long story - ... *sigh*

Right now I'm about to enter the "final lap" of this year in university, so I won't be able to do proper updates till next month.

I'm sorry...

Just a sneak peek of what I want to write about, I hope this summarize and interesting story on how it could go, don't know yet!

Daenerys is my favourite character of both the books and TV series

22 Feb 2013

Time for some fixings (updating the blog)

Howdy gals, sorry for the absence!

Today and tomorrow I'll be updating the overwiew of the blog and some features will dissapear while others will change of place. Background, colours schemes, everything will be changed soon. So don't worry if you happen to see some stuff not supposed to appear in anywhere hehe. 

Also yes, later, much later I'll change the banner. So without further ado, I'm going to work on it.

It's incredible what you can find on the net these days: A latex worker!

Update: The background it's not supposed to be like that, I'm creating it. So don't panic!
Update 2: Okay, done for now. You tell me what you think. Hard to read? Too busy? Looks great? Not? Whatever comes to mind!

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

14 Feb 2013

Valenswine (because Valentine's day is so overrated)

Howdy gals, and well met new followers or newcomers, acolytes? Maybe? Forgot your place and stranded people... Are you paying attenttion at all? hehe. Nevermind, just kidding a bit. Yes I'm happy today, because I finished my exams, we cannot say with flying colours, because I had two subjects from last year, but anyway the important part is to pass on them. I hope so.

Today I bring you the already promised caption for Valenswine. I won't do a Valentine's because this one is more fun and because you are here, I'm here, and we all are here. Remember? Okay, let's get into the fun part. I thought it would fun to throw into a quickie for this one and let you all readers develop in how the volunteer... victi... errrrr guy fell into this situtation. Enjoy!

If you are counting, we are 10 post ahead to the 200th post. And if you already know what happened at 100th post. Well Let's say this will be much, much, much more bigger. So probably there will a whole month without updates, but it will be worth I assure you!

Also I'll try to change the header - finally - this weekend and some stuff here and there. 

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

7 Feb 2013

The Mansion of Lust (A Rags adventure) (Released)

Howdy gals, don't drool much yet. I'm releasing it now in order to have more voices talking and bitching, not really, about the game and whatsnot. I'm thinking about putting it on TFGamesites and Hypnopics Collective Forum, but much later on. 

I prefer to be aware that people won't come here bitching much about what I do, hehe, no just kidding. It's probably obvious that there are better games than mine and I have not much experience in RAGS, so I'm probably doing a mistake on releasing it right now, but whatever I think I will learn something of this.

First I would like to give a big thank you to MDQP which is a great game creator which has Blanked, Through hard earned trust - it's actually a name, yeah - and The Tales of the Drunken Cowboy story. 

My game has been inspired by his games but also Rough Landing and Bodywerks too. Those are pretty huge names and games, don't expect it mine to be as nearly as perfect as those.

The mansion of Lust

Go to that link, leave a comment if you want and there you'll find the game ready to download.

Have fun

I'm also reminding you bloggers out there that there are 6 days yet to participate in your blogs on the Valenswine caption day. 

Mistress Day

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

4 Feb 2013

Mistress Day (Also Called Valenswine's Day)

Howdy gals, I skipped some study time to come up with this funny idea. This for the captioneers out there who want to join the fun.

So I found that there is a "special day" before Valentine's day, it's called Mistress Day, which is used for those that cheat on their wives... But let's forget about those, let's get more sexy. So I had this idea that we could post something about a Mistress Day all across the captioneer world. What do you think?

Mistress Day, February 13th

Is the February 13th, also in China is on March, but whatever let's get down with this one.

Let's get your pens, plumes, keyboards, hands ready and start to write a nice or naughty story or both. Its your call!

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

3 Feb 2013

The Haven Quaterly III (The Attack of The Symbiote Queen) Re - Launch

Howdy gals, I dunno if you seen it this before, if you don't. Well today is your lucky day. A whole year has passed since I made this caption for the Haven Quaterly and since I consider it to be from the new line of work I produce it will be posted here - I had a previous one for the second Issue alas I cannot find it in my hard drive sorry - 

The Attack of the Symbiote Queen: Issue #3

The story may seems silly but then again Symbiote appearing in our planet is silly too! Is a lovely excuse to read a great corruption symbiote story though. I have to say this was lovely proofreaded from ShySteffie, so thanks Steffie.

Enjoy. The next year I'll release one of the captions I've made for Issue #4

In other news I have been asked to redone the older captions I've posted here into the new style. I'm not against it, but it seems much work and I have to be sure you will like it. In the end is like making the same caption but with another format - and possibly with better grammar! -

What do you think?

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

P.S: I wanted to do a caption for Issue 5# but I ran out of time, so until the next one, sorry.

1 Feb 2013

A Lesson in Corruption

Howdy gals, I'm not yet able to make the header, but don't worry. I just had this little time to make a caption, that formed itself from the situation going on in my country.

For you see, corruption is spreading everywhere in my country and the whole country is a turmoil, - I will only say that we would love right now to have the Impeachment figure as we don't have that. So you can start making a guess - as I stated in my tumblr, if you want to look at it, go ahead, you are free to go and watch it. So in order to vent out some stress and impotence I decided to funnel that rage into this. I won't mind if you don't like it or not this time because is coming from a "day of rage" today and I had to do something as I said. 

I'll come back in two weeks or so to reorganize the blog and keep and try to do regular updates, will see about that.

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

5 Jan 2013

Happy New Year 2013! (Agenda and time is scarce)

Howdy gals, today I wanted to bring you something new alas, I prefer to talk about what I will do for the future of this blog.

I dunno if this week or the next I'll post the new banner and change the aspect of the blog. Also adding more captions of course. I have been ill for a few days and exams are near, really near so I can't spend time or the time I would want to create something for you :( 

I had to deal with American politics and spanish politics and european politics to talk about it for my exams, which swallows a lot of time (I mean it) Thanks the Huff po' which deals with everything! (We have it in Spain now)

Am I quitting? Of course not, I enjoy doing it for you gals and for the time being I plan to do so. Even so A bit of feedback or review or whatever here and there from you would be nice too

I'm sorry for not releasing the game in Christmas as I said, It's not really prepared for a beta test. Other tan the people that helped me out that's it!.

But there are good news, althought I had to appeal my scholarship for the university, my brother did get his one. So I can pay my stay for now. I'm not sure the next year, because you'll have to pass the 100% of credits - which is very difficult - I'm not sure about it yet...

Right now I'm working on an Idea for the new Haven Quaterly Ezine Issue V, at least I want to do that. I'm exploring a way to be less talkative with meaningless sentences in captions and try to create a better story and structure. The structure is really important for me. If not I tend to not make sense! 

I've been told that I'm a bit risque with my captions, I'm not sure about that, is that really true? I was actually wondering if I should be a bit more racy or not. I'm not a prude person you know!

And finally I hadn't done series in awhile, trying to deal with single captions which works better. But my style of writing is more fitting for series. Do you want to see series again, more often? Or Should I stick to single captions?

Caitlyn also pointed out that I tend to do everything in the TG Community. I want to do less magic captions, because they are easier for me. And try my hand in the following captions with real situations like trying to adapt, changed by surgery, willing scenarios. Without having to say POOFF! You changed because I said so. Maybe technology (sometimes mixed with magic) tends to play a great part on it.

Anyway have a great year!

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

P.S: I've been asked to do anthro caps, I dunno if that is going to be well received or not. I know the anatomy in spanish of some animals, but It could become a total disaster in english and I'm not sure if I can lend a good cap of that sort, because they need to be written with lots of details...
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