8 Nov 2011

Formspring Request Time! - Not Your Everyday Emo GIRL

Hi gals today its time for a sooooooooo long awaited by someone Formspring request time. Tomorrow I have some free time. So guess that today I'll post something more (or so I hope *giggle*)

This is what It was asked:

From an annonymous:

could you do some more emo girl captions or maybe some shemale hentai?

Ok so maybe I'm not the best to be asked that. I'm a cheerful person by nature and never felt what an emo feels. Then again this got me curious and even if I've made a total disaster I wanted to experiment a bit. ^-^

For the other part... Nope I don't do Shemale hentai... sorry ask Candy from: Candys World of TG & Transformation for example *giggle*

So This is what I had planned for this one. I left it pretty much open and with a growing curse so you can expand your mind from there. Pretty canonical in my opinion *giggle*

The usual Emo guy into an emo girl buuuuuuuuuuuut with a twist (You know I'm twisted if not why you keep coming back? ;D ) So in the end...well lets it get your own conclusion *giggle*


Also I would like to take a moment and give a big hug to everyone that takes her/his time to comment. Comments make me happy because they make know that, this work I'm putting is for something, rather than only for me ^-^

So Uber Hugs and Kisses for Everyone ^-^ (and a super special hug for my fantastic "sis in caps" Evie ^-^)

P.S: 2 more requests caps to go and Formspring is down for good. Use the other. I don't know when I'm going to be able to do the request. You know by now, Uni, Chores, mood strikes me, projects...


P.S2: Possibly a spanish cap will be along the way... so for those, that don't speak spanish sorry! *giggle*

P.S3: I'm thinking of quitting the option to rate my works in such a simple way... They don't give me much directions if I'm doing something likeable for everyone or not.
What do you think?

1 Nov 2011

Freezing Darkness! (For Evie)

Hi gals if there is someone who is dying to get my caps everytime that should be Evie. Always supportive of my works and making go a bit farther at every moment. ^-^

In the last cap I've done for this blog she wanted to chant something and well uhmmmm here's your wish Evie *giggle* May this cap serves you as a special for Halloween!

And of course soon I'll be doing something special for Rauk but for now go and enjoy his caps in the meantime...

Rauk22 Captions
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