My Persona(s)

This page is about me and Alectra as well as Raffside and any other persona (For writing purposes OFC)

Me: My name's Pablo or Paul, so pick your poison.


- Huge interest in writing: Erotica softcore, Domme/Sub scenarios, TG/TF stories and MC/Hypnosis too.

- Avid reader with a lean on to Sci-fi books (most of them about science doh!) as well as Fantasy ones, but not only on that.

- I'm an accomplished Opera Singer in the Tenor Range.

- I have some interest in art.

- Big interest in videogames (like every boy out there!)

- Techie/Nerdist/Geek

Current Projects in RL:

- Attending University with an ongoing career in Political Sciences.

A bit about me:

- Techie/Nerdist/Geek
- I tend to be of the nicest people you'll encounter anywhere,
- Quirky and weird, truly emotional, always honest and a bit ambitious! Hey it wouldn't be fun if you don't aspire for something in life. A bit on autodidact person.
- No religious beliefs (mostly an atheist), with high morals and a strict code of Ethics Rights, free open minded and always a seeker of truth, most of the time spent on learning about anything and with a high interest on learning everything possible as fast as possible and never tired of it. 
Roleplay Persona:

Alectra: My "partenaire", my second persona and my truly opposite in gender as well as psychologically speaking!. She holds all the good from me and almost all the bad, boosted by a high sense of pride and brutal honesty filled with sweet corruption and wickedness. If we take into consideration that an Alectra is a kind of venomous plant, and that at first I didn't know of it... It's like her personality was fixed from the start! (she got infected with my kindness!) With a devious mind and a huge ego, she tends to thinks she's the wicked mistress with lesbian tendencies... no boys for her sorry!. Most of the time is a struggle of who's the real one, and when she is at that she becomes submissive and everything I would hide myself from, so she end losing her will to anyone... especially if another mistress is around!  She has a high sense of fashion and how to behave like a woman and she always will be dressed in the richest of latex attires or leather types.

Raffside: Holding my funnier side, she's everything Alectra would despise and in the end everything I would not go for. With the mind of a five years old bubbly head child plus always think of sex and being not able to hold it down... she's always lean on to any kind of gender. So she will strike to the most feminine side of herself, going shopping, having friends ("undisclosed needs") and with a huge need to pester Alectra whenever possible! She's a true Bimbo but that doesn't mean, she's stupid or naive... is more decided sometimes than Alectra and always, always driving the situation to her personal interest. (Which derives to sex!!) Not really have a sense of decency and most of the time; she'll go with a slutty uniform or with a revealing latex attire to mock Alectra's preferences.

Then we arrive to a subpersona of Alectra:

Shiori: An Asian gal with a huge strike on being submissive, she "pops out" whenever Alectra is lost in submissiviness, always ending her phrases with "misutoresu" (mistress in japanese and in a form of broken english!) and talking at times from broken english to japanese... Always naked or with bondage, to represent the bonds of her mind to any master/mistress of her.


(Not a Guidebook to follow 100%, just some preferences I've for my characters).

Characters descriptions:

For the Dominant one: Alectra is in full control of the situation

For the sub one: Alectra mind is not in full control and Pablo has some control, because of that Alectra can't fully use her body so she become a sub to anyone.

For the slutty Bimbo one: Raffside is new to the world and only thinks of getting a good fucking with a hot girl. This persona has arisen because Alectra has been subdued during her intercourses with her mistresses. Her personality arises if Alectra has been completely subdued.(As a request, Raffside is in no control of the situation and she only craves for sex, so she doesn't mind between guys or girls)

For the Asian one: Same as Alectra but with a different name, also she is more sub than Alectra, but difficult to control so think hard to make her go down the path of submissiviness.
Reminder Note: Pablo becomes Alectra, then she becomes Raffside if she became sub enough. So Pablo can't transform directly into Raffside...

Explanation 1: Only if you go for the full transformation in the story. if you decided to go for the Bimbo path, you can just mention, that Alectra was there before.

Explanation 2: Pablo is like a host for Alectra, but Alectra will try always to take full control. Pablo when in control will try to keep Alectra at bay, that's why Alectra end dominated by others and when she is at full capacity. She is the one dominating, in that manner I tried to include Raffside because she is an unexpected factor. She is there to make Alectra more and more of a sub slut. and Alectra doesn't want that. And finally Shiori is another factor of Alectra getting down the sub path.

Explanation 3: Pablo always retains memories because Pablo is still there, active or inactive.(He can only end as a memory because Alectra find it amusing, keeping him like a thropy over the control of his body)

Explanation 4: If you find it too difficult, then just keep going with what I left in explanation 1

-Alectra will always strike to the female gender and Pablo likes girls so the later one can be lured by a woman to take control over him.

- Also Pablo can be changed by living clothes attack either found by him or caugth in the act with later consequences(That would be greatly appreciated that one of my most darkest fantasies)

- Alectra can be descripted as any kind of woman from brunette to red head. Slender or athletic doesn't matter
 Pablo is slender and has brown hair.Not very bulky, but has some muscle(average person)

- Alectra has been subdued so many times because of Pablo struggling that, a new persona has been born:                          
Raffside(female name invention). She is a slutty Bimbo that will come around from time to time...
She can be descripted the way you like it, but I prefer you use latex or lingerie clothing for this one and also she is big breasted, but no so much from a DD cup

-Shiori: She is into girls just like Alectra and also she likes all kind of boots and heels(You can show her nude with that only).Also with bondage outfits. Her hair is black but you can try any color for her hair...(You can describe this girl in an anime based cap if you like it)(as a request you can make her stuck in a hentai world or manga situation)

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