9 Mar 2011

First Request cap: Julia the cocksucker

Hey fellow bloggers here is my first request cap, if anyone want one made by me, you only have to ask for it...

There ya' go hope you like this one for the one who requested, from now on i shall title you as Julia join to my blog....


I would like to say that i will accept any suggestions to make new caps, only condition is that you cannot change the spirit of this blog, as long as is related to leather, dom, sub, transformation, latex, rubber, pvc, lingerie, gloves, bimbo, naked bodies, high heels, maids and not extreme (scat, humilliaton, forced rape, etc) i will make caps for anyone accepting this...


  1. I actually love it! You've chosen some very good images and ideas, it works very well for me :) I'll comment as Julia from now on!

  2. Your welcome, glad you liked
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  3. I hope you get more requests, I'm looking forward to seeing them :)

    Thanks again, Julia


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