1 Nov 2011

Freezing Darkness! (For Evie)

Hi gals if there is someone who is dying to get my caps everytime that should be Evie. Always supportive of my works and making go a bit farther at every moment. ^-^

In the last cap I've done for this blog she wanted to chant something and well uhmmmm here's your wish Evie *giggle* May this cap serves you as a special for Halloween!

And of course soon I'll be doing something special for Rauk but for now go and enjoy his caps in the meantime...

Rauk22 Captions


  1. Delicious - a wonderful pick and well realized. Superb.

  2. Any Halloween where I get such a delicious caption will be a special one. I really like this one, it makes a change from being blonde and I like it!

  3. loved it hun, great work again :) giggle i love holloween.

  4. A nice dark twist for Evie. Love it!

  5. Thank you everyone for liking it ^-^


    Anything to make you change even for a little time is a good chance to make me... I mean you happy *giggle*

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra


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