31 Dec 2015

Setting up the blog - Gazillion time -

Okay gals, setting up the blog and rehasing content, I heard that's quite the novel idea *giggle* Nevermind. It seems Windows 10 - which I have to say I have no big problems so far and that decided it would be cool to update itself in my old laptop, just because - doesn't work well with my version of Photoshop CS6 - there is flickering sometimes and gives me a headache - due to a last udpate, which you can no longer set for whenever you want. I really hope they change that one of these days at Microsoft, it's really annoying.

Anyway, more after the jump

I have prepared some ideas running around my head, I have some ideas to be developed, and I'm always up for new challenges and such. I'm pretty sure you must have seen Star Wars by now, or at least you are fan, or maybe not - I'm not sure why, but hey! - So we'll begin with some eyecandy:

Help me Mistress, you're my only hope!
Yep, I have been messing around trying to learn new tricks, new ways to improve the blog and my captions, and to bring new content in any way possible. People from The Collective may already have seen it, then again it wasn't on my blog. So all brand new!

Next we have is Tumblr Stories for practice, amusement and easy access. I've done that in the past, but It wasn't that fleshed out, nor good enough, "ENGRISH" DO YOU SPEAK IT! Problems and such. I still have them - probably forever but meh! Here's to you one successful story:

                                   Here at the Edge of Darkness

Of course is also a time to celebrate, I've come back to the Haven. The place were I was literally speaking born in the Caption-Verse. The place that have been always other home to play, and learn, and make friends and on and on.

And Even so, more "new stuff" - From the Collective - which is hard to do, so I may not end up doing them much, but for shenanigans maybe.

Pretty rad ey? :D

And finally, not finally as the blog will shutdown and will implode and stuff. No. Don't worry. A preview of a story that has yet to move, it will move, not sure when, but someday... I have a general idea but the characters doesn't have a specific motivation, nor I have set the vehicle of the story to mix ancient Egypt with modern days.

And, AND to end the year I have to say that is have been a pleasure to come back to capping and doing stories, having some time to do what I enjoy, which is writing and have that piece of heaven filled with corruption, which I know you all love - and me too! - I want to say thank you, for staying with me so far, even with the hiatus, the bad and good times. And now finally I want to change the header but have no general idea, nor a picture yet to fix it. Something that will reflect the changes this blog, my style, my artsy, writing and me have changed.

Have a Happy New Year

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  1. I do hope to see new posts here in the fullness of time.


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