26 Apr 2011

Isobelle's Dungeon Tribute

Hi Gals i had promised this cap for a long time to Isobelle, so here i present it to you people, enjoy...

I hope everyone enjoys this mix of Erotica, "Romance" (if there is any :3) Funny moments (oh well any moment is a funny one :3) and a In deep selfinterview over Isobelle persona and her dungeon...
Forgot to say that Tina also makes a cameo so... and some others people who comments with every cap Isobelle makes (I think this will rocket her ego to an unexpected level, so flatter yourself, i just wish i was that good to have a homage like this one, you deserve it Isobelle, thanks for being my friend :3)
Isobelle is a really fun person to talk with, i really get a feel through messaging that she is quite friendly just don't mess up her and there you are good :3...

The other request will have to wait a bit more, i don't want to give a not worked out story for my followers, so until the muse comes for this kind of stories they will have to wait sorry :3

I will accept any suggestions to make new caps, only condition is that you cannot change the spirit of this blog, as long as is related to leather, dom, sub, a little of bondage, strapon play, transformation, latex, rubber, pvc, lingerie, gloves, bimbo, naked bodies, high heels, maids, possessions, strippers endings, sci-fi, anime, cute and funny caps(not everything have to be about sex :3) and not extreme (scat, any weird sceneplay, smoking, humilliaton, forced rape, cum-shotta(bukkake) lets hold this place nice and clean ok :3 etc) i will make caps for anyone accepting this...
No more than two caps request from requester thanks.  : 3

P.S: You can ask whatever comes to your mind, don't feel afraid of asking anything, just don't be rude and i will agree to answer them as best as i can :3


  1. Glad you liked, i tried to include everything you said to me in there :3
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    P.S: If you would be so kind which part did you liked the most? :3

  2. I liked the Mason Moore part the best. :)


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