30 Sep 2011

Suckubbus Renaissance (Gift Cap)

So hi gals today I bring you a great story done for the always Wicked Victoria Hyde "giggle"

I made sure to include Mistress Simone Dark persona: Sasha and of course the whole Hyde family for it at the end ^-^

There is a bit of everything inside of the story so read it carefully and most importantly... 

Enjoy It!

On future releases Formspring Request for an Emo cap should be done somewhere around October and more or less every weekend I should be able to at least make a post ^-^


  1. Wow, loved reading this long hot series. What a bunch of devious bitches at the end and as always Victoria is just sublime. Great work!

  2. Dark, well spoken story.I've enjoyed and guess?
    I was delighted to see myself in the Hyde family at the end...thanks again! And yes i'm a sort of countermeasure for Evie too...only, i think i'll dyed my hair of light brown.


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