23 Sep 2011

100th! Post (Cap Galore)

Howdy gals! I know I took sooooooo much long to post something over here but, life comes first and I have a little surprise for you all. Yes you can guess from the title of the post but beware a long reading awaits you ahead.

Now that I reached my 100th post I decided to make it worthy of being the 100 duh! And congratulate every friend I made over the year since I started captioning. At first I was but a joke of a captioneer (Can say it over to me because I consider that to be true "giggle") and I think that is thanks to those people who will get mentioned in here (at least most of them) that I improved over the next few things:

1- English: Of course that was the main purpose of writing everything in English, just for improving it or knowing more stuff about grammar and such. ^-^

2- Cap making: It was at first an alien concept to me since the last year, sure I've seen many caps but not that many and of course not as good as I've seen over at the Haven.

3- Making friends worldwide: The Haven is the greatest community of all to make a friendship and of course the Internet is so populated with trolls, noobzs, flamers’, bad people overall, etc. That encountering such a friendly community was a great over the top finding for me.

4- For the fun: Just for the fun of it I created and indulged in myself creating Alectra which is the reason this very blog exist... So thanks again for that ^-^

5- Improving my literature skills: Pretty much like cap making but there is so much of the process of creating an impressive or at least a decent story from time to time that you wouldn't believe how much of the real life this take from you sometimes.

With that said I think I clearly made the point that I owe a lot to Rachel for creating that community and making it grow over the years. So I think I'll create some other time a special cap for here over here. Hey after the Mistress of the Haven deserves some space "giggle".

Another reason is to create single caps and try to come up with the right words without crumpling the story or making excessively long or adding borings parts to flow the story. Of course that doesn't mean I won't create more long stories but It have turned out in a hell of a long post and I don't think a post support that many images "giggle"

But first here is one for me of course "giggle"

For easy tracking they are posted in an alphabetical order


Without further ado here it comes the galore...

- Alexia: It was because of her blog that I could find Rachel's Haven, I was tracking some new blogs around the net and I found hers and got interested right away after some days, then It came to my attention the links on her blog and the rest is just history "giggle". A whole year and here we are...

I don't have to mention that she's a sweetie and that I fully support her in every way possible, plus has an exquisite taste when coming to captions... So ^-^

Enjoy Sweetie

Lady Alexia

- Betty: I think I shouldn't be boasting her blog too much as she is already pretty good but, a little boost  once in awhile doesn't hurt anyone ^-^
I like her stories because there is tension, seriousness, some of them are for those looking for BE, some others are for Bimbo as well and your everyday mistress too "giggle". Overall what I like the most is the poetry that you can find sometimes in her caps.

Betty's Captions

 - Caitlyn: See is royal amongst us captioneers. Her style is pretty awesome and I dunno if there is someone out there who doesn't like it. Her amazing skills with photoshop brings the most beautifully crafted material out there (In my personal opinion) and she is also has been good enough to help me out improving my layout style ^-^

Caitlyn's Masks

- Candi Came: Hey if her blog is awesome you should be aware of it plus she has a nice style that I find it incredible. She is also deals with TF stories for those interested. ^-^

Candi Came`s TG and TF Caption Corner

- Candy: Another lovely gal with a new blog out there ^-^. She deals with Hentai mostly and futanari if you get interested in those things... which I... errr heh heh heh  >-> ... Lets not talk about that okay ^-^ . She is one of the most funny Bimbos out there to have a chat with! So do miss her out.
Also due to her "fixation" to Simone... She appears in here too "giggle"

P.S: "Bymbo" that's a funny joke for Bimbos... If you don't get it then you are not one of them "giggle"

Candys World of TG & Transformation

- Dementia: Another funny one with the spirit of a Goth plus she has the smarts... even when she goes by Dee Dee the goth bimbo... "Spooky" right? "giggle"
From all the fun that can deliver the reading of a cap she goes far beyond that and she asks us captioneers or watcher or even lurkers! why do we enjoy it. So this one is a sort of gimmick to that question!

Dee-lusions of Grandeur

- Emily Hyde: From the Hydes here it comes the luscious one "giggle". From the short time I got to know her I've come to know that she is one of a hell joyful Italian girl "giggle" plus the Elixer won't get old nor ever!.

- Evie: If there is still someone out there who doesn't know about Evie it may be living under a rock or is not aware of the TG World "giggle". She has a lot of content dealing with all kinds of styles and stories with the same brilliance over and over and over. She is also the creator of the fantastic stories dealt with the Elixer and the Principal  Hyde "giggle". I cannot stop to adore this blondie head ^-^

Argus' Backburner

- Isobelle Nichole: Certainly if in the world of captions there would be concerts to be held... She would be called the Rockstar in them "giggle". Her freshness while doing caps is something to behold as she creates from the most simplest scenarios a marvelous story which flow in a rich way. In short she is an amazing one ^-^

Isobelle's Captions

- Jennifer: Ready to blast your way? of course you are cuz' Jennifer is one of the sweeties you would prefer to tie up in a dark chamber and... she wouldn't comply to it but, lets leave it at that mmkay?
Of course Jennifer deserves some attention once in awhile as she is one of the first I befriend in the Haven mostly because we get some stuff in common and is an easy talker just like me ^-^

Jennifer's TG caps of Defiance

- Kara: Here it comes one of the: I'm rough from the outside but soft in the inside... Of course if she reads this she is probably blushing or maybe cursing me to death. With a bright smile of course!. Another lovely brit which I had the opportunity to talk and enjoy some funny chats. Mostly about guns and such but hey thats tend to be fun too "giggle". She also makes fictions... Which I advise you to read, they are too much good to pass on the opportunity.

Sci-Fi Kara's Caption Corner

Already getting naughty? Wait! we are halfway yet! "giggle"

- Sp2000 or Kelly: So he is one of the captioneers thats like me enjoys to makes caps but thats it won't go further into. If not for a magical sort of Uber technogical stuff that would make you a female to experience her body in your own and then coming back. Ouh and he also tends to do big stories with a lot of meaning  and I couldn't pass on the opportunity on delighting him with one of my universes into the werewoman caps ^-^

sp2000's TG Captions

-  Nadine: Another amazing one... We are full of amazing ones aren't we? "giggle". I personally enjoy her stuff alot whether on the Haven or in her blog and she has gifted me with some incredible stories so no wonders she gets to be her too. ^-^

Nadine The Teasing Marquise

- Sedra: If you want to know someone who crossed the boundaries of the TG and made it a reality there you go ^-^ . Sedra is one of the nicest gals over here, so if you get the chance to talk with her I will encourage you to do so ^-^

- Silvia: She is one of a hell of a funny girl too. One that is not a part of the community of TG caps (not yet at least) but that she enjoys latex as much as me ^-^. I would say even more but thats for her blog which you should visit once or thrice per week. The story of the cap is more than a wish but hopefully a reality as she is dating with her boss... Yes you read it, I had the opportunity to help her out this summer dealing with what to do, what to say, how to act... of course they were just suggestions but they do indeed worked right "giggle" and I can tell you that she is quite smart too even if she tells you not. Ouh and I forgot to say that she is from Italy so you can get the point of why she is so kinky "giggle". Nah! just joking!

True love, latex love

- Simone: What can I say about her... that I didn't say it yet? "giggle" She is one of the most sensual and perfect mistress out there plus delivering the most well thought caps in all kind of scenarios. I would say that I find a hard time to know if she is better than Caitlyn or Isobelle or Evie or any other as good as her but overall thats mean she is over the top (In my opinion). Just like Candy or Jennifer I find myself being quite weak at her presence and kneeling down just waiting to get some recognition on her part "giggle"... Uhmmm I think I'm being a bit Kinky over that last line but, you cannot tell when I'm joking or not... So... >->

Modern Goddess: The Shrine of Decadence

- Stephanie: If someone goes right away and tell you that you are one of the reason that makes her or him start her/him own blog... that day would be your most delightful one ^-^
Sort of what happened with Stephanie. So here's one for you too ^-^

Stephanie Bolt's Caps

- Terri: Another sweet one (yes you probably are dying now from too much sugar, my bad :p)
 I met her in the roleplays in the Haven and from there I've built a little friendship from the times I would spent in the Haven.

- Victoria Hyde: Not just because she is one of the Hydes but just because is one of the wicked ones lurking around... Ouh beware it could be near you anytime and you wouldn't note it. Just like what happened recently "giggle". Apparently she was watching my blog and only from a little while decided to start her own career as full time captioneer "giggle". Well what can I say? If you tell me you enjoy corruption, wickedness, latex! and other stuff dealing with the domme stuff. well you won over my heart "giggle". Another point to her is that she is a fantastic captioneer too ^-^

The Codex of Corruption

And with that we get to see all my lovely friends and... hey! there is still one left ^-^

For you avid reader of my blog, just the perfect way to create a cap for everone in the world "giggle". Using the second person into it XD

You don't neccesarily have to read every cap as I tried to get the kinks of everyone in there ^-^

Just pick your favourites!

P.S: You want more right? well there is still one cap I've done for the Ezine Quaterly but for that you'll have to get your own copy plus you'll get +60 pages of pure fun with caps from some of the already posted ones: Dementia, Caitlyn, Terri, Simone just to name a few ^-^

So whats left to say... 

Well the next week I'll be starting my uni days so I'll probably be less updating the blog, so sorry for that in advance but I'll try and well you won't have to wait an entire month to get your caps "giggle". Also the next part of the fiction is on hold and the next promised caps are too because I have to deal with a debt in the Haven... But probably around November or before I'll do what I got from Formspring and the fiction will be released.


  1. Congratulations on your 100th blog post, Alectra! Amazing captions you made for everyone and thank you for including me as well. Just an outstanding job well done!

  2. Beautiful set of caps - and it's wonderful to see you again sexy.

  3. Wow... and I was joking earlier when I said 'capapoloza', but I think that fits. Great caps all around Alecta, and thank you for including me in your special 100th post!

  4. Awesome caps you made for everyone, Alectra. Thank you for including me in this set. Congratulation on your 100th post.

  5. Grats!

    Caps are looking good & I do some hentai caps but not mostly hun, haha.. :3

    Thanks for including me, I seem to find myself in those situations quite often. <3 ~

  6. Congratulations on your 100th post dear :) You have a great set of captions (I love the dress I wear in the one I'm included in :D) here-- thanks for the inclusion. Hope I hear from the Latex Queen soon ;)

  7. Hi querida! Muchas gracias for your gift!
    Thanks for having include me in the your set, i've appreciated it. It was a nice thought of you!

    Tsk, i'm not naughty as you've painted me, i'm a lot more! ^^
    See you soon.

  8. Dang! That is a lot of captions! one hell of a 100th post!

    And love the layout for my caption, and you know how I love a good Mistress/conflicted personailty tale. :D Thank you! *hugs*

  9. Wonderful. I will take my time in reading all of them, but you really did a nice job. I never thought of myself as a trap before, but I would love to be one. Being passable enough to enslave some pretty boy.....Oh, yeah. Anyway Thank you Sweetie. I am glad I played a small part in bringing you into our little Captioning World.


  10. Wow, thank you. I'm blushing, the dress is fantastic, a real wonderful wedding dress that maybe I could really use one day. Let's only hope that day will be near. Only a thing: Do you think a latex veil is excessive? Kisses, and thank you again, you are really a friend!

  11. Hi Alectra,

    Congratulations on your 100th cap!

    Y. xxx

  12. Congrats on your 100th caption hun. I've been otherwise occupied, but when I came here and saw this I was blown away. Simply amazing and thanks so much for the caption you made me... perfect in every way! You rule!

  13. Congrats on the 100th post on your blog.

    You have certainly evolved from the start of your captioning, and you've seem to really hit a groove. Keep up the good work!

    Keep asking questions, and we'll keep giving you the answers. Why, you may ask? Because you never ask a stupid question! You are always trying to learn and get better, and when you have that spark to obtain knowledge, its never a hassle!

  14. Congrats on the 100th cap sweetie, keep up the good work and here is to the next hundred!

  15. hey sweetie, you go girl! sorry i'm so late responding, been out of town. thank you so much hun, loved the cap, you just keep getting better. now its time to work on 200 and beyond, and i will be behind you the whole way. huggggs congrats girlfreind :)


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