29 Oct 2011

Chant of the Wicked Witch

Hi gals today there is no TG cap but, as we keep with the Halloween theme... I thought of this nice poem or chant if you prefer it. Surely you know a bit about witches and their covens in the forest. Well this one was a bit inspired on it. 

Hope you like it ^-^

P.S: In order to make the rhyme better Asera (Isthar) is changed in the cap for Sera ^-^
Also Mara is the god of drestruction in budism but used as female persona in here. Merva is Minerva, doesn't matter how you call it both forms are accepted. Lazy greeks! Beth refers to the calendar of the celtics. Which also refers to the White goddess(therefore you can identify the girl from the cap as said one if you want, a kind of Avatar), but as the wickans believed in the act of sex as a pure act... Well I think I gave you enough lessons about gods and goddesses... *giggle*


  1. nice and wicked, loved it hun.god i love halloween giggle

  2. Maybe if I say this chant enough times, something evil and wicked will happen to me :)

  3. Thanks girls ^-^

    We don't celebrate Halloween over here in Spain... "shame!" but I think it must be a hell of a day for the english people ^-^

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra


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