5 May 2012

Two photomanips and my new glasses

Hi gals today I cannot bring you a caption yet. I don't have much time and also I forgot to post this over here:

This last thursday I went on a visit to the ophthalmologist to check my vision, because I started to lose acuteness on it. I posted this on Tumblr, but forgot to post it here. Sorry!

“Got new glasses today… it seems I was using half of my vision with the previous one. A visit to the ophthalmologist paid off and so I’m wearing my new perfect red glasses :) I still need to wait for the effect of the collyrium to wear off, but I got my vision back! :D

Seriously because I was starting to go out like this @_@

Hugs and Kisses Alectra”

Ouh I've been prescribed Collyrium for the rest of my life! Yeah another thing to my chronic list! 

What I can really show is two photomanips I did this week while I was on vacation time. One is done for a Story to Kyra and the other is for Tera of Hypnopics Collective or you can also reach her in here:  http://terasuccubi.tumblr.com/  or here:  http://www.succubus.net/blog/

I would love to go into much more details about the process, but my vision won't hold that much words and I must say that the images should be self explanatory. It's not like I've done something that big! :P

Anyway here are the two photomanips done:

To Kyra:


To Tera:

And that's it!

If by any means you are a Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro expert or in training like me feel free to post your own conclusions :)

Hugs and Kisses Alectra


  1. Very nice work, Alectra!

  2. Bonjour, je rejoindre votre blog, je trouve cela très intéressant mon cher.


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