10 May 2012

Opposite change (For Kyra)

Hi gals as you may know is way too late in Spain right now. If you don't know that well. Let's say is around 2:00 AM but I don't have a desire to sleep without releasing this, I'm sure, awaited cap.

So without further addo...

Enjoy it!

I'm also sure that by now, you noticed that I'm an university student. So with very much regret I have to tell you that this is going to be the last one for now (probably) Until late June. And I mean it this time. Finals are coming and they are coming hard, due to so much skipped classes because of strikes, festivities, and other stuff happening around my university :$

So I hope you have enjoyed everything so far, that you keep watching me if you are new or revisit whatever from here as I cannot go on for now. I hope you can understand this :)

Hugs and Kisses Alectra


  1. Thank you so much Alectra! Don't I make the best maid. Always thinking of my Mistress's needs, which coincidentally coincide with my own ;)

    Best of luck with your finals! I hope you still have time to pop online even if you can't create any captions. I plan on repaying this wonderful gift you know!

    *hugs* Now get some sleep! You must be exhausted!

  2. love this super image and tale.
    Thank you Alectra.


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