19 Aug 2012

Calling in sick

Hi gals, today I don't bring you a caption sorry... It seems last night I suffered from a heatstroke and even had to go to the hospital to pass a medical check. Nothing wrong so far except for tachycardias. Yes apparently I'm suffering from them and this made me more vulnerable to heat.

For those that don't live in Spain we are now going through a heat wave in our weather and its a bit unbearable, so thats another reason from my recent illness. Today I felt a bit better so I decided to post this just to let others now that I wanted to make a caption. Sorry!

I'm a bit burnt right now... And also already got an appointment with my medic for further checks on those tachycardias episodes, don't worry.

This won't hurt you, now say ahhhh!


  1. Ohh Alectra, I doubt know you very well, but I really like your blog, I am sorry that you are going through some problems. I hope you get through them quickly! Best Wishes

  2. Honey, please listen to your doctors nurses et al and get some rest, and take care of yourself. Thanks for sharing this news. We love you!

    Annie :)

  3. Take care of yourself, Alectra. The world needs you.


  4. I hope you get better soon, Alectra. Stay healthy.


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