8 Aug 2012

S/wordplay (For Kaity)

Ok howdy gals :) At this fine hour of the day, almost going to sleep but saw this image in Kait's - Not to be confused with Cait's, there is a C in there gals - and I couldn't resist to throw an insta story. So what's an insta story, thats a house secret *giggle*

Okay, part of it is to announce the new blog down the neighbourhood, the one with pink dots in the doorknobs and naked gals going on and out everynight. Yup! That K for you, part naughty part nice and sweet. Bitter sweet *giggle*


You can find her blog in the following place: Kaity's Fantabulous Captions

And while we are at it. I'll show you a great caption that seemed to have a good reception :P

Have naughty dreams gals, until next time :)

Hugs and Kisses Alectra


  1. A bit of sweet, a bit of naughty, and a whole lot of sexy! Wonderful pair of captions Sis!

  2. Part naughty, part nice and sweet, ehh? ... Yeah, it's true. Thanks for the shout out Alectra, and wonderful job with that pic!

  3. Fantastic caps, Alectra! Love the naughtiness of that second one.


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