4 Oct 2012

More important news

Okay gals, got some new info on the previous related post. First I would like to say this:

Mr Romney,
So you think Spain is digging his own grave…? Well you certainly don’t know what Sarkozy said about Spain and how well he ended in the elections after that… You don’t know it at all. Ouh and tell the CBS to stop spreading lies about the situation of Spain, we are not yet in that situation, but not far either. Still NOT in total hunger and poverty
Sincerily yours,
A spaniard from Spain

If you watched that Debate in the American Television, that's a low jab from a high moron. I know I don't have a say in American politics, but I want to spread my opinion about that matter. Afterall he started saying that... So big moron for you in my opinion... You should never hinder the influence of allies, it could be turned against you.

Now, in other news.

Apparently my dad told me today that the payments for two subjects I got a fail will be paid in a reasonable three installments. So for now that part its covered and don’t and won’t jeopardize my situation in University…
Well at least me, because there are a good handful of people who are in that situation… Some sense must have been brought to the University and the governments and well the bankers who ask for the money :I
Now running to cover those two before the scholarship gets denied… RUNNING!

Those two are from Tumblr, but I'm posting it again here...

So yes, my scholarship is not that jeopardized thanks to some good people out there in University...

Another Issue that I wanted to show:

It's in spanish but don't worry I'll guide you... ( Don't mind the socialist image it doesn't have anything to do with communism or anything despite what you are being told by Republicans people. We love to laugh at it, everytime someone says that in America is using a socialist measure. its not even close )

There you can say up how much you had to pay for a credit. Given my career is the last from the list.

Now you can say well its not much... Well it's. My whole career cost 1290 € (In dollars 1.679 dollars) nowadays, but last year before the previous pass of government it costed 850 € (In dollars 1.158 dollars) but thats for the first time you try a subject, and if you fail it gets worse in prize.

Each subject cost 6 credits

Last year a second try was around: 16.97 € nowadays is 37.09 € each credit

So the scholarship don't cover those failed subjects, and thats something the government didn't tell to anyone.

On further tries is an invitation to don't even try. One subject can cost you in a fourth try like it used to cost the whole career. Again many, many people will be taken down because of this. The media is saying that around 80.000 to 150.000 persons will be forced to abandon university because of it. And thats only from the first batch. We still don't know what will happen next year, but it sounds worse...

And last We don't work in a GPA system, but apparently I was searching at this matter and you can actually convert your grades to a GPA one if you want to work/study in the states. So with with my notes I should be around the 3.00 but I'll worry about it once I achieve the last year of university :)

So yeah, I was depressed, but now I'm a bit more cheerful today because of the "good news".

Thanks for the support, I love you all!

Hugs and Kisses Alectra


  1. Good. Yeah, I called out Bullsh*t on that as the debate was going on. Just realize that last night President Obama stepped on a stage with a man that lied constantly. Everything out of his mouth was a lie. He even denied things he had said for 18 months. How the President could just stand there shows some willpower. I wanted to bop him upside the head.

    1. Well I don't really have much to say about America's politics as I'm not from there. But as an spectator I can say and I can have another point of view.

      Europe loves Obama and its like what the entire world expected to be him President. - Unlike my current government which in his own fool attempt is supporting Romney ideals, because of strong religious fundamentalism... When he said that about Spain, is because this very own party in the government has been up to spread lies about our situation when the previous socialist party was in the government -

      Apart from that. We see Republicans and Democrats like two Right party opponents. You don't really have a left party like it happens in Europe, nor you needed. Your politic game is more difficult...

      When someone is looking up to America at their presidents to be precise is because - and don't get this as a joke - your government is possibly the more powerful in the planet - with some counted exceptions on specific situations -

      So when Bush got to power, that idiotic moron was feared everywhere. And the problem is not this time just Romney. The attention on media from Europe is directed to his vice president candidate Paul Ryan. I don't really want to say this but he is viewed as some sort of nazi from modern times... You can really expect this guy to crazy with economics aspects of your country if he gets to the white house.. Just saying.

      Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. As I listened to the debate on my way home from work, and I heard his criticism of Spain, I responded with a heart "F*@K YOU!" and a prominently raised middle finger.

    I'm glad to hear that you're able to repay your tuition in affordable payments. And a 3.0 GPA is really good! You're doing great Alectra, and I'm sure everything will look up for you soon!

    1. Ouh I can imagine that moment hahaha thank you Kyra for the support ;)

      Today my government is upset because they were rooting for Romney - and still are rooting - when they heard that! lol

      Yup brainy me *giggle* but I also read that getting a GPA 3.0 in USA is a walk in the park compared to our system. Our is more based on huge memorization of facts and less practices, but that is also changing with the European Bolonia program so I don't really know right now how its done the change of Grades to GPA :P

      Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    2. Anytime Alectra! I've certainly never been a fan of Romney (or most republicans for that matter) but I'll be damned if I let anyone besmirch my Sis's country!

      In the US it's weird. We have this big standardized tests up through which everyone thinks should be the basis for everything, but all they show is memorization and very very little critical thinking skills. Then you get to college and most all of the tests are on critical thinking and very little is memorization.


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