28 Sep 2012

Important note

Howdy gals, I'm deeply sorry that I said I would bring new content. But I'm just way too much depressed and yes you read that well, I'm not in the mood, barely clinging to happiness when my favourite programs are on TV but nothing else. The mood is shared in all of Spain. Surely you have seen - specially those who live in America - NYtimes In Spain: Austerity and Hunger well it's "a bit biased from reality"

We are not yet in that situation, but its not far from happening. When you see that the police is acting against the people like they did the 25S day... Well its depressing. All and all, I have my own sare of problems...

I got two subjects that got down the river, so I have to pay for them, and that jeopardize my staying in University. Because the money needed for that increased with the new cuts in education... My average note is 7,8 which would be a B+ Grade. It's not half bad, but with two down and only the need to get your scholarship of failing one. Gets you in a difficult position. There is time to amend that, but there is not so much time to spend the "fine" for those two subjects...

Everywhere you go today in Spain is the same situation, but what is worse, you can see people calling to old formulas long buried and that's dangerous and frightful. So yes that article is a half way of the truth.

With that said, I'm not really in the mood to strike something in the form of a caption. Maybe that could change in a couple of days or weeks... but not today. And I have been trying, but nothing will come out... I don't want to throw a half assed story, nor I consider anything I have posted - with some first exceptions - bad stories. So I'm not gonna make you go through this "ordeal"

So yeah, that's me today, let's wait a bit more for me to get in the mood. The only thing that gets me desiring for something else is the arrival of the new chapter of Doctor Who. And thats not saying much of my pretty sorry situation... 

Then again, fear not my faithful companions, followers, acolytes or friends or whatever. I'm trying to get the mood back, but its not like the situation is helping a lot.

Hugs and Kisses Alectra


  1. Yes the world and life can get you down.Scary times bring out the worst in us.Thinking of you and all of Spain. Wish i could do more than send my love and best wishes.

  2. Hugs and hugs and a million more hugs! I two truly awful about the difficulties facing Spain and other countries in the eurozone. I hope that people who have can stop worrying about maintaining their excessive fortunes to help those who the not. I hope that your university is reasonable and if you can't afford to attend class, will let you withdraw without damaging your GPA. Most of all, I hope things look up for you Alectra, my sweet, wonderful, nerdy mistress and friend :) Know that you're love and in my prayers!

  3. *Big hugs*

    I know this all too well & just like in Spain plus most spots in the world, including over here in the USA, its become poverty stricken & hard to deal with.

    I'm barely clinging on to my apartment atm & have edged homelessness for months because moneys been so thin.

    I wont get into the high gas prices & lack there of work plus inflation, its a domino affect thats destroying everybody, myself included.

    Try to stay positive hun, I know its easier to say then do but just know your not alone in your struggles...Hopefully within the next few days, I can get enough freetime to make you something sexy to cheer you up. :3

  4. *Takes you in my arms and strokes your hair* I have thought of you when reading of Spain and Greece in the paper. I cannot understand why politicos and these so called smart economist think Austerity measures will work. They have never worked. Stay strong. Do what you need to do. Just keep talking and letting us know how you are. We can deliver spankings later when you are better. *grins*

  5. One of four children from Spain only made a meal at day (this year with the State don't paying the dinner in the school for all the students, the situation will be worse).

    This year, children faint during a class for being starved is a common image at Spanish public school.

    Seeing people searching for food or something to resale is common in Spain since 2006 even in rich quarters (despite the previous Government said that we were one of the best economies of the UE).

    The Spanish situation is more close to Grecian than we are able to accept. And when all the scholarships, subventions, financial helps and welfare state coverages be out, we are going to blame international press for not denounce the truth of the Spanish finance situation before.

    The situation it's very bad, and hiding it only allows the Government continue with their disastrous management.

    1. Well I'm hiding anything but facts first.

      1. Children will not faint, as that can only happen in places like India or any other middle east place. Food didn't pose a problem to Spain since 1940 and so on. There is always the chance of poor people or new/old poor people of been in this situation. But that too much extrapolating the whole country onto it. So No don't worry yet!

      2. There has always been poor people as you state in there. And there has always been resales with products. Cash converters and such places.

      3. Close to Greece? Not any close. A friend of mine said a couple of days ago in my class that he went on a trip to Greece and they didn't accept credit cards, not anywhere. Not even in official places. There is a good percent of people unemployed and there is also another big percent of people without shelter or home. Like in Athens the worst place right now for this situation. Of course they are a country of 11 millions Aprox of people. Nothing like to be compared to Spain.

      4. According to the Euro Stats we had been around the fourth to fifth country on Economic Power during the years 2000 to 2007. Those are official facts from the Eurozone so no party could have biased that data.

      The problem with this is that we have to show the world that the government is using the money for ideological stances. THERE IS MONEY but not spent on what's needed. Remember the Minister of Education: I will give money to any private school that teaches spanish in Catalonia or I will give money to any school that works on a segretate sex stance.

      I will give, I will give, I will give... and so on to anything that is content with his own biased ideals. SO That calls for: Where is the money? What happened to the argument of there is no money to spent on _Insert any area of you can think of_ Also bullfights will get at the end of the year a nice bonus. The church will get a nice bonus.

      In the Economic fields the financial debts will be pardoned to many, many friends of these people.

      And that because the money is leaked to their own interest from the welfare state program we have been building from years and they don't even like it. They are far worse than Aznar I tell you!

      Thats the situation we are living it. Because of people not wanting to vote and forgetting that this party on the government is full of lies and right extremists at is best!

      There is money, but they are spending it on themselves

      Hugs and Kisses Alectra


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