13 Dec 2012

Admirer on Christmas (Birthday Cap)

Howdy gals, today as you may already know, It's my birthday! 24 years old and A whole year with lots of great and bad things, but an interesting year nevertheless. Since it's a happy day for me I'll spare the details and go to the good things that happened.

I made my first year of University. I made more friends both offline and online (I collect them!) Got more admirers, hence the title *giggle*. I got Kyra to help me out with some caps, which I think have helped me out with my english.

And I started to make a game on RAGS, but since I have some work ahead for uni, I got it delayed for much later.

Anyway that was for the interesting part, now the cap. Enjoy

P.S: Forgot to say that I have made a new page where you can see an explanation (and some pics) about the game. Enjoy that too!


  1. Happy birthday darling! Great cap! Glad you can see the bright side of things - life is always a balance :)

  2. Happy Birthday Alectra! I see you've made a lovely cap to celebrate it... hopefully now that Alectra is in control, you'll find the school/cap balance a little easier to maintain!

  3. Super work as ever Honey and a very happy birthday.


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