9 May 2015

The Mansion of Lust (A Twine Adventure)

Hey fellow gals! I'm here once again to bring you some sexy ideas, don't worry. I'm currently appointed for another visit to the doctor - and I had one some weeks ago, hence the stop of the blog as I currently explained. 

I by no means pretend to make long excuses, its just what I can do right now.

Instead of working on captions, I have been trying to make it worth your while and remake the "little" project I had a long time ago with RAGS. Now this project of mine turned out to be too much time consuming for what I plan to create and since TWINE is the little hot piece of software used by everyone I just tried to use it. It's simpler than RAGS and it works - too much to my surprise here - much better for my storytelling technique.

Currently the original plan is still at work, but since I can write and code at the same time I'm making some loose ends along the way - which will surely end in bad ends - and having fun mostly. The story is also written from the first person so it involves you - the reader - directly. I find it more compelling after writing the passages for a random character. Let it be you the character, since it's interactive *giggle*

I'll try to photomanip some images - the game has them don't worry - and make it more personal. Not just your average random story, which is a quick read and you are good to go. It's ambitious but I'm pretty sure I'll make something out of it. Besides you can "crank" a few pages in less time than RAGS allow it. And in top of that everyone can try it for themselves. I think it will be my next step in storytelling more than captions. Captions are a must in this blog so it doesn't mean those will dissapear. 

Sorry about the rambling of today!

You'll love this mansion!
The current link is a work in progress. So test the game at your own risk. The final project may or may not resemble what you are about to download. Typos, errors, or suggestions are well received.

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

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