23 Jul 2015

Something new, something old, something borrowed

Hey gals, how are you doing?

I hope you are not having a terrible summer like me, we've reached the boiling point over here. Too many days of heat waves and the Haze. Really terrible days where I have been unable to do anything but breath slowly and sleep *giggle*We have reached temperatures of 38ºC during the day and 30º at nights, impossible to sleep I tell you.


Jump at your own risk!

Well after this informative resume of the temperature in Spain, let's go to the important.

The new:

I have updated the game I've been working on for quite awhile:

Here you can check out the link or you can always click on the page created for that, whathever floats your boat.

The Mansion of Lust (Link no longer working, see page about the game for new link.)


- 3 Endings

- Advanced and fleshed out the traps in the plot, because of it, you will have sometimes a hard time to know if you are following the true path or running into a trap I'm just that devious *giggle*

- Changed some photos and I have re-written some parts here and there.

- Left some earlier paths for suggestions in the future.

The old:

Sexy caption is sexy caption so here's to you if you don't follow my tumblr

The Gynarchy Wants you!

And something borrowed - Not exactly but still :P -

Following sexy Evie's challenge, I created this sort cap, just for fun!

In other news to end this DIY post, my doctor said there is unfortunately no solution to the problem to my hands. The treatment would be worse to the desired effects and that I would have just to endure it, and that's that. So since I have no solution at the moment, I'll resume my activities, although less sporadic than before, still not as much like the beginning.

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

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