24 Jun 2012

Wickedly Bonded

Hi again gals, seeing how I liked this format. I tried it once again for two very unrelated reasons, but that are good reasons *giggle*

1. Evie had done me dozens of caps and still I hadn't found one that would make her justice, so here's one showing my love to her ♥

2. I've been called many times Alektra instead of Alectra, so there is seems destiny wants to play a big part here, for you see:

She is called Alektra Blue and I forgive them, because there is no big difference between two sexy bitches afterall  just a tiny letter making the difference really, and no, no, no I didn't know anything about her when I chosen my name ;P

Okay onto the cap:

Btw the blondie minx is called Sophia Lynn, and these two are inseparable too, Coincidence? I don't believe so *giggle*


  1. Well I'm not going to lie... I have become rather attached to you! Fantastic caption, thanks so much. Great image, very you and me!


  2. I go to the city for one day and you claim Evie all for yourself!? No! I won't have it!

    Evie and I are a package deal, if you're going to take her as your pet, you're gonna have to take me too. Whether you like it or not :p

    Lovely caption Alectra!


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