23 Jun 2012

Alternate Reality

Hi gals ;)

Let's keep posting while the inspiration is there, so you may or not see a bunch of "quick" captions - that's an understatement in me - for your own - mine - amusement *giggle*

This is a bit personal -this was the image I asked to be captioned long ago, alas no one to give it a try! - not to worry I just did it myself. So I hope you can still find some potential arousing of your own in there, also hearing Caitlyn's voice in my head: This isn't readable; I need something to read it better; not bad but you should picture the image here; etc. *giggle* I ended copying 
- stealing - her own style, no other reason hehe. No but really, I love to experiment and this was a fun one to do it so. I'm still looking for the perfect place to put the text, to not throw walls of text, to put tantalizing pictures for the story, and find better plots.

Feel free to throw your own opinions on these and feel free to ask for anything you want to see next. I'm curious at what people want to see me trying! :)

Here's the image in bigger quality if anyone of you wants to try though...


  1. I think this is a pretty hawt little cap. I remember now that I was gonna do something with it and never got around... so I did something now!

    Not as good as your naughty effort though!

  2. Super delicious Sweetie! Feel free to corrupt me if it brings you one step closer to being her.

    I'll cook something up for you, I promise :)


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