23 Jun 2012

Motivational me!

Hel-lo gals! ;) 

University is done, so expect naughtiness coming your nearest informatic device soooooon! In the meantime - gosh I love that word - Here's some motivational posters for you to enjoy. Just need my proofie done and you shall enjoy some great stories, no more hype for you gals, but it shall be good *giggle*

Still if you are that desperate you can always wait a little for the new Haven Ezine where you can expect some juicy stories of mine, I created this time some sort of interactive story that if you are bad gals *giggle* I shall do in the future, but it takes time, to create that, so I don't expect to create thousands of them ;P

And yes, I'll do those sooooo long awaited requested stories, gosh I need more time you know! :)

Hugs and Kisses Alectra


  1. Consider me suitably motivated, luv!

  2. Oooh, you can motivate me any day Alectra! I'm sure your beautiful and talented proof reader will get those captions ready for you as soon as possible ;)

    Congrats again on finishing University!

  3. Welcome back. I hope the exams went well.

    I will pay attention to your next updates. I hope you now post regularly.

    I'm back on blogger (I don't know how long it will last the truce with google). Due to it I come back to my origins: PG-13 TG Captions about crossdressing, being caught, dares, bets,...


  4. Hi Aunt Alectra. Just dropping in to show some love. I do so love your captions. These posters are definitely motivational in all the right ways. I hope to see you around the neighborhood so to speak. Bye.

  5. very nice, never seen your stuff before, but i do love these motivational things, especially the last 2, awesome work ^^


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