1 Sep 2012

The news of my absence were clearly ludicrous (Time for a contest. Pick my Avatar)

Hi gals, I'm back from the land of the sick - now I know you are following in Tumblr and already heard that joke, well you got it twice, I'm not for silly dilly - dally singing jokes *giggle* - So while I'm studying and getting into it, preparing for more captions ideas - after the study - and so on, and on...

I thought I would post another contest... Another one really *giggle* No there was one a year ago or so, go back and check!


Okay, so I know there are lots of people that are getting linked to a default model or special one... Like Dee or Evie, or Jennifer or Kyra who recently got one attached or so she said :P

So In the events of someone deciding that I should be using as an avatar this or that model, please make your suggestions and I'll choose the one I like the most and with a caption prize for the winning person. If and only if I have time I may choose a first prize, second prize and third prize. All of them with captions involved ;P

So I know is going kind of hard to beat this current avatar beauty goodness goddess of Epitome of feminity blah, blah, blah Hot gal, etc. but I never said it would be easy :) (You actually had to read this in crescendo for more fun *giggle*)

If by any means you go Anon at least put a short description of why I should be using your chosen model and preferred name for the caption to use :)

P.S: I think at some point some of you will think automatically of Bianca Beauchamp, but I don't really see a "me" in her, so while she is the most beautiful gal out there - in my opinion - it doesn't have "Alectraness" inside of her :P

P.S2: Thanks for all the get well wishes, you rock gals :)

Forgot to se a deadline, silly me :P  

The contest will be up till the end of September, until then no more stuff from me. After that, lots of new caps :)

Hugs and Kisses Alectra


  1. Hmmm, I was going to say Bianca... because of the latex, now I am at a loss! Good to see you back, and feeling better!

    1. Thanks Ginger :)

      Try it hard, I know you can come up with the gazillion of gals out there wearing nice couture outfits... Never said Latex lover tied! Corsets, Stockings, Gloves, Rich Style, Astounding clothes, I'm a bit full of myself person when in Alectra mode ;)

      Hugs and Kisses Alectra


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