13 Jun 2013

From Dark to Bright (short stories too)

Howdy people, just keeping you inform that next week possibly I'll start to update the blog again. But mostly to inform you that the universe has a way to keep you entertained, well the last post turned out to be a pain to write while this one will be a sweet one.

First I gained back my scholarship, due to an error on my university and the administration I've demonstrated to them that I was right they were wrong! (Insert FF fanfare song)

Second my father is out of danger and kicking, in a few weeks (or months) he will hospitalized for a surgical intervetion. Nothing too dangerous, just replacing a "spring" in the heart (I don't know the technical name for that sorry!) and checking on it. Just a non invasive intervention really.

Third, while I may - they could have - screwed up my studies and have to do exams in september, I have obtained the opportunity to start doing by then, business practices for a graphic designer work. So yes that's means this summer will be filled starting next week with a training course in Photoshop, In - Design and Illustrator. Let's keep finger crossed.

So thank you for the people that left me messages of good will the last post. It's funny how the last month was a ride to the dark and now I'm starting to see the bright light of day.

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

And to make this post more meaningful (Well its really meaningful already, but you know what I mean) 

Here are some short stories, which may or may not become full stories. I'm a bit rusty right now!

I know Fred, lust took the best out of me, I'm sorry I had to possess your body. Life as a cat is not that great, and please don't look at me like that. You know I just had to change your - mine - body. If you are good I may concede you a neko style soon.

And who are you the proud girl said, 
that I must stand so lonely. 
Only a man in a different world, 
trapped with this hot bod'.
Dress in gold, or a coat of red
A woman shall keep his claws
And mine are long, and pretty my lord
You know I keep them close.
And so she spoke, and so she spoke,
The lady standing here,
but now the coat has fallen down,
With someone here to fear
Yes know their coat has fallen down,
Yes she shall keep him here.   

(Just to make sure, I'm not a Lannister M'kay, but this song is incredibly beautiful and touching)

He was mean, he didn't want to help, he was just fooling around, well his wife found a way to let him be useful for once. 

Welcome to my abode, please have a seat. Oh well, I see you are already sitting. Please be wary that this place has many ways to keep their visitors appealing to the house. Cordelia just stood there with a sly smile in her face, she couldn't believe how easy it was to lure people into her domain. She just had to show the chair. And they all fell down to his powers, whether they wanted it or not.
And we all know how much we miss our precious and naughty friend Evie, I know I miss her, she was so kind to introduce me to her family. It was an honour to be part of her game!

Just three women, with a dangerous game, prepared to unleash the chaos within their hearts. They don't do it because they are necessarily evil, they just do it because it's fun to make it happen. And So Evie and their two sisters, Kyra and Alectra have a story to tell, one that is so hot you will fall for theirs tricks and begging to be one of the hydes.


  1. Glad life has started dealing fair. Good to see you able to post. Photoshop training - Woo Woo.

    1. Thanks Loki :)

      Yeah I'm pretty excited to begin the training course

      Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. I am just another fan thankful that your world is getting in line and your wonderful captions will be flowing again. You were missed. Though the dark stuff is not my favorite, you bring a delightful twist to your work. Welcome back and best of luck in your latest classes when they begin.

    1. Thanks Lee :)

      Well it's not exactly dark, but I like it to call sweet dark. I saw other people that goes the extra mile that I just cannot cross hehe

      Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  3. Congratulations Alectra!!! Hope everything gets better and better, and try to spend a very great summer, you know, hot beaches, cool nights,..., work is important, but enjoy the season.

  4. Great to see you back capping and congratulations on getting your course and best of luck.


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