22 Jun 2013

This is not a Democracy (Makeception. Introducing Raffside to the blog)

Hey ho! Guys and gals, and in between *tee hee* this is me Raffside taking over. I've been plotting, adding plans and then plotting a bit more till I got a bit of control over. You see from time to time I may decide - you don't! - as we speak Alectra is getting infuri... errrr infuri.... MAD right, MAD with jealous.. jeaulos... Hmmmm nevermind, getting mad that's right! And I love it *tee hee*

Well, where was I? Ouh yes. I'll be adding some nasty and naughty caps which Alectra don't like at all. Just to make sure we start this nice and clean. Here introducing you to a torment an Alectra for a day *giggle*


I know I had to do it. I mean c'mon she went all bossy getting herself in the logo and taking me out! You didn't see this coming uh? Neither me!

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