25 Jul 2013

Hidden sight

Howdy people, if you want to know where's the caption click on the image!

Today I bring you a caption exploring the sensation of being unable to see anything around you. A blindfold game with a little of MC content in there. It was fun to create and so I hope you find it too


I would like to give a shout out to Smitty Simon Caps which is leaving the TG Captions Scene, but that you will stind find him in Tumblr doing other stuff.

To Caitlyn Masks because she found a job and we are sure that won't find enough time yet to do captions (hopefully she will, but maybe not)

And to Mistress Simone which wrote a beautiful post talking about it

I myself find that I'm not really enjoying it captions like I used to... This is because I don't find the time to read captions, nor even comments on stuff I like or even less encourage someone to do this or that. Things I would usually enjoy. I don't want to leave the Haven just yet, but I feel like I have obliged myself to part away from the community. I really want to be active and do great captions, also for the people that I still owe something. But I'm now finding it like some kind of job and I don't really want to be feel it that way. Needless to say that I find it sometimes a hard time to compel myself to write a good text in english - which can vary from half and hour to days - 

The other day I read it in the news that this crisis is changing our moods, maybe is that and is making me not to do anything in fear it would be a subpar job... I was also thinking on taking some "vacations" from the caption scene because I think I'm falling into a rut here. Ideas doesn't flow as before and time is kind of not "in my side". I still have to see if after the 200th post I'm able to do more stuff. Then again, depending on various reasons, I will decide if I have to leave it on hold or not.


  1. Beautiful Caption Alectra. Very powerful story and you just know I'm a sucker for a dream themed cap.

    I'm sorry to hear that you might be stepping away as well, though I understand why. It's been one hell of a week for the TG community, and while I wish the best and hope things get better for you soon. I also hope that You find some happiness and enjoyment, regardless if you deiced to come back to us, if and when you take your leave.

    You have been a very caring friend and I think you for being there. *hugs*

  2. Alectra,

    I'm sorry to hear that caption writing and creating isn't as fun as it used to be for you. Just like this one, your captions have always gone off in a wonderful new direction and showed a depth and creativity that will be missed. I hope that you can find that inspirational spark again and that you can enjoy the process in the future.

    And beyond caption making I hope that you can find personal happiness and fulfillment!



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