29 Jul 2013

Haven Quaterly Cap (Dangerous Tweets)

Howdy people, since I have to make posts till the 200th and have no desire on creating something new (I do have something new, but needs the finishing touches and they will be explained don't worry)

Here's a cap I've made for the Quaterly, and probably in a few days I'll release the other one. Because this time I did two of them.

More after the Jump...

The Theme was something to do with Twitter, so I went and explored twitter - I didn't have an account back there, so I didn't now about the word limititation - well there is the twit longer app, but it doesn't apply - It's magic to begin with, so no more explaining about it!

The design will not be the next big thing, but since it was made a year ago, I think it shows the evolution if you compare it to my recent cap. And yep those are legit urls, so if you don't type them you'll miss have of the fun.

Thanks for all the people that will be missing me - for some time - and thanks to Caitlyn and Jennifer for taking the time to express their feelings in the last post.

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