17 Aug 2013

The HERS Project - Caption Series -

Howdy people, at this late - in Spain - though vacation time, I finally finished a caption request that I started a year back. That's right. A year back. The problem here is that I was fiddling with a story that was previously created and I tried to be careful to let this be a spin-off or an alternate universe of that story but playing with the same elements. Well that and having no time, not knowing how to advance the story, or just plain laziness. That's me at work probably!

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The first problem here is that as I said I was dealing with a story that is not mine, but mine at the same time. I stablished some stuff you won't find in the original story, characters, situations or elements...

The second problem was technical, I had to re-arrange the whole caption series to match the new style and that required starting everything over. Which took took me months. Again no time!

Third the never-ending language barrier. I changed the text many times because I thought it was flat, and believe me the final text is all worth it.

And fourth the interactivity I added is like in a game or a movie. Lot of stuff happening at the same time. And that's difficult to write. By the way this is based in a RAGS Game if you hadn't notice by now.

So Please, ENJOY IT!

Forgot to mention that there is one last more post before the capalooza "coming soon™" (Playdom players will get the reference) And also I have to say the next post may take sometime as well, it's going to be a special one - you know every post around here has a special meaning hehe - but it's going to be extra special I assure you that. From there I'll call it in the slow-down road and come to a stop. But don't worry, maybe in a few months or worst case scenario one year or "I don't know when" I'll come around back at full strenght.



  1. loved it! noce use of the images and nice long story. I now announce that I give my mind and body to the hers project permanently and giving them a free hand to do whatever they want with me

  2. Great work on this, Alectra.


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